Things Everyone Should Know About Funeral Urns

Despite many families preferring cremation over the burial system, there are still some people that have little to no idea about the urns for human ashes. If you too belong to the same group of people that are trying to know more about cremation and funeral urns, then you’re at the right place. This guide covers some relevant things that everyone should know about the urns.

It is a container that holds the ashes

An urn is nothing more than a container that is used to store the remains of a loved one after cremation. As the cremation rate has gone up significantly in the past, the industry came up with a vast range of urn options to meet different requirements of various people. Urns for ashes are made using tons of different materials. Plastic, wood, marble, biodegradable materials, ceramic, and brass are some of the materials that are used to make beautiful urns. You can check the most extensive online collection of urns at Divinity Urns to know more about the available options. 

Purchasing urns from funeral houses is NOT mandatory

Some people believe that it is compulsory to buy cremation urns from funeral houses, which is not true. The funeral houses are required to transfer the remains in a temporary container and hand over the same to the respective family members. You can purchase urns of your choice and ask the concerned person to transfer the ashes from the temporary container to your purchased urn. The funeral houses cannot refuse to do it for any family.

Urn capacity and urn size are two different things 

When it comes to deciding the urn size, people get confused between urn capacity and urn size. If you want to store the remains in wooden urns, then check both the urn capacity and the urn size. The urn capacity is essential as it is the real space where the ashes will be stored. The urn size refers to the outer dimensions of each cremation vessel. Both have their own importance. If you want to place the urn in a columbarium, then you need to pay attention to both the urn size and capacity; whereas, if you’re going to place the urn in your house, then you should focus more on the urn capacity. 

Urns can be customized 

You don’t necessarily have to adjust with the available urn design or theme. If you make the urn personal and unique, then you can ask for customizations. From etching a special message to engraving a picture- anything can be done according to your choices. Environment lovers can also put the remains in a biodegradable urn tree so that the soul returns back to nature. 

Urns are important as they act as the final resting place of the departed soul. Divinity Urns values peoples emotion; hence it offers the best quality urns at reasonable prices. You can get the best urns for human ashes from this store after checking out their unique and vast collection. Just keep the points shared above in mind before purchasing the urn.

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