Why Choose a Green Burial Over the Traditional Burial?

Losing a loved one can indeed be painful but it doesn’t mean you will start being harsh on nature. The best way to pay a tribute to your loved one is by cremating their remains in an eco-friendly manner. This involves burial of the remains in cremation urns for human ashes made using sustainable materials. Green burial is the synonym of simplicity and is looked after by many as the best burial option. When asked to cemeteries about the peoples’ choice, they said that the demand for green burial has been rising at a rapid pace from a past few years and the trend is expected to continue in the future. If you still baffled by the choice between a green or the traditional burial, then read ahead and find out the best burial method.

Simple is beautiful

Eco-friendly burials don’t have any requirement for any embellishments like an expensive coffin or tons of flowers and various other things. You just need to safely transfer the cremated remains in beautiful biodegradable burial urns for human ashes and bury the same in a simple way. Over a period of time, the urn will break down naturally and the cremated remains will get back to the roots from where the life once started. It is the purest form of dealing with the remains of a loved one.

The environment is not at risk

When you decide to cremate the remains in expensive and fancy coffins made of heavy stone or other materials, the hazardous chemicals attached to it along with the paint on top pollutes the soil once the coffin starts to breakdown. Moreover, the chemicals applied to the body takes away the natural feel and also refrains the ashes in the truest form to get mixed with nature. If you really adorned the departed soul, then you should make sure the soul gets back directly from where it all started. Get beautiful biodegradable purple urn, transfer the cremated remains from the temporary urn to the biodegradable one, and then bury it simply.

A check on expenses is made

Green burial is not only considered to be the purest form of burial but is also known to be a cost-effective way of doing the same. If you purchase a traditional casket then the price asked for it can burn a hole in your pocket. Not every family has the luxury to afford expensive caskets for their loved one. This environment-friendly burial method keeps a check on your expenses and makes the burial free from any pretentious components. If you want to pay a respectful tribute, then you can get biodegradable heart shaped cremation urns for adults and bury the same safely and respectfully.

Preserving the nature

By choosing the green burial, you are deciding to save the nature from hazardous components that usually go into the soil through traditional caskets. One of the biggest problems with the traditional burial is that it requires a lot of space and once it settles down the concerned authority needs to keep a check of the above land to maintain the cemetery land properly. None of these issues are faced in case of a green burial. You can decide to bury some portion of the remains in biodegradable small memorial urns for ashes and preserve the remaining in another cremation vessel.

If you are considerate of nature or the departed soul loved nature, then you should undoubtedly choose the green burial over the traditional one. It not only protects the environment but it also keeps a check on your unnecessary cremation expenses. You can get supreme quality cremation vessels and jewelry from Divinity Urns at affordable prices. If you found the blog to be useful, then do like and share it with your near and dear ones.

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