Design The Best Cremation Urns For Ashes

It becomes challenging for family members and friends to cope up with the loss of their loved one. There is so much that they want to say but often end up saying nothing. Urns to hold ashes are not just cremation vessel, but much more than that. It is the resting place of the departed soul; hence families give much time and attention in choosing the best one for their loved one. Finding a perfect urn gives family members satisfaction to some extent.

Engraving urns for ashes are customized cremation vessels that make the commemoration special, unique, and memorable. Numerous ways can be adapted to make the urn personal and different from the rest. Check out some of the customization options that can be used for urn personalization.

Short Sentiments

Instead of storing the ashes in simple adult urns, you can add a personal touch to the container by adding a few words. It can be anything that you wanted to say. You can also engrave some words expressing gratitude or giving good wishes to the departed soul. “In God’s Care,” “At Peace,” “Much Loved,” and “Forever In Our Thoughts” are some of the options that can be etched on the urn.


A quote is a great way to express more using fewer words. If your near and dear one had a favorite quote, then make sure to get it engraved on the urn. Quotes can either be your own or be taken from elsewhere too.

Bible Verses

People that strongly value their religion, often end up getting some bible verses engraved on the urn. If there is any specific verse that the loved one used to follow by heart, then get it etched. Something similar can be done for infant urns also.

Short Poems

Poetry Urns are undoubtedly the most distinct personalized urn. You can get any short poem engraved that best describes your feeling for the loved one. Alternatively, any favorite short poem that the departed soul loved can also be engraved.

Budget Matters

Your choice of customization will depend on your budget. If you’re planning to get top-notch customization done, then get ready to spend a good amount on it. You can check some customized urns at Divinity Urns to get an idea of the pricing and customization precisely.

Resting Place

The final placement location matters a lot in deciding the customization. If you’re going to bury the urn, then you can spend a little less on the customization. But if you plan to keep the urn in your house, then you should choose an appropriate personalization option, as people visiting your home will be seeing the urn. Whether you’re buying custom dog urns or any other urn, make sure to consider the resting place while deciding the personalization option.

Take a wise personalization decision

Choose a customization option that makes the urn look good and meaningful. Personalization will only help you connect better with the departed soul. So whether you want a short poem or a picture engraved on the urn; will be your call. Decide what suits best. If you’re buying cremation jewelry, then get ready to pay more for its customization. It doesn’t offer much space for any engraving; hence the increased cost is for personalizing the jewelry in a small area.

Now that you’re aware of all the customization options try to get the best customization done. Divinity Urns offers the best personalization services apart from selling high-quality urns to hold ashes. Check the customization options provided by it, and select the best at a competitive price.

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