5 Ways To Preserve Pet Memories With Honor And Cherish

Pets are not only adorable, but they are an integral part of the family too. If you own a pet and have spent much time with him, then you are quite lucky! The pets have an unusual gift of making others happy and feel valued. How about doing something similar for your beloved pet? Respectfully commemorating his memories is the best method to pay tribute to your loved one. If you had a pet dog, then you can get the perfect dog urns for ashes for safely preserving his cremated remains.

Apart from respectfully storing his remains, there are other ways too that can be followed to honor and cherish his memories. Here is a list of 5 different ways that can be used to pay a unique tribute to your pet.

1. Keep the memories close to your heart

You can buy exquisite pet cremation jewelry that is a replica of any standard modern jewelry. The lightweight and stylish cremation jewelry allows you to keep a little portion of the cremated remains close to your heart. You can carry the cremains of your pet wherever you want.

2. Make a collage and keep it near the cremation box

A lot of people buy personalized pet cremation boxes to pay a unique tribute to their loved pet. This is something that many people do, so how about doing something in addition to it? Apart from getting a personalized cremation box, you can make a beautiful collage and place it next to the cremation box. This will not only make the place appealing, but it will also show how much you loved your pet. You can get the best cremation urns, boxes, and jewelry by visiting Divinity Urn’s online store.

3. Plant a tree in their memory

The best way to honor and cherish the memories of your loved pet is by commemorating a part of them to where they belong. You can keep a little portion of their remains in beautiful small cremation urns, and a little portion can be poured in the area where you are going to plant a new tree in their memory. Spread the ashes around the sapling and watch the tree grow over time. After a few years, when the plant finally grows, you will be proud of your decision to do so.

4. Donate something to the shelter homes for pets

Though safely and respectfully storing the cremated remains in exquisitely engraved urn appears to be a good option, but there are other things to do as well. If you donate your pet’s belongings to any shelter house for pets, then your beloved pet will probably love you more for this. It is a unique thing to do as it will not only soothe the soul of your pet, but it will make the other pets happy too.

5. Arrange memorial services

Apart from preserving the remains of your loved pet in sturdy and alluring urns, you can also arrange for memorial services. Starting from the opening music to the ending words, everything should be planned perfectly.

You can choose any of the above-shared ways to pay a memorable tribute to your pet. In case, you want to go the traditional way of preserving the ashes in beautiful urns only, then make sure to check out Divinity Urns. This online store offers the largest cremation vessels collection, including the dog urns for ashes and others. You are sure to love every piece they have in store for you.

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