Beauty from the Ashes: Heart Shaped Urns

It becomes challenging to get over the fact that someone close to us is no longer with us. Humans cannot change destiny, but they can make efforts to arrange a memorable commemoration for their beloved person. Coming up with something thoughtful is not easy, especially when one is passing through a grieving stage. It is then when the role of heart-shaped urns for ashes comes into the picture. Urns having a heart-shape are the best storage vessel to preserve the cremated remains of the departed soul. It gives a feeling that you are storing the remains and memories in your heart.

If you were looking for unique adult urns for ashes, then check out the vast range of options available at Divinity Urns. All the heart-themed urns available here are of high-quality and customizable. You can choose the heart-shaped urn of the appropriate size and safely transfer the remains in it from the temporary container.

Durable heart-shaped urns last longer

A crucial factor that many people tend to overlook while purchasing adult or baby urns for ashes is the durability of the cremation vessel. If the urn accidentally falls on the ground, then all the stored cremated remains will come out of the vessel. Paying attention to the urn design is important; but so is the durability. Heart-shaped urns are made using different materials, so make sure you choose the one that has a strong built.

Heart cremation jewelry is special and unique

While the urns allow family members to store and place the remains in their house, the heart necklace urns for human ashes allow them to carry a little portion of the remains with them. If the departed soul was very near and dear to you, then you can preserve a tiny portion of the remains in a beautiful and fashionable heart urn necklace. You can also preserve it in exquisite heart-themed bracelet too. The heart-shaped cremation jewelry contains a small chamber where you can store a little portion of the ashes. If you often travel for work purpose, then you should get one. It will make sure that you always feel their presence.

Customized heart urns can make commemoration memorable

If you want to pay a tribute or honor the memories of the departed soul in the best way possible, then get a customized heart cremation vessel or jewelry. You can either get a special message engraved on it or a picture of both of you. You should remember that the engraving options depend on the space available on the urn. If there was something that you wanted to say but couldn’t, then customizable heart-shaped urns will cover it up.

You should visit Divinity Urns and check their latest collection. Being a top-notch seller of quality urn necklace for mom and other cremation vessel and jewelry products, the store is sure to provide you the urn that you were looking for long. Get a high-quality heart-shaped urn and store the ashes in them for paying an unforgettable and thoughtful tribute.

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