All Things You Need To Know, Perfect Size Of An Urn That You Need

Your loved ones have left your side and now you are trying your best to strongly grasp the memories you shared. But before you begin to check out some options of cremation urns to secure the memories from Divinity Urns you need to be sure about the size. Most individuals often pay heed to only the material and the look of the urn but you should acknowledge the fact that an urn is actually a container for holding the ashes. So unless you are sure about the size of the urn apt for your lost loved one, you shouldn’t place the order.

How to come to the decision?

Generally, the volumes of the urns for ashes are measured in cubic inches. And as per the industry standard, one cubic inch equals one pound weight of the human body. In this case, if the departed used to weigh 150 pounds you can get a cremation urn measuring 150 cubic inches.

But there is a problem in this, apart from the body weight you to have to consider the body frame and bones of the lost one. For smaller framed individuals you can buy as the industry standard says, but for larger framed individuals you have to buy an urn with an additional space of about 30 cubic inches apart from their body weight.

What about the adult urns then?

Most adult urns measure about 200 cubic inches which imply that it can hold ashes of persons weighing up to 200 pounds. So you might wonder so what about the ones who used to weigh more than 200 pounds? Here are two options you can consider for larger framed/ heavy weighted individuals:

  • Buy companion urns- as this type of urns is designed to hold the ashes of companions, or partners together; they have plenty of room inside. So companion urns for sale can hold ashes of individuals weighing 400 pounds or more.

  • Or else you can buy an adult urn and then distribute the remaining ashes in multiple keepsake urns. These urns hold very little space and serve the best if ashes are to be shared between multiple family members.

For the souls who left early

If you are looking forward to buying urns for someone who was a child or an infant then obviously you will have to get more size-specific.

For infants weighing less than 10 pounds buying baby urns of 20 cubic inches would be a fair choice. Whereas for the children who weigh between 10-20 pounds, a cremation urn sized 30 cubic inches would be best.

For your faithful pets

You need to remember that when you are attempting to buy pet urns you have to buy a comparatively larger one. For example, if your pet had a healthy weight of about 50 pounds you need to shop urns having a volume of 65 cubic inches or more.

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