An Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Cremation Urn

Urns for ashes are an essential element in the whole cremation process. It is the container that is used to store the ashes of the departed soul. Seeing the significance of the cremation vessel, it is important that people know what to look for while purchasing an urn online. This guide will help everyone choose the perfect urn that matches your checklist and serves the ultimate purpose.

Urn Types and Materials

The burial urns for ashes can be made out of any material. Metal, wood, paper, plastic, ceramic, brass, steel, copper, resin, leather- you name any material, and you’ll find an urn made of it. Let’s check out some of the most common and popular urns.

  • Metal Urns– This is one of the sturdiest urns that is sure to last for ages. The main highlight of metal urns is its durability. Even if it accidentally falls down, it isn’t going to break. If you want to pass down the memories of your loved one to younger generations, then this has to be your ultimate choice.
  • Cultured Urns– The perfect synonym of cultured urns is elegance. Known for its beautiful looks, the cultured urns are ideal for being placed in the house. It is durable, beautiful, and crafted to perfection. Check the latest marble cremation urns collection at Divinity Urns to know more about it.
  • Adult Urns– It is the standard size urn that is used to store the remains of an adult. It is available in a range of options, making it difficult for you to choose the right one.
  • Burial Urns– These urns are known for their strength. Families planning to bury the remains in an urn should consider purchasing the burial urns. If you are concerned about the land and environment, in general, then buy a biodegradable urn.
  • Wood Urns– As the name suggests, these urns are made from wood. Pure wood is used in the making, and it gives a distinct look to the urn. Wooden urns are more aesthetic compared to other urns. Needless to mention, the durability is top-notch too.
  • Biodegradable Urns– Made using biodegradable materials, these urns are designed to ensure that the environment isn’t harmed because of the cremation process. The urn breaks down easily allowing the ashes to assimilate into nature naturally.

Custom & Specialty Urns

The custom urns allow the family members to make the urn more personal and unique. They can get a special message or a picture engraved on the urn to make it distinct and special. Whether you’re purchasing marble or brass cremation urns, they can easily be customized according to your requirements.

Keepsake Urns and Pendants

The keepsake urns are small size cremation vessels that can store a little portion of remains. The cremation pendants, on the other hand, are like any other standard jewelry in terms of look. The only difference is that cremation pendant allows people to store a little portion of ashes in its chamber. Families should consider buying keepsake urns and pendants if they want to keep a small portion of the ashes with them.

Urn Pricing

The price of an urn is decided on various factors. From the material to the design, size to customization, everything is considered to determine the final cost of it. The urns with the most features will naturally be priced on the higher side, and vice-versa.

Divinity Urns is an online store that sells both cremation jewelry and urns. You can find the largest range of options concerning unique urns for ashes here. Now, that you’re aware of the different urn types, make sure to purchase the best urn for your loved one.

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