A Quick Guide on Different Cremation Urn Types

Urns for human ashes are sturdy vessels that are used to store the cremated remains of the departed soul respectfully. As more people and families have started to choose cremation over burial, the demand for different types of burial urns for ashes has skyrocketed. If you have never purchased urns before and have limited knowledge on these vessels, then you are at the right place. This blog covers all the different urn types that you should be aware of.

Let’s check out each of them shared-below to know more.

Keepsake Urns

The keepsake for ashes is a small-sized urn that can hold a little portion of cremains. Families mostly choose it when they decide to divide the cremated remains among the close family members. You can also purchase it if you don’t want to keep the entire remains in your house.

Biodegradable Urns

People concerned about the environment usually choose biodegradable urns over the other ones. Made using eco-friendly materials, biodegradable urns easily break down when scattered in the sea or buried in the land. These urns keep environmental pollution at a minimum during the cremation process, protecting natural resources. You can check the latest collection of eco-friendly urns at Divinity Urns.

Companion Urns

If you were looking for unique cremation urns to commemorate the beautiful memories of a couple, then the companion urns should be your ultimate choice. These urns are specially designed to keep the cremains of a couple together. To know more about these urns, you can visit Divinity Urns and browse all the companion urns along with their product descriptions.

Infant Urns

As the name suggests, these urns were specially designed for kids. Starting from the design to the color, the theme to the aesthetic- everything is finely curated to give comfort to the family members. You can ask for customization that makes the urn personally and emotionally connected to you. Choose infant brass cremation urnsif you are looking for durable options.

Veteran Urns

If you are looking to honor the memories of a true patriot that devoted his entire life to serve his nation, then the veteran urns are perfect for this purpose. Available in various styles, all the veteran urns celebrate patriotism in the best way possible. You can also raise a request for personalization while buying one.

Pet Urns

Similar to humans, even your pets deserve to get a respectful tribute. Pet urns were created to honor the memories of your beloved pet. The designs and style of pet urns resemble your furry friends. If you want to cherish the life lived by your pet and keep the memories alive till eternity, then buy pet urns to preserve their remains for the rest of the life.

Religious Urns

Families that are inclined on the religious front should always choose a religious urn over any other urn or sterling silver Cremation jewelry for Ashes. These urns are crafted based on the various religions that different people follow. If the departed soul followed a particular faith and took pride in it, then you should preserve his remains in a religious urn. You can check out all the variously available options at Divinity Urns for quick reference.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you also get theme-based urns that are made following different themes, like fishing, golfing, football, and others. To browse the urns for human ashes, depending on the types, you should visit Divinity Urns and filter your search for easy findings.

Source: https://divinityurns.blogspot.com/2019/09/a-quick-guide-on-different-cremation.html

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