Where to Scatter the Ashes of a Loved One

Sometimes, your loved one may want their ashes to be scattered instead of letting them be stored in cremation urns at one place.

Now, if the person who has passed specified a location where they want their ashes to be scattered, then your job is half done. Otherwise, you should choose a more meaningful location for this purpose.

Was a Location Mentioned Before?

As we stated above, if your loved one specified a location where they want their ashes to be scattered, then obviously you must proceed to scatter their ashes there. The choice of location can depend on a number of things- the place can hold special significance for the person who has passed, or may even be a place where they have wanted to go for a long time. A scattering tube urn would work best for this purpose.

Returning to Nature

Biodegradable urns can be buried under the earth without causing significant harm to the environment. If your loved one expressed an interest in returning to nature, then this can be an apt burial option for them. After cremation, you can place their ashes in a wooden urn that can be placed inside a vault in the earth. This is not a traditional burial, but will still allow your loved one to become one with nature after they pass. Biodegradable urns are easily available on platforms like Divinity Urns.

Wanting a Small Memorial at the Site of the Ashes?

You can place the ashes in a funeral urn, and even construct a small memorial at the site where the ashes are buried. This memorial will be able to signify the place where your loved one is laid to rest, and stand as a memory of their being. The memorial will stand as a reminder of all the beautiful traits that came together to form the beautiful personality of your loved one.

Special considerations when choosing a location

First of all, you will need to choose a spot that holds significance to your loved one, if they have not already mentioned a spot to you. Also, make sure that you are allowed to scatter ashes in the location you have chosen since some places are restricted to activities of that kind. Choose a specific scattering cremation urn for this purpose, to make your job easier. You will find many of this kind on online platforms such as Divinity Urns.

National and State Parks

If you are planning to scatter the ashes on a national or state park, you will have to apply for a permit from the authority concerned. Each of the national and state parks has a different application process, so you will have to pay close attention to the rules and regulations in this regard.

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