5 Most Popular Types of Cremation Urns You Can Choose From

The trend of using cremation urns for humans for preserving the ashes of the deceased loved ones is fast catching up! People who find it hard to do away with the ashes or the last remains of their loved ones can use these urns to preserve the ashes. However, it is not just a vessel; an urn is often designed to reflect upon the personality, choice, and the profession of the person. Moreover, there are different types of customizations that are available. Often, the ones with simple designs are inexpensive and the ones with intricate carvings are costly.

The purpose or the intention of the relatives of the deceased person determines the types of urns to be used. The ashes of army personnel could be preserved in cremation jewelry for ashes. Likewise, the placement of the urn also determines the materials to be chosen. Urns could be used as a showpiece or can be kept preserved inside the wardrobe. Sometimes, the urns are also kept in a columbarium as well as in a cemetery. Are you confused regarding which one to choose? Given below are the 5 most popular types of urns people choose and you too can pick from:

Metal urns: There are different metals and alloys that go into the making of these urns – copper, steel, brass, and bronze are some of the commonest metals. These urns are durable and ashes in these urns can be preserved for a long period of time. These urns are the most appropriate for home preservation and in columbarium too.

Stone urns: You can choose vessels that are carved out of different types of stones like marble, granite, and slate. Sometimes, stones like onyx and quartz are also used for manufacturing the cremation vessels.

Wood urns: There are many exotic and domestic wood species with which the wooden urns are manufactured. Some of the varieties of wood that are often used in the manufacturing of these urns are pine, oak, maple, walnut, and mahogany. Wooden urns are mostly carved as well as adorned with stones and decorations. Wooden urns with fewer carvings and patterns are often sold as discount cremation urns.

Eco-friendly, biodegradable urns: Most of the reputed online stores have a separate section for earth-friendly urns or biodegradable urns. These are often made from different types of materials including paper, wood, clay, or suchlike others. These are often bought by people who are concerned with preserving nature. The materials of these vessels break down and do not cause any harm to the environment in the long run.

Cremation urn jewelry: Most of the time family members often want to keep a small portion of the ashes. Small portions of the cremains could be used to create lockets for ashes after cremation. There are many kinds of jewelry that can be made from cremains – pendants, necklaces, as well as earrings, are common. Keepsake for ashes are made into pendants and earrings and are worn on special occasions. For making jewelry use of precious metals with expensive stone engravings are the trend. Jewelry is made from gold, silver, or brass. There are often precious stones engraved into these jewelry pieces.

These are just the 5 commonest types of cremation vessels available in the market. Besides these, there are other materials, types, and varieties of urns available in the market. You can choose the ones you like or ask for the consent of the immediate family members before purchasing.

Source: https://divinityurns.blogspot.com/2019/11/5-most-popular-types-of-cremation-urns.html

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