Why Taking a Cremation Jewelry is Better Than a Cremation Urn?

Though deciding on the final disposition option is a completely personal choice and it varies from families to families, but of late many people have started to choose cremation jewelry over a cremation urn for obvious reasons. With the cremation industry growing at a rapid pace, you can easily get customized urns for ashes for preserving the cremated remains, but the cremation jewelry is proving to become the best disposal option. There are various reasons for choosing a cremation jewelry over an urn and the most common reasons for the same are shared below.

No risk of breakage

No matter how sturdy cremation urns for human ashes you purchase for memorializing your loved ones, if it falls on the ground from a height, it is sure to break into pieces leaving the entire remains getting scattered on the floor. Cremation jewelry, on the other hand, always stays close to you and there remains no such risk of falling or breakage. The cremation jewelry is equally sturdy as the urns, but the only thing that saves them from breaking into pieces is that they are not placed at a height on any corner of your house.

A unique way of cherishing the memories of your loved one

With the increasing trend of cremation, the trend of finding unique ways of memorializing loved ones is also on a rise. If you choose to bury the remains of your loved one in sturdy and beautiful urns for burial in ground then you will not have anything to keep as a memoir or the last remain of your loved one. Moreover, it has become a traditional method to follow now. But, people who want to commemorate the memories of the departed soul in a unique way prefer to preserve a small portion of the remains in cremation jewelry. These jewelry look like an exact replica of an original jewelry and until explicitly told, no one would be able to make out that you are carrying a small portion of cremated remains in them.

You can always keep the last remains close to you

If you purchase elegant custom wooden urns to preserve the cremated remains, then would you be able to carry it with you wherever you go? Certainly not! Even if you purchase keepsake urns, still you will not be able to carry it wherever you go. This one drawback is seamlessly taken care of by modern cremation jewelry. You can safely preserve a small portion of the cremated remains in any cremation jewelry and carry it wherever you go, without feeling burdened. The best part is, you don’t have to carry it in your hands or constantly keep a check on it to see if it’s in place or not. Cremation jewelry will make sure the last memories always stay close to you, no matter where you go.

Cremation jewelry goes perfectly with everyone

Be it a male or a female, you can easily get cremation jewelry for everyone. Today, cremation jewelry is available in different shapes, sizes, and material which make it easy for everyone to find the perfect jewelry to match their preferences. Just like you get customized urns like military cremation urns, you can also get customized cremation jewelry. This makes sure that both fashion and memories go in hand in hand.

If you want to commemorate the memories of your loved one in a different way, then you should definitely go ahead with cremation jewelry. Moreover, it also doesn’t take up any space on your home shelves or any other house area. You can get elegant and sturdy cremation jewelry from Divinity urns at a reasonable price that is sure to help you in the healing process. If you found the content useful, then do share it with your acquaintances.

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