Buying Cremation Boxes For Ashes Made Easy!

Buying cremation boxes for ashes is an overwhelming experience for all. However, the thought that they can now keep the last remains of their loved ones forever with them, is a sort of consolation in itself. There are many people who are choosing to keep the memories of their departed relatives in the form of cremains forever with them. If you ever visit an online store like Divinity Urns for buying a wooden cremation box, you’d see that there are endless options for you to pick from. But with so many options before you, it might be perplexing to choose just one. You will wonder whether to choose a small urn or a large one. There will also be a long list of materials to choose from. So, here is a short guide to help you choose better…

Buying for an individual or a couple

Yes, there are small memorial urns for ashes that can hold the cremains of just an individual and then, there are couple urns. The individual urns are for memorizing just a single person or for burying his/her ashes. However, the couple urns are for memorizing a departed couple together. For instance, if your grandfather’s cremains have been preserved in a solid brass urn, after the demise of your grandmother you can put both their cremains in a couple urn of your choice.

Keepsake urns or boxes with a purpose

Are you planning to bury the cremains of your loved ones or scatter the cremains in the water? If you are choosing keepsakes, which you can keep in your house as showpieces or as memorabilia of the departed family members, pick beautiful ones. Some people also prefer themed urns like military cremation urns for commemorating the loved ones who were in the army. Then there are urns that are especially designed to commemorate sports persons. Likewise, if you are choosing to scatter the cremains in a particular piece of land or planning for a water burial, you should choose specially designed urns for that particular purpose. For commemorating a veteran or a patriot, you can choose an American flag urn. This would remind the family members of the departed person’s contribution towards the country or to any particular sports or hobby activities.

Urns for infants of the family

It is true that the cremains of an infant are hard to let go, especially for the parents. To keep the ashes forever with them, they can choose mini cremation urns from the store. Such urns are often enough to hold the entire cremains of a baby or an infant and are found in different patterns and designs on them. Some of the infant urns are in the form of angel urns, while others are customized with the photographs of the departed baby or the infant. There are varied designs available with infant cremation urns and you can choose one as per your choice.

Urn as jewelry pieces

A brass urn or small urns made of precious metals and semi-precious stones are often made into jewelry pieces. Pendants, rings, and earnings are quite commonly made of the cremation urns. These jewelry pieces could be worn by the parents on special occasions or as everyday jewelry. You can choose a heart urn necklace from a reputed online store like Divinity Urns. Such jewelry pieces are the most convenient ways to travel with the cremains of your loved ones. Moreover, small amounts of cremains could be shared with all the family members as well.
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