What Are the Most Appropriate Sizes for a Pet Ashes Urn?

Pets are almost like family members. It is difficult for the owners to cope with the loss of their beloved pets. Humans want to remember their pets long after they are gone. This psychology of humans has given rise to the trend of purchasing cremation urn pet jewelry for dogs and other pet animals. Just like human urns, pet urns are beautifully decorated containers that are used to preserve the ashes of the pet animals. If you have already started making a plan to purchase a cremation urn for your pet, wait! What is the most appropriate size you’d choose? Another consideration is – would it be better to choose biodegradable wooden funeral urns or metal ones? First, let’s discuss the size you should choose…

Calculate the size accurately: Yes there is a specific formula which you can use to calculate the size of urn you should choose for your pet. To know the exact size you should choose, you have to know the weight of your pet. Now, for each pound, you will require one cubic inch of space. So, if you want to store all the ashes of your pet, you should calculate the exact size you are required to purchase.

For creating a memento

You can purchase a cremation urn for the pet as a keepsake to stimulate cherished memories together. In such a case, you may or may not choose a large size pet ashes urn. Extra-small and small urns are available, which you can use for storing a small amount of the ashes. If you have had a pet, which would always cling to you or be by your side, you can choose to create pet cremation jewelry. Wear the jewelry always to get the feeling that your beloved pet is always with you!

Choosing urns for pets – some tips

If you are planning to purchase an urn for a pet animal like a horse, you can purchase an urn, which can be as big as a human cremation urn. Moreover, all kinds of materials and designs are not suited for all pets. For example, you can choose beautifully designed and carved ceramic urns for pet birds. If you are planning to bury or scatter the ashes of the beloved pets, you can choose biodegradable materials for urns. Similarly, precious metals are generally used for creating cremation jewelry. So, if you are planning to create pendants and earrings with the urns for ashes of the pet animals, you can use gold or silver.

Cost of cremation urns

Pet cremation urns like urns for human ashes are available in a wide range of prices. You should purchase urns as per your budget and choice. Handcrafted ones are generally more expensive as compared to the plain wooden or ceramic ones. Metal or brass cremation urns for pets, which are intricately designed are generally costly as compared to the simple urns with minimum designs.

Choose a material and a size according to the purpose. For instance, if you are planning to scatter or bury the ashes of your pet, you should choose an urn made from biodegradable materials. Similarly, you can choose intricately designed ones if you are planning to keep the urn as a decorative item in your home. Small urns are for birds, cats, or rabbits, whereas, the large ones are for animals like horses or camels. Make an intelligent choice!

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