Challenges in Choosing Urns for Loved Ones

Has your friend or neighbour insisted that you help him in purchasing a funeral urn for a deceased relative? He must be in a disturbed mental state where deciding on the right urn for the ashes is difficult. Or, he could be new to an area and does not know much about the place or might not be able to handle the purchase of a cremation urn himself. Whatever be the reason you ought to help the person in choosing the best urns for the cremains of his loved ones. But do you know his choice? He insisted on purchasing a wooden urns for ashes. But does he know about a stone or a metal urn? He might choose those if given an option. Moreover, what is the purpose of buying an urn? Is he planning to keep the cremains urn in a columbarium? Is the family planning to scatter the ashes somewhere? There are so many questions to be asked and answers. The first challenge is to ask all these questions to a grieving person. There are a few other challenges too which you might have to overcome to be able to help a person choose the right urns for ashes for adults.

Understand for yourself

You may not be able to ask too many questions on the choice of urns to your grieving friend. Instead, pay attention to the memories of the deceased relative he shares. If your friend shares some special memories with the deceased person, consider those while purchasing urns for cremains. Was the person in the military? There are different designs and sizes of military urns available in the market that you can choose. If the deceased person had any special vision for example, being environmentally conscious, you can choose biodegradable urns for ashes. Similarly, if the person wished to be remembered in any specific way you can consider than while purchasing urns.

Ask for the plan of the relatives

Another challenge that you might face is choosing urns for ashes for adults without knowing the purpose or motive of the relatives. For instance, if the family members have thought to bury the ashes or scatter the cremains, you need to choose urns that are biodegradable. If the family has the plan to use the urn as a showpiece over the mantle or somewhere in the house, then you should definitely choose metal ones that are intricately engraved and decorated. Moreover, the family might want to keep the urn in a mausoleum or columbarium. These days’ people are also making necklace to hold ashes for the loved ones. So, you need to talk with the other family members of your friend to know what they are planning to do with the ashes of the person.

What if it’s an animal?

Sometimes people are so close to their pets that they find it hard to do away with their cremains. If your friend is asking you to purchase an urn for his beloved pet, you have the challenge to choose the right size of the urn. Does your friend have a pet bird or a dog? The size of the urn will depend on the size of the animal. Moreover, many people also create memorial jewelry for ashes which they preserve as a keepsake or wear on special occasions.

Whatever is the reason and purpose and whichever urn you are choosing, you need to overcome quite a few challenges like these. Share this post so that others might know as well regarding the challenges of buying cremation urns for sale on behalf of someone else.


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