Why Wooden Urns are Beautiful Memorials for Pets and Owners?

Pets are family and when they succumb to eternal leave never to come back in your arms, it is difficult to cope with the entire situation. But in the midst of the mourning process, you need to find pet urns for ashes which will celebrate their life and the memories you have spent together. But you need to be considerate before choosing a final resting place for your pet as it will enliven all the memories throughout your last breath.

So take your time to decide upon the style and the material of the Urn so that it matches the likings of not only your pet but also you, as a pet owner. For ideas of wooden urns, you can visit the page of Divinity Urns.

Why wooden urns?

Wooden Urns For Ashes bring with them a certain charm that we cannot seem to overlook. The delicate yet resilient material not only warms the ambiance of the location the urn is kept in but also guarantees considerable longevity.

The Wood Urns will not only act as a container for preserving the remains of your furry companion but it will also add into the décor of your house.

But if you think that wooden urns are available only in the form of a wooden urn box then think again!

What are the types of wooden urns available?

With wood cremation urns becoming increasingly popular, innovative varieties of urns made of Oakwood and pinewood are making way into the market. Here are the types of wooden urns you can choose to memorialize your pet:

  • Memorial birdhouse urns

If your pet was a chirpy bird and you miss the daily chatter and chirps then go for a birdhouse urn to scatter the ashes into nature. After buying this you can decide to hold the ashes in the urn as long as do you want and then after scattering this would serve as a beautiful memorial artifact.

  • Themed wooden urns

Themed wooden urns are in a rage right now because they are made so to correlate with the personality of the departed souls. While some might be in the form of simple but attractive wooden boxes, some might be molded in the shapes of your pets’ paw and even bodies.

Other might come in angelic designs symbolizing the divine connection of your pets with the Almighty.

  • Religious urns

The ones who have a stronghold in religion can only find solace in religious urns for ashes. You can easily find urns featuring praying hands, doves in flight or the Lord. The sophisticated woodwork carved to bear intrinsic designs with spiritual connections will bring peace and comfort to you during distress.

  • Customized urns
  • If you wish to add specific detail to the urns then you should totally go for engraved urns for ashes.  In these urns, the pet owners are offered flexibility to add a touch of their own. Be it the birth date of your pet or any brief description of any loving memories you had, you can always ask the urns provider to engrave it on the pet urns for ashes.

You can easily locate each of the aforementioned pet urns from the wide collection available at Divinity Urns.

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