What Do You Write In A Pet Urn

Pets have always been humans’ loyal companion. They can instantly make any person fall for them. As pets are an essential part of the family too, their commemoration needs to be memorable and respectful too. There are many pet urns for ashes that can help you pay an unforgettable tribute to your furry friends. However, going beyond the normal to commemorate their memories, more respectfully should also be on your list. Preserving your pet’s cremains in engraved urns for ashes can be a thoughtful task.

Whether you purchase dog urns or cat urns, adding a personal message on it will always make commemoration unique and emotional. If you have a lot to express but are unable to find the right words, then you’re at the right place.  We have compiled a list of quotes, epitaphs, and heartwarming messages that you can engrave on the urns to honor their memories. Pick out the one that best resonates with your feelings for the pet and get it engraved at the earliest.


If you don’t know what epitaphs are, then they are brief quotes that are usually written on large and small urns for ashes. Apart from urns, epitaphs are also used on a headstone, sympathy jewelry, pet memorial tattoo, gravestone, and other similar elements. These small quotes are written in a particular way that introduces people with the pet’s name and date while implying that he is no longer in the world. Some examples of epitaphs are:

  • I’ll Always Miss You
  • Until We Meet Again
  • Forever Missed
  • Always in Our Hearts
  • My Best Friend

You can create and engrave your own pet epitaphs too.


You don’t necessarily have to take an already existing quote to engrave on your pet’s urn. If you and your pet shared a special bond, then you should create a quote for your pet that best describes the relationship between the two.  You can check out Divinity Urns to see what pet quotes have been engraved on their pet wooden urns for ashes. If you are still confused about the quote to use, then you can use the following:

  • The impressions of your paws have been forever printed on my heart
  • Thanks for teaching me the genuine meaning of loyalty and love

 Some quotes from the internet can also be considered.

A Personal Message

If there is something you want to tell your pet, then now is the time. By getting a personal message engraved on the urn, you will ensure that the same message is conveyed to your pet every single day. Whether you want to tell your pet how much you miss him or love him, you can convey your feelings by engraving them in the form of personal message.

You can get pre-engraved pet urns with common quotes from Divinity Urns. If you want such urns or cremation jewelry, then check out the available collection at Divinity Urns’ online store. You can also pick some text for engraving from this article.

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