A Few Ideas for Acknowledging a Death Anniversary

We tend to cling to nostalgia and the memories of our loved ones. 

It can be beautifully emotional and an innovative idea to get urns for ashes, to keep our closest ones closer to us even after they have bid the final farewell. Similarly, we mark their death anniversary as a mark of respect and to hold them closer to our hearts.

Acknowledging the death anniversary of a close one is not just a memorial, but it is essential for mental wellbeing.

Commemorating a death anniversary can be a perfect time for family gatherings or quiet and simple contemplation of your loved ones and their life.

Here are some beautiful ways in which you can acknowledge the death anniversary of someone very dear to you. 

  • Visit their final resting place

One of the most popular ways of commemorating the death anniversary is by visiting the cemetery. Or you can also do this by paying a visit to the place where you have scattered their ashes via cremation boxes

To make the event even more special, you can organize a somber family gathering at a special place. 

  • Release butterflies

For many, butterflies symbolize hope and renewal. You might find solace in freeing these beautiful creatures into the lap of Mother Nature. To do is, you will have to buy native butterflies and during the death anniversary, you would have to release those butterflies. While doing so, you can keep the precious angel urns for ashes to make the remembering process more intense. 

  • Host a private remembrance ceremony

If faith was an integral component of your loved one’s life, then holding a remembrance in the honor of their death anniversary, might be a wise thing to do. You can send invites to your friends and relatives, who were close to the lost soul and, you can relive the cherished memories by bringing in your beautiful lockets for ashes. You can even include prayers for them in the weeks’ service or even informal events like prize-giving and tree plantation ceremonies. 

  • Decorate with their favorite flowers

Learn the language of flowers and prepare a beautiful bouquet out of it to recognize the death anniversary of your loved ones. Bring the bouquet and lay it over the resting place of your loved one, be it the grave or the actual place where you have scattered the ashes. 

If you are remembering the death anniversaries of two of your loved ones at the same time, then you can also store their remnants in the burial urns for two

  • Purchase memorial jewelry

One of the beautiful ways to contemplate and celebrate the death anniversary of your loved one is by getting memorial jewelry which would enclose their ashes. Divinity Urns offers a wide and innovative range of cremation jewelry that you can also customize as per your wish.

  • Buy urns for your pet

Pets are our family members, and losing them is just as remorseful as losing someone close to you. The best way to recognize the moments spent with your pet is by placing their ashes inside a dog urn for ashes.

You can find a wonderful range of urns of ashes for your pets on Divinity Urns. These are designed and developed keeping all your sentiments and preferences in mind to provide you with the best experience ever.

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