Can The Cremation Urns For Adults Be Considered As Modern Art?

The urns for containing the last remains of a human being are often cast in metal, carved on wood, or made from ceramic with beautiful designs on them; altogether they give the impression of art in the most modern forms. Most of these cremation urns for adults, rather than being buried or disposed of, are kept at home as keepsakes and decorative items. These works of art are often placed on top of a shelf or the mantle with other decorative items around. Sometimes, these urns are placed in the garden with a beautiful plant grown on top in memory of a deceased relative of the family.

The rate of cremation has increased thus

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, a large number of people are choosing cremation as their last rites and by the year 2025, the rate would increase to around 60%. With this increase in the cremation rates, innovation has also touched the urns. Today, an urn is not just a simple wooden urn box, but a piece of art with gemstones engraved or carvings made on it. You can see some of the best examples of artistically made urns at Divinity Urns.

Funeral urns come in all sizes

These works of art come in all sizes and shapes. While some are small memorial urns to be used for distributing the ashes among multiple family members, some are large sculpture urns or urns that could contain the entire cremains of an adult. Each urn is like a unique piece of art – some with beautiful carvings, others with gemstones engraved, and some in the form of sculpture. When it comes to art forms on cremation urns, the choices are many and innovation is at an all time high!

These are personalized art forms

Sometimes in some unfortunate events, parents lose their babies/infants. But it is hard to part with their last remains. Such parents can always opt for personalized infant urns for ashes to preserve the cremains forever with them. Infant urns are smaller in size as compared to adult urns and are often customized with a quote or a blessing engraved on those. There are also parents who prefer to put the child’s picture on the urn to keep it as a memorabilia in the home. It can be said that people are using innovative ways to preserve the cremains of their loved ones in these art-pieces called cremation urns.

An emotional art piece

A cremation urn is not just like any other regular art piece. It is not just an object to be kept as a showpiece to enhance the decor of the interiors. Rather, it is much more than that! It is true that people keep the urns as keepsake decorative pieces. However, there is humanity and lot of love associated with the vessels. Such vessels are thoughtfully chosen and the cremains of the loved ones are preserved inside. People feel connected with those urns and these vessels have emotional importance for the family members. Sometimes, urns are chosen based on the hobbies and interests of the deceased persons. For instance, the fishing cremation urns are bought for those who loved fishing as a hobby or with whom a person went fishing together on weekends. Likewise, there are other themed urns as well to choose from.

When it comes to cremation urns as art pieces, the options are many. Visit the store of Divinity Urns to check out its collection. And, share this post so that people can know the best place to visit for buying urns for cremation ashes.

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