7 ideas of choosing cremation urn or keepsake special and unique to remember your babies


The most painful thing that could happen to a parent is the loss of their child. It is not easy to deal with a loss of this magnitude, but finding suitable infant urns for ashes can act as the first step towards healing. A respectful and meaningful urn for your child’s ashes will definitely be a comfort during your difficult times.

Here are 7 ideas which you can use to choose an infant cremation urn:

1. Choose an urn that is the right size

Infant urns are usually smaller than regular sized urns, but even in that category, there are certain variations. Make sure that you choose an urn that is the right size for your baby’s ashes. It is important for the size to be absolutely perfect so that it can accommodate the entire amount of ashes.

2. Add in some items that were your child’s favorite

Every child has a favorite toy or keepsake, and it would be a nice gesture to include the item in their urn. This is a comforting gesture, as it will assure you that the child is still holding on to their favorite object and playing with it no matter where they are now.

3. Choose urns in the shape of different soft toys

Teddy bears, blocks and hearts are some of the common themes for unique baby urns. Of these, the soft teddy bear urn is the most common of the infant’s urns. It has a zippered opening in the back and a bag inside where the ashes can be placed. The family understands that their child is resting in a hug, which can be the source of some comfort for them.

4. Get personalized urn engravings

You can have a personalized message for your beloved child inscribed on their urn. The message can be any message that you want to give your baby and hope they carry it on in the afterlife. For example, heart-shaped cremation urns with a heartfelt message engraved on the top would be a good choice for an infant urn. Divinity Urns has a vast collection of these beautiful urns.

5. Purchase an urn with a photo of your child on top

Many urn manufacturers will be able to place a picture of your child on the top of the urn. This again is a beautiful gesture, and the urn will have more value because it will hold an image of the person it holds inside.

6. Carry your child around with you with cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry uses a little portion of the ashes and adds them in jewelry. This way, you can keep your child close to your heart at all times. Websites like Divinity Urns indulge in baby cremation jewelry, and you will find a wide variety of choices here.

7. Choose cremation keepsakes if you plan to scatter the ashes

Sometimes, you might want to scatter the ashes of your child in their favorite place in the world, so that they do not have to stay constricted to the urn. If that is the case, you can use keepsakes for ashes to store a small part of the ashes before scattering the rest.

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