Choosing Cremation Vaults and Reasons to Bury Cremains

If a loved member of your family has died recently and you are discussing whether to preserve or bury the cremains, you should choose burial. Why? There are reasons for the same and many people are choosing to bury the cremains these days. However, burying ashes does not mean parting with the last remains of a loved one. In fact, you’d be showing respect and commemorating the person forever by doing so. If you put the urns inside cremation vaults before placing in the soil, the vaults would keep the cremains intact and would preserve the cremains forever. Thus, you’d be preventing a complete disposal of the cremains and would honor family traditions of burial as well. If you are looking for other reasons for burial of the cremains of your departed relatives, read on…

Give your loved ones a permanent resting place

If you put the cremains in a wooden box for ashes and place it in a crematorium with a memorial stone over it, it becomes a permanent resting place of your beloved family member. You can let the person rest forever in a crematorium or a graveyard near you. You can pay visit to the place whenever you wish. Not just this, your relatives and friends of the departed person can also visit the grave and pay homage to the person. You must remember that each cemetery has its own rules and regulations regarding burial urns for cremated remains. You must learn those before going for a burial.

Maintain your family tradition of burial

The elders of your family might insist on a burial because it’s the family tradition. If it’s the cremains of your grandmother or grandfather, he/she would have liked to follow tradition. You can buy religious urns for ashes for them from a reputed online store like Divinity Urns. Urns with a holy cross or an angel would be perfect for holding the cremains of religious persons. Placing the urns in the area where all other departed members of your family have been buried will help others to pay a visit to everyone’s grave together. It would also give much mental peace. You can even choose patriotic urns for them as well.

Better accessibility to the graves

If you are putting the cremains of your family members in stone urns and placing that in a columbarium or a cemetery, it would be convenient for every family member to visit the place. Most of the cemeteries and columbarium have paved pathways which are easily accessible on wheelchairs and are easy to walk for a frail and aged person. Thus, everyone would appreciate the idea of keeping the cremains in a crematorium or a columbarium rather than in a home. If you are planning to fill the ashes in choiceable tealight keepsake urns and keep those in your home, you will have guests almost every day, who might come to visit the urns of their beloved relative. And, when you are on a vacation, it would be inconvenient for others to visit the urns. So, it is better to keep those personalized engraved urns for ashes in a columbarium or cemetery.

Heritage can be maintained for generations

The young members of the family can always pay a visit to the burial site of their ancestors and grandparents and know a great deal about their ancestry as well as of the other departed family members. If any particular member of the family had special interest in football, NFL urns containing his/her cremains would be best for everyone to remember his/her special interest and skills. You can find such themed urns in an online store like Divinity Urns. If there had been deaths of infants in the family, placing baby cremation urns in a columbarium would remind the family members and children of the family of those departed infants.

These are the reasons why you should choose burial of cremains over preservation. Let others know the reasons as well by sharing this post.

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