How Can You Turn Angel Urns For Human Ashes Into Tree Of Life?

If you are looking for ways to immortalize the memories of your departed loved ones, you now can turn their cremains into a tree. Yes! A tree of life can be grown on the angel urns for human ashes you have collected the cremains in. Not just humans, but pets too can have a tree in their name in your backyard or porch. There are stores like Divinity Urns where you can find such urns with seeds of different plants and trees. You can pick the vessels containing the seeds of your most favorite plant for your loved ones. And, this is the most unique way you can immortalize a loved one. Read on to know more…

Do not buy plain memorial urns

If you had been planning to purchase plain, purpose-less marble cremation urns, there’s not much you can do with those except keeping them as showpieces in your home or keeping the cremains safe inside the wardrobe or in any other private place. But think how beautiful it would be if you give a special meaning to the last remains of your family members. You will not only be able to commemorate your loved ones forever by planting and growing a memorial tree from a biodegradable wooden urn box containing the cremains as well as the seed, but you will be contributing towards the environment as well. Thus, it is considered to be one of the most desirable ways of commemorating the closed relatives. You can also put a bench below the tree where you and your relatives can sit and spend some time in memory of the deceased person.

How does it all work?

There are many people who buy themed urns like sports urns which connotes any specific sports the departed person was interested in. Likewise, there are military urns and fishing urns. However, these urns are only kept as decorative items on shelves and mantels. However, if you are growing a tree out of the cremains, it stays forever; and if you’ve chosen a fruit tree or a flower tree, it can be enjoyed by family members of all ages equally. All you have to do is to choose special burial urns for human ashes which contain the seeds of a plant. You can find details like the name of the plants that you can expect to grow from the urns. Thus, you can easily choose to plant and grow a tree of your choice or of the liking of the departed family members.

Before purchasing keepsake urns for ashes

The most important thing is to choose a reliable store to purchase such keepsake memorial urns. Not many stores have a substantial stock of such urns to choose from. Only at reputed store like Divinity Urns you can find urns for growing a memorial tree. You should in fact compare the prices of the memorial tree urns from at least two or three different stores. However, it also means that you should choose to purchase urns from a store that is reliable and has a list of good reviews from previous customers. If you have the cremains of your loved ones in a purple marble urn and want to grow a tree from the ashes, remember you’d need a biodegradable vessel to plant a seed in the soil.

So, look for a large urn that is biodegradable and can be placed in the soil to decompose naturally in a place where you’d like to grow a tree. Let others know about a store like Divinity Urns by sharing this post so that others might know of such options available.

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