Buy a Wooden Cremation Urn; Plan Your Own Eco-Friendly Funeral

Many people are choosing cremation as their last rites. There are quite a few reasons for this. First, it is an eco-friendly way and secondly, the burial real estate price is at its all-time high, Purchasing a burial space is going to be expensive for the relatives of the deceased. Moreover, the relatives and friends can purchase alloy urns of various sizes and preserve the cremains of the deceased person as keepsake jewelry.

Are you too planning your own funeral? Death is inevitable and planning for it well in advance is the most intelligent thing one can do. It will give enough time to save money for funeral rites. Moreover, if you are choosing eco-friendly cremation, choose a wooden cremation urn for yourself.

Before you plan…

A lot before you start shopping for adult cremation urns and well before you make legal and financial arrangements, there’s something! You must make sure that each of your family members knows about your decision. Tell them that you wish to be cremated and also how do you plan it. There are a number of things that you can do with those urns:

  • Bury the cremation urns in the garden with a seed inside. Thus, a memorial tree will grow out of it. This tree will keep reminding of you and you will always stay closer to your loved ones.
  • Keep the urn in a crematorium or in a columbarium. All your relatives and friends will be able to visit you there. For such purpose weatherproof urns are the best options.
  • Turn the ashes for urns into jewelry. Small-sized urns that could contain a portion of the ashes could be made into earrings or necklaces. Thus, your relatives and close family members will be able to wear those on special occasion and feel your presence. Some people are opting for cremation jewelry pets, but human ashes could be turn into jewelry too.
  • Bury your ashes in a beautiful place like a national park or a place you love to visit. You can also have your ashes scattered in the ocean. However, for doing such things you need permission. So, it is important that you seek permission of the right authorities or tell your loved ones regarding what needs to be done.
  • Preserve the ashes in a beautiful vessel and keep the urn as a showpiece in the house. It will not just keep relatives and guests remember you, it also means your legacy will be discussed and you could continue to be an integral part of the household.

Eco-friendly funeral

The cremains of a person does not cause any kind of pollution to the environment. However, the urns you choose for burying the ashes should be biodegradable. This would mean that the urns will decompose and not cause any kind of soil pollution. Moreover, if you are choosing to plant a memorial tree, it would be good for the environment too. Since the last few years, there has been a serious shortage of burial spaces. Choosing to preserve the ashes in cremation urns means you do not have to spend money on purchasing burial real estate.

So, are you ready to tell your loved ones about your last wish? It feels responsible and great to be able to decide in time about your funeral rites. Is there anything else you want your family members to know? Share this post so that others might also get the idea regarding choosing the last rites.

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