Urns that are Dedicated to our Deceased loved ones

A loved one can be remembered by dedicating a beautiful cremation urn for their ashes. The family members can pay tribute to their lost love by protecting the earthly remains of the departed. Therefore, to facilitate this, there comes a variety of cremation boxes for human ashes available in the online stores. Urns for human remains come in different types with different size, shape, material, and color. Different material urns include stone urns, urns made of rock, metal, ceramic, etc. Mini cremation urns allow you to keep the cremation of infants. Whereas, medium cremation urns will enable you to hold the cremains of teenagers. Several people choose scattering urns, which stores the ashes before they are scattered as a part of the ceremony. The vessels are made from biodegradable materials, such as wooden cremation urns which can be recycled after use. Few scattering urns are made to scatter the ashes into the wind. Divinity Urns provide the right cremation urn that can help to ease the pain of losing your near and dear ones.

What are cremation jewelry for?

Loss of your close companion leads you to great sorrow, but their memory never fades away. It always stays close to your hearts. In their remembrance, Divinity Urns have provision for a wide range of jewelry for ashes such as pendants, cremation bracelets for ashes, urn necklace and many more. Ash pendants cremation jewelry is most common in use. Urn necklace for ashes has a void space inside to hold a small amount of ashes of loved ones. From brass to gold, cremation jewelry necklace can be carved out of any metal. For the everlasting use, stainless steel cremation jewelry is also available here.

Why are biodegradable urns high in demand?

Biodegradable urns are most commonly used these days to prevent environmental hazards. These urns are made up of biologically organic and recycled materials, which can break down naturally. Unlike metal cremation urns, wood urns can be biologically decomposed. A biodegradable urn can be a good choice for both scattering and keepsake purpose.

How can Pet urns help us honor our companion?

Pet urns are made to hold ashes and personal items of a deceased pet. Pet lovers consider their pet as a family member and their loss cause great grief to them. Divinity Urns has cat urns, bird urns, and puppy urns to keep their ashes safe. Large dog urns for ashes are also available here. Don’t want to part away from your pet’s memory? Here are some Pet memorial jewelry ashes, which helps you to keep your loved ones close. Heart urn necklace, bracelet, and ring keep your pet’s memory safe. There are extensive range collection of pet memorials, providing a unique way of sharing a memento with friends and other family members. Various eco-friendly urns for pets are also available at the online store.

These urns can be personalized with a meaningful message as well.

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