Crematorium Running Out Of Burial Spaces, Cremation Urns For Human Ashes Is The Answers!

With an ever-growing urban population, the cemeteries are fast running out of space and the burial real estate is at its premium. Most of the cemeteries across the US are experiencing the real problem of land shortage and will soon run out of room for single graves. The famous Arlington National Cemetery has estimated that it would run out of space by the year 2041. According to Christopher Coutts, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at the Florida State University, “There’s definitely an urban cemetery space crunch… Space is at the highest premium in urban centers.” So, now?

It’s good news that many people are choosing cremation over burial. Whether it is for the premium cost of burial space or just a matter of choice, preserving the ashes in affordable urns is the choice of many individuals. Owing to a high demand for cremation urns, the industry has been seeing a fast growth for the last few years. A few reputed brands of cremation urns for human ashes have come up. Cremation urns are sold online, which makes it even more hassle-free to choose one.

Cremation is a cheaper alternative

Burial is expensive, and more so with so little space available! For instance, a single plot of land for burial at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto costs approximately $15, 000-$25, 000. Additionally, there are other expenses like a casket, funeral rituals, and a headstone, which could another $4000-$6000. Cremation is a way lot cheaper alternative than this. Rather than full body burial, burying the cremated remains in urns for cremation ashes is less costly. Moreover, it will take less space also. So, has anyone in your family wished for cremation as his/her last rites? Choose cremation urns.

Preserving the ashes…

When a relative of yours is cremated, there are two options before you – either you bury the ashes by putting in a biodegradable urn or you keep it in your home forever in a beautiful cremation urn. Often when a pet dies and the owner does not want to part with it, he/she has the option to choose pet keepsake jewelry with the ashes.

You can choose metal or stone urns, which are intricately designed and decorated for preserving the ashes. Such an urn could be kept as a piece of decoration in your home. decorate the area with photos and memorials of the deceased person. It will keep the person alive in everyone’s heart and his/her blessings over the entire household.

Planting a memorial tree is another option. With the problems of deforestation at its height, it is a noble step towards conserving the environment. To do that you can choose a biodegradable cremation urn. Fill the ashes along with a seed of a tree inside. You do not need to purchase a burial space in a crematorium; rather you can bury the cremation urn in your backyard or the garden. Some people also bury the urns containing seeds in a national park or a reserve forest. Within a few days, a sapling will grow out of the urn and in a few years, it will grow into a big tree! Isn’t that a great alternative to burying the ashes in a cemetery?

So, if any relative of yours has wished for a cremation, respect his/her choice and you know the options you have with the urns for ashes. Share this post so that others might know as well.

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