Cremation Costs & Relevant Considerations Related to Cremation Planning

A lot of Americans prefer cremation over the burial system because of many practical reasons. The cremation cost is one of the most critical factors that act as the deciding factor. Cremation is relatively inexpensive as the cremation urns for ashes are way cheap than a casket. Also, the process doesn’t require the aspects of a funeral, and the burial service is not mandatory. It is expected that in the coming 20 years, more than half the American population will choose cremation.

If you’re planning to choose cremation, then there are a few things that you should know about the cremation cost and cremation planning.

Direct Cremation

Simple cremation is known as direct cremation in the funeral industry. Memories of a loved one can be honored in a simple way also. You can buy beautifully customized urns for ashes to store their remains, as a sign of gratitude. In case of a direct cremation, the body is cremated within one to three days. No funeral service is organized in this case. Usually, the simple cremation includes:

  • Transferring body of the deceased from the hospital to the cremation place
  • Medical examiner’s fee
  • Services related to the refrigeration of the body
  • Cremation container
  • Crematory fee
  • Identification, security, and controlled process of cremation

It should be noted, that the points shared above may not be applicable for all cremation houses. You can buy burial urns for ashes from Divinity Urns and hand over the same to the cremation house. They can transfer the remains from the temporary cremation vessel to the urn before sharing it with you.

Pre-pay for Cremation

To ensure that their family members don’t face any trouble while arranging for cremation services in a short time, some people pre-plan and pay for their cremation services. As a person has already made the payment, the family isn’t required to arrange funds in a hurry. Typically, a wooden container is used for the cremation process. Embalming is not necessary for cremation, and no funeral house can force anyone to pay for the embalming services. The wood urns for ashes provided by them are always on the higher side, so always buy one from the market. But make sure that the urn is at least 200 cubic inches.

A direct cremation saves money and offers a lot of flexibility. The cremation arrangements are portable; hence it makes it super easy for families to move them according to their wish. Divinity Urns is an online cremation vessel store that has been selling quality standard and keepsake cremation urns from long. Their purple urn is quite popular and has received the maximum number of orders. If you’re planning to store the urn in your house, then the purple urn is going to match with the house décor perfectly. You can browse and select other options from their extensive collection as well.

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