How to Deal Emotionally When Your Pet Just Departed

Bidding goodbye to your beloved pet is always difficult. On top of extreme sadness, pet owners face tough decisions regarding what to do with the remains of their pet. Since a pet-owner relationship is unique, each pet owner has his/her own wishes when it comes to memorializing the beloved, departed pet. And to make matters easy, sometimes pet owners decide to opt for pet ashes urn to memorialize to cope with the loss of their pet. There are no fast resolutions to get rid of the pain you feel when you lose your pet go away. However, Divinity Urns  have come up with some ways to handle your emotions over a pet’s departure.

Dealing with Pain of Losing Your Beloved Pet

You possibly cannot forget your furry friend who was close to your heart, but over time you can think about him/her with no intense pain which comes with a current loss. While everybody has a distinct approach of healing, Divinity Urns have some methods to help you heal your pain of losing a pet.

1. Take your time – You need to go at your own pace. Handle your emotion as long as you require and don’t feel rushed to get over the pain. Everybody’s emotion is an individual procedure. Not everyone finds comfort in the same things. So take the proper time to tackle your emotions.

2. Share your feelings – Talk to an empathetic friend who loves pets. In case you cannot think of somebody to call, visit an online support group or a forum for people who have also experienced the departure of a loving pet. Talk about your pet and tell somebody what you admired about your pet and why he/she was so special to you.

3. Honor your pet – Your pet was an important member of your family or household amid his/her lifetime.  Thereby, simply as you honor or memorialize your human friends, family members, and others after they depart, you must ponder the memorializing options available for pets these days. For instance, you can arrange small urns for ashes to place your pet’s ashes. It will reflect the importance of the pet in your life enduring emotions after he/she departs.

4. Make a memory spot – In case you have a flower garden or a quiet little outdoor space, you can dedicate a part of your property to your lovable pet for making a memory spot. This is as simple as arranging a memorial stone with the name of your pet on it which brings your loving companion to mind when you are close. You can also cast a metal statue of your pet to honor your pet.

5. Design a cremation urn for cat – As mentioned before, numerous pet owners cremate their admiring pet friends but sometimes feel uncertain regarding what to do with the ashes. Divinity Urns offers urns for sale and they are designed for holding the pet cremains.

You can design both cat or dog urns for ashes as Divinity Urns offers many customization choices for pet urns for describing your heartfelt sentiments for your departed pet.

You can also buy pet ashes jewelry which expresses your emotions about the loss of your pet through a creative involvement.


Visit the Divinity Urns store to get the best-designed pet ashes urn and memorialize your beloved feathered, furry non-human companion.

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