5 Simple Steps To Choose The Correct Size Cremation Urn

Selecting a cremation urn is a personal choice, and there are a lot of considerations that are taken into account while purchasing the final resting place of a loved one. The urn size is one of the many things that need attention while making the final purchasing decision. It is because getting a too big or too small urn for preserving the remains can bring about some problems of its own. To purchase the perfectly sized urn for safely storing the cremated remains for years to come, take note of the following points.

1. Determine how much you wish to preserve

When a family chooses to incinerate a person, they get the option to treat the remains in many ways. While some wish to preserve the entire cremated remains safely and respectfully in their home, others want to keep a small portion of the remains only. If you’re going to preserve the whole remains of your loved one in your home, then you can purchase any standard sized adult urns. The families that want to preserve only a little portion of the remains can choose beautiful cremation jewelry or keepsake urns for the said purpose.

2. Follow the industry standards

If you are confused concerning the right sized urn, then follow the standard rule on size followed by the cremation industry. According to the standard rule, one cubic inch of the cremation vessel equals one pound of the body weight. So if the person weighed around 180 pounds, you should purchase an urn that has a volume of 180 cu inches or more. The large cremation urns can be purchased too in this case, as they usually have a holding capacity of more than 200 cu inches, which is enough to accommodate the entire remains of the adult.

3. Choose the final place to keep the urn

Some families wish to keep the remains close to them and hence place the urn safely in their home. Alternatively, some families choose to keep the urn in a columbarium or bury the urn in a burial ground. If you want to preserve the remains of a couple together in your house, then you can choose burial urns for two of your choice. But when selecting the option to keep the urn in a columbarium, you will have to follow the rules concerning the acceptable size of the urn.

4. Take the relatives sentiments into consideration

In many cases, it was found that the relatives expressed their wish to preserve a little portion of the remains with them too. For all such cases, cremation jewelry or little keepsake urns are purchased. A tiny portion of ashes is stored in each small-sized urn, and then each cremation vessel is given to the close relatives in the loving memory of their loved one. Such keepsake urn and jewelry can be purchased from Divinity Urns.

5. Choosing the right sized urn for a pet

Apart from adult and infant urns, there are pet urns too. The same standard rule concerning the size applies to the pet urns that are applied to the other cremation vessels. Depending on the overall weight of your pet, you can purchase either large or small pet urns for ashes.

A right-sized cremation urn is required to pay a respectful tribute to the loved one. Divinity Urns is a reliable online seller of the different types of cremation urns that you can check out for buying the perfectly sized urn. Make sure you follow the points shared above to make the right purchase.

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