A Comparison between Cremation and Burial and Why people Choose Cremation over Burial

The decision of the method of disposition of your loved ones is entirely up to beliefs and preferences. But all over the world today, an increasing number of individuals are showing rising preference towards cremation, over burial. Yes, it is true that burial is perhaps the most widely preferred because of the religious sentiments and age-old practice, but cremation also has got its many logical benefits.

For those who are curious to know, let us take a look at why cremation is being preferred by more people than burial today.

  • Expenses involved

The cost of cremation vs. burial is the most important factor which is convincing individuals to choose cremation over burial. According to North American expenses, the average charge of per burial lies somewhere around $7000. As for cremation, the price drops to $1600 which includes the price of cremation boxes shopped from a leading manufacturer like Divinity Urns.

  • Religious beliefs of Cremation vs Burial

As you might now, religious and cultural beliefs have a lot of impacts when it comes in considering the apt process. Most religions except orthodox, Judaism and Islam have accepted the natural process of cremating someone and then storing their last remains within urns for human ashes. In fact, this process is considered to be auspicious in Hinduism and thus have been followed since ages.

  • Explanation of the processes

In the process of cremation, a departed soul is reduced to only cremation remains and it takes only a couple of hours. As for burial, an embalming procedure is followed before burying it in the ground. It is then left to decompose for months away from the sight of their loved ones.

While some people believing allowing a natural decomposition is auspicious, others are into the idea that cremation denoted reverence of the lost ones.

  • A dearth of space for burial

As burial has been practiced since centuries it has caused a scarcity of ground space. The condition is so severe that some burial grounds are left with no more space to accommodate new remains. This is one of the reasons why the masses have been favoring cremation because it saves space. A space allotted to one cremation can be allotted to someone else as soon as the process is over. But that cannot be said about burial though. Once a ground space has been allotted to someone, they will have a hold on that space for years to come.

  • Memorializing the lost one

If you decide to bury your loved one you would be left with nothing of them, except memories. But when you decide to cremate someone you can think about keeping them forever in your heart by securing their ashes in an urn necklace as soon as the process is over. Cremation urns and jewelry from Divinity Urns is the best way to keep your loved ones closest to you forever.

  • Portability of the remains

If after burying someone you move away then you wouldn’t get the chance of playing their memories on your heart by visiting their tombstone. As for cremation, you can carry the urns anywhere and even while you are flying.

So now that you know, you can try to convince others about the benefits of cremation. You can also enlighten them about the utility of cremation urns for sale on Divinity Urns.

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