TSA Travel Tips – Traveling With Cremated Remains

Losing a close one is always tough and needing to fly across the nation for retrieving the ashes of that person can be challenging on a distinct level. Prior to beginning your trip, you should understand the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) guidelines to fly with cremation boxes. Before checking out some customized urns for your loved ones at Divinity Urns, let’s have a look into a few TSA tips for traveling with cremated remains which can make the whole trip easier and help you abstain from every sudden surprise.

1. Carry an urn which can pass through the X-ray machine

While flying with ashes, all luggage items go through the X-ray device or a particular CT scanner which functions similarly. As per TSA, cremains should go through an X-ray machine simply like all other baggage. In case a TSA screener cannot see what is in an urn, they will not let it on the flight. The TSA suggests you carry an urn created with biodegradable materials like wood while traveling with ashes on the flight.

2. Place the urn in the carry-on bag

The TSA permits urns for ashes to be carried on or checked; hence, there is no strict guideline which says that you should carry the burial urn alongside you while flying with cremains. Nevertheless, not all airlines permit cremated remains for being carried in the checked baggage. Thereby, you should check with the carrier prior to going to the airport. Moreover, you may experience the risk that your baggage could be damaged or lost amid your trip, taking risks for the urn. In case you place the keepsake cremation urns in the carry-on bag, you don’t have to worry about it.

3. Get additional time for passing through the security checkpoint

You should always get enough time to get through security. In fact, it’s more vital while flying with urns for ashes for adult as they are really valuable. In case a TSA screener doesn’t permit the urn to get through the security checkpoint for any purpose, you can easily return it to your car or find an alternative way of transporting the cremated remains.

4. Make sure to label your urn as flight ready

One of the simplest ways of knowing that the cremation urns can get through the security checkpoint is to label the run properly so it can meet TSA rules. For instance, some marble cremation urns have a flight-ready label. You can stay in touch with the helpful client service team of Divinity Urns to know more regarding which urns are accepted for air travel.

5. Always ensure to keep the urn sealed and closed

Out of respect for the departed person, TSA screeners won’t ever open a burial urn, even in case you ask them for; hence, there is no purpose of not sealing the urn. By closing and sealing the box, you actually lessen the scopes of any accident or spillage while traveling with ashes.

Summing Up

Divinity Urns understands that traveling with a close one’s ashes can be tedious; nevertheless, if you comply with all TSA rules, it can be easy for you. Stay in touch with Divinity Urns to plan ahead and purchase a heart urn necklace in memory of your loved departed one from this online store.

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