7 Ideas To Keep The Memories Of Your Departed Pets Preserved In Cremation Keepsake

Unlike any other family member, even pets are special and deserve a memorable commemoration. Keepsake pet cremation urns are sturdy cremation vessels that safely and respectfully preserve a little portion of the remains of your beloved pet. Different keepsake urns are designed to meet the various requirements of different families.

1. Preserve memories in a nature-friendly way

Several urns are made using biodegradable materials to save nature from any probable consequences. If your pet was a nature lover and he loved roaming in the parks or relaxing in your backyard, then you should store his remains in small biodegradable urns.

2. Engrave special memories

Millions of special memories must be attached with your pet. How about getting some of them engraved in the cremation urns? Doing so will take the entire cremation process to an emotional and personal level. You can get dog urns engraved, cat urns engraved or any other urn for pets engraved to cherish the memories in a unique way.

3. Keep them close to your heart

One of the best ideas to respectfully preserve and honor the memories of your pet is by keeping them close to your heart. The pet keepsake jewelry is similar to the standard fancy jewelry, but the good part is that no one will know that you are carrying cremated remains in them unless explicitly told.

4. Get a unique resting place for your beloved pet

When you purchase pet urns for cats, dogs, birds or any other pet animal, you are actually getting a final resting place for the departed soul. Make sure you choose an urn that is unique and personalized. For example, you can get a beautiful paw urn for preserving the remains of your furry friend.

5. Come up with creative ideas

Nowadays you can also get the cremated remains converted into a jewelry piece. Many professionals use the ashes of your loved one to transform them into a beautiful piece of jewelry. It may be a pendant or any other jewelry piece. It is one of the unique ways to keep the memories alive till eternity.

6. Paint the keepsake cremation vessel

If your pet loved a particular color, then you can purchase a simple traditional urn and then paint it accordingly. It will make the urn more special. You can get sturdy and elegant urns from Divinity Urns, and then do the needful.

7. Store the remains in religious cremation jewelry

You can store a little portion of the cremated remains of your pet in a cross cremation jewelry. A cross is known to be a holy symbol and is respected by many religions. Instead of the standard pet ashes jewelry, you can prefer the ones having a religious inclination. It will give you the feeling that your pet is in safe hands, and is being taken care of by the Almighty.

The ways mentioned above to preserve and cherish the memories of your loved pet in a keepsake cremation urn are worth considering. You can get the desired keepsake cremation urn from Divinity Urns, as it offers the broadest range of options online. Apart from pet cremation urns, the store also offers urn for human ashes. Get the perfect urn and make the commemoration special.

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