Beauty from the Ashes: White Cremation Urns

Every urn is beautiful and unique in its way. What makes urn special is its unique design, color, size, the material used, and many other relevant things. White adult urns for ashes are different from other cremation vessels because of its simple design and alluring looks. It is known to be the color of purity and serenity. However, people should know that irrespective of the beautiful design and eye-catchy look, there are other things too that should be considered. Wrong urn selection is something that everyone should avoid at all cost. If you’ve decided to buy simple yet elegant cremation urn for ashes, then take note of the following crucial buying factors. They can save you from spending money on the wrong cremation urn.

Pay attention to the size

White cremation urns are perfect if you’re looking for sophisticated and elegant cremation vessels, but the wrong size selection can spoil the whole purpose of purchasing it. A standard urn has the capacity to hold up to 200 cubic inches ashes; while a keepsake or small size urn can hold up to 5 cubic inches. Instead of checking the outer vessel measurements, consider the internal measurements as it determines how much remains the urn can hold. You can check the measurements of each urn in the product description. Decide how much you want to preserve the remains, and then take the right decision with respect to the urn size. Divinity Urns offers a broad range of cremation vessels and jewelry, so you can check its latest unique collection to find the right urn in lesser time.

The material used brings about a significant difference

You must know that an urn can be made of any material. Be it marble or paper, brass or glass, there’s an urn made of each such material. Urn strength should be your focus point as you cannot afford to store the cremated remains in a weak vessel. Whether you’re purchasing small urns for ashes or the standard size ones, durability is one factor that you should pay special attention to. Families having small children should purchase an unbreakable urn at any cost, so that it doesn’t break even if it falls accidentally on the ground.

A white urn is available in different price ranges

It won’t be correct to say that all the opulent-looking white urns are expensive. White is a color that can make even a dull product look royal and elegant. Apart from the color and design, there are many other things that decide the urn price. Even if you have a tight budget, you can still buy a simple yet sophisticated white cremation vessel. You can check the different white adult and infant urns collection at Divinity Urns to know more about the available options in different price range.

Looks, durability, and affordability are usually the three main things that people pay attention to. If you want to put your money on the right mother of pearl urn, then consider all the points shared above while purchasing the cremation vessel. You can buy quality adult urns for ashes from Divinity Urns as the store is renowned for selling only top-quality products at reasonable prices.

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