Advantages & Disadvantage of Buying Your Cremation Urn at a Funeral Home vs. Online

When a loved one bids farewell to the mortal world often the last thing that comes to your mind while you are planning the funeral service is buying Cremation Urns.  But you should not forget that buying of urns initiates the grieving process while ensuring the final resting place of the ashes.

Finding the perfect Urns For ashes for the lost soul is perhaps the best way to show a loving gesture. So you need to be a bit picky before purchasing urns. Because do you want your ashes to be placed inside any random cardboard box? No, right! 

So from where can you possibly buy the Urns? A funeral home or online sites like Divinity Urns?

Let us weigh out the options for you.

The advantage of Buying an Urn from a Funeral Home

  • You get to hold the Cremation Urn

Being able to take a closer look at the urn and hold it before purchasing the urn can help you access how it might look in the location you want to showcase it at.  This might seem very little but feeling the urn can also give you a better idea about the material. 

Disadvantages of Buying a Cremation Urn From a Funeral Home

  • Funeral Home Cremation Urns Cost More

If you buy Cremation urns for burial from a funeral home you would be paying a lot more. Although not all funeral homes intend to rip off your money, most cremation homes are interested to run a profitable business thereby charging you more. The cost is much higher than it should be and thus you can save by buying urns online.

  • Selection

If you go to a funeral home you would find no less than about 7-9 options only. The urns you buy should represent the personality of the person while they were alive. Thus about a handful of options would not give you the chance to do so.

  • Pressuring You to Spend More Money

As you are in grieving process you might not be in a position to bargain and the funeral directors would take advantage of it by trying to sell you high-priced funeral packages.

Advantages to Buying a Cremation Urn Online

  • Shipping & Delivery

If you shop for Ashes Container from the leading brand, Divinity Urns they would ensure that you get your delivery within a few hours from placing your order.

  • Saving Money While Shopping For a Cremation Urn

You would find abundant discounted urns online and you can even save some money for the funeral service. You can even find discounts on themed urns like Military urns and biodegradable urns.

The disadvantage of Buying a Cremation Urn Online

  • You Cannot Physically Hold the Cremation Urns

The only downside of buying a cremation urn online is that you would not get to feel the urn. You wouldn’t get the idea about how the urn will look when being displayed or how the material feels like.


At this time the best you can do is exactly follow what your heart says. After all cremation urns are the best possible means of paying never-ending love and respect to the dearly departed souls.

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