Butterfly Urns: A Unique Theme For A Memorial Cremation Urn To Honor Your Loved One

The cremation urns for adults, infants, and pets are safe and sturdy vessels that are used to preserve the remains of your loved ones. All the cremation urns are available in many themes, colors, sizes, and patterns. The butterfly-themed urn is one of the many themes that are used to pay a unique tribute to the departed soul. If you want a special urn that will make the commemoration memorable, then the butterfly urn should be your ultimate choice. Here are some reasons why the butterfly-themed urn stands out in the crowd.

Spiritual connection

A butterfly urn symbolizes the transition of life in a beautiful way. It depicts the transition from human life to the afterlife. Most cultures associate a butterfly with resurrection. Just like the angel urns for infants depict the angels protecting the soul in the afterlife, the butterfly-themed urn depicts the humans leaving the body and entering into the spiritual world in the form of pure souls. If you wanted to pay a meaningful tribute to the loved one, then the butterfly urn deserves your attention.

Available in different sizes and colors

Size and the urn color are two crucial points that every family considers before purchasing a cremation vessel. Everyone wants to get the best cremation vessel, as it is going to be the final resting place of the departed soul. The butterfly-themed urn is available in different sizes and colors, to ensure that no one has to restrict their choices to a few options. From large to butterfly keepsake memorial urns – everything is available at Divinity Urn’s online store. You can also choose the color that you like the most.

Memorable and meaningful tribute

The butterfly symbolizes hope and transformation, and also spreads positive vibes around its surroundings. It can take the commemoration process to a personal level when personalized. Unlike other religious cremation urns, even the butterfly-themed urn can be customized. A picture or a small personal message can be engraved on the urn to make it special.

Pass down the memories to the next generation

The butterfly-themed urn is made using different top-notch materials that impart durability and strength to the cremation vessel. These urns can be used to preserve the memories of your loved one for ages safely, and the same can be passed down to the younger generation. This, in a way or the other, helps in establishing an unbreakable spiritual bond between both the next generation and the departed soul.

Though each available cremation urn is unique, the butterfly-themed one has always managed to get maximum people’s attention. Divinity Urns is known to offer the best cremation urns for adults, infants, and pets online. It has an extensive range of urns to offer. The football cremation urns are another themed urn that the store provides. To get the top-notch butterfly and other themed cremation vessels to pay a unique and honorable tribute, check out the extensive collection today.

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