What are the different available sizes of cremation urns online?


Full-size cremation urns for human ashes are the right choice when you want to put the entire volume of ashes into a single urn. Urns for ashes for adults have comparatively more volume than the infant urns since adult cremains consume more space. Cremation urns for adult, infant, and pets come in many different sorts of materials. We have availability of wooden box for ashes, with few other materials including rock, stone, metal, and ceramic. Scattering cremation urns are designed exclusively to make the process of scattering ashes comfortable and respectful. There are many biodegradable urns for water which are designed to float for a few minutes and sink to the ocean floor gracefully to decompose biologically. Keepsake cremation urns are generally preferred over scattering urns because scattered ashes cannot be preserved. Keeping a portion of the ashes is even more important to the family. It is comforting to know that part of the earthly remains can be kept closed.

Memorial urns for the loved ones

Divinity Urns provides memorial urns to honor the memory of your beloved. Personalized urn necklace include urn necklace for dad, mom, baby, siblings, friends, and others with a heartfelt message for the loved ones to keep them close to your heart. Besides necklace, we have many more jewelries of different metals. Out of this, gold cremation jewelry tops the common list with a few other metals such as silver, brass, and copper. The bond between a mother, father and their children runs deep. This bond is unbreakable, even after death. Our memorial jewelry and dad cremation jewelry for the loss of parents is a perfect way to celebrate their memories.

How are navy urns different from the other cremation urns?

Thinking of those who serve our country, no one can be better than the selfless soldiers. Navy urn is a very touching memorial to the part of every soldier’s life. Their medals and awards can also be kept secured in the cremation urns. These glorious vessels do not only preserve the memory of our departed heroes in the present time, but they also become the treasured heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. Cremation vault is easily customizable. It is designed to fit within variously sized niches or columbarium. Families of the deceased soldier would, of course, want only the most suitable products to remember their dear ones. Divinity Urns indeed does that job well.

Perfect cremation urns for your lovely pet

Most people are emotionally close to their pets, so their loss leads them to great grief. Pet ashes jewelry is a unique way to remember your departed companion, keeping them close forever. The eternal love for your pet can be expressed with a beautiful dog cremation urn and small pet urn for ashes for cats. While selecting your angel cremation urns, make sure that the vessel is large enough to hold all of the ashes that you wish to store inside.

Divinity Urns assures providing you with the right size and color of the urns for your loved ones. This blog is essential for ones looking for the right cremation urn, and you can help them out by sharing our blog.

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