Beauty from the Ashes: Purple Urns

Colors say a lot more about a person’s choices than anything else. This is why even the cremation industry gives a lot of attention to colors while making different memorial urns. Purple is a color that is often associated with royalty, wisdom, peace, independence, and devotion. If you check the extensive range of purple urns at Divinity Urns, then you’ll realize why families love purchasing this cremation vessel for preserving the memories of their loved one. Elegance and sophistication are the perfect synonyms of purple colored urns. 

Epitomize the departed soul’s personality in style

The best way to epitomize the personality and memories of the departed soul is by storing the remains in a beautiful and sturdy cremation vessel. Purple urns for ashes are made using different materials and styles. You should select the one that best matches your checklist. As these urns are highly durable, you can epitomize the memories and also pass down the same to your younger generation. The commemoration is a special process that is close to peoples’ heart. Make sure you make it extra special by getting the best urns for your loved one.

Beauty and strength in one vessel 

The cremated remains are valuable; hence you cannot afford to transfer the same in weak urns. Families with young children should buy durable urns that don’t break even when they are accidentally dropped on the floor. The purple adult urn for ashes is the perfect combination of beauty and strength. The sheer elegance and royalty it exudes is incomparable. It is the flawless looks and sturdiness that makes people choose purple colored urn over the other options. No matter what your home décor is, this urn is sure to match and enhance the same.

Purple cremation jewelry takes commemoration to another level 

Unlike any other standard fashion jewelry, even the cremation jewelry can be worn on multiple occasions or even regularly. The necklace for ashes can help you carry a little portion of remains wherever you go. If you’re a fashion lover, then the purple colored necklace will make you stand out. These necklaces have a little compartment where you can store only a tiny portion of the remains of your loved one. Many family members do this as it makes them feel closer and more connected to the departed soul. Needless to mention, the beautiful purple cremation necklace adds to your overall looks too.

The cost of cremation vs. burial is one of the many deciding factors that make people choose cremation, as not everyone can afford to pay for an expensive casket and related expenses. Purple urns are beautiful cremation vessels that can help you pay a meaningful tribute alongside helping you alleviate from the grief.  You can get the best purple urns for ashes from Divinity Urns, as this online store has been selling quality urns for years.

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