3 Ways to Have an Environmental-Friendly Funeral

If you are aware of how much environmental pollution is created by burying the remains of humans, then it is time you switch to a greener method. Just buying funeral urns is not enough to have a funeral that is environment-friendly. A lot more action is required to give back to Mother Nature. If you have purchased a biodegradable urn for humans, but are unaware of the next steps towards a green funeral, then you are at the right place.

A list of top 3 ways of having an eco-friendly funeral has been shared below for your ready reference.

1. Start a Green Tradition from the Funeral Day

You should first purchase the best eco-friendly large cremation urns for preserving the ashes of your loved one. It can be purchased from Divinity Urns as both the collection and quality is top-notch. Make the required funeral arrangements that you would have otherwise made. To take a step towards a green funeral, you can take actions that contribute towards the betterment of the environment. You can either decide to give up some of the belongings of the departed soul to the ones in need. This charity will make sure that the possessions are not dumped in forests or any other green land and are given to someone that truly needs it.

You can also make it a point to plant green trees in the areas where the green cover is relatively lesser. Take permission from the concerned authorities and start planting trees on the name of your loved one. You can ask other family members and friends to join you in this initiative.

2. Get a Green Sympathy Gift

If you though buying eco-friendly adult urns for ashes are enough for a green burial, then you are wrong. Apart from using biodegradable urns, you should also give a green sympathy gift. There is an organization called “Trees for a Change” that plant a tree as a sympathy gift on your behalf.  If you live at a place where it is not possible to plant new trees, then ask this organization to do it for you. It will help in increasing the green cover.

3. Buy Only Environment-Friendly Urns from Divinity Urns

Military urns or any other urn made of concrete or metal should be avoided if you want a green funeral. At Divinity Urns, you can get a wide range of personalized urns that are made using environment-friendly materials. These urns break down as soon as they are buried on land or sea. As the urns are made using eco-friendly materials, they don’t cause any pollution when decomposed after burial.

Apart from the three ways shared above, you can come up with your own creative ideas to have a green burial. If you have budget limitations, then check out Divinity Urns collection. They are providing quality biodegradable burial urns for sale. Browse through the collection and get the one that perfectly matches your checklist.

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