Turn Adult Urns into Amazing Trees after Death of Your Loved Ones

How do you want to remember the departed members of your family? Do you wish their bodies to get decomposed and eaten by worms after burial? Or do you want to dispose of their dead bodies and forget all about them? There is another option – cremate your loved ones following all rituals and use their cremains preserved in adult urns for ashes to grow memorial trees. Isn’t that exciting? Read on to know more…

How does it happen?

An urn that can be used to grow a memorial tree is often a biodegradable wooden cremation box. Such a container has two parts on the inside – one for containing the cremains and the other for the seed of the plant you wish to grow. After putting the cremains as well as the seed into the box, the wooden box is placed in the soil in a choicest place of the family members, often in the backyard or on the front porch. It is generally grown in a place where the family members could spend some time beside the tree and remember the person. Generally, a favourite fruit tree or a shady tree much loved by the departed person is chosen as a memorial tree.

Things to keep in mind while growing memorial trees

You may not want to grow a tree and instead choose themed urns like football urns for ashes in memory of persons who loved a specific sports or hobby. However, if you are determined on having memorial trees for your departed relatives, you should choose 100% biodegradable urns. These urns which are specially designed for trees allow easy germination of seeds inside and a tree could grow easily. However, it is not possible with just any urns at a store. Check out what biodegradable urns for memorial trees look like in an online store like Divinity Urns.

These urns are for everyone

Urns for growing memorial tree can be both of adults as well as children. Child cremation urns are often chosen to grow flowering trees and plants that make the property look beautiful besides being a memorabilia of the departed young members of the family. You can either choose to put the entire cremains of a child or an adult inside the urn for a memorial tree or choose to preserve just a portion of the cremains. When the tree grows, you can put up a bench beneath it so that family members can sit with the deceased member for a while and share some quiet time together.

Want to transform cremains into trees?

If you have already preserved the cremains of your family members in keepsake memorial urns, but now want to grow memorial trees from those ashes, don’t hesitate. All you need to do is to visit a store like Divinity Urns from where you can purchase biodegradable urns suitable for growing memorial trees. You can the transfer the cremains into the urn you chose and place the container on the soil in your yard to grow into a tree.

Now, share this post so that you can spread the idea of growing a memorial tree from the cremains. You can also visit the online store of Divinity Urns and check the different types of urns it has.

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