How Long Can You Preserve Cremains In Urns For Ashes?

You must have heard about the concept of preserving cremains in urns for ashes. The urns are basically containers of different shapes and sizes that are used for preserving the cremains of humans as well as animals. Ashes after cremation is generally buried or scattered. But if someone finds it hard to do away with the last remains of a person or a pet animal, he/she can preserve the ashes in an urn. But for how long? To know more, read on…

Cremains can be preserved for thousands of years!

Historical studies claimed that archaeologists have found cremains of men and animals preserved in urns for as far as the Bronze Age. That is almost 2000 years ago! You too can preserve the ashes of your loved ones for a long period of time. Just choose the materials for the urns wisely!

Choosing the best material for preserving the ashes

If you are planning to bury the ashes or scatter the cremains, you can choose an inexpensive wooden cremation urn. Such an urn is biodegradable and will decompose easily. It will also not cause any kind of environmental pollution. However, if you plan to keep the cremains intact for a long period of time, you must make it a point to choose urns made of brass, aluminum, stone, and suchlike other hard and durable substances. These containers will not get worn-out easily and thus, will keep the cremains preserved for a long time.

Make sure it’s airtight

The urns for ashes for adults that you are choosing should be airtight and should be sift-proof too. The containers should not allow water or other environmental factors to damage the cremains inside.  Air, moisture, and insects can cause decomposition and you won’t be able to preserve the ashes for a long period of time. So, while purchasing cremation urns, you need to be careful.

Consider the theme and the purpose

Was the person a good sportsperson or sports enthusiast? Then, you must be planning to purchase sports urns. But check whether the urn you are choosing is suitable for long-term preservation of the ashes. You must check the shape and size of the urns you are purchasing. In addition to that considering whether the urns are durable or fragile is also important. Similarly, when it comes to purchasing urns for your pets, you must know that just considering the design is not enough. For long-term preservation, there is something more you need to check.

Placement of the urns

Are you planning to place the urns somewhere in the house as decorative pieces? Then, you must check whether the place is easily accessible for kids. Do not keep the urns in an area where there is maximum footfall. The urns might get toppled over accidentally. In addition to that, consider buying urns made of brass or any other metal. Ceramic urns and suchlike delicate and fragile materials may not be a good choice if you are planning for long-term preservation of the cremains.

Make keepsake jewelry

Keepsake cremation jewelry is one of the best ways you can preserve the cremains of your beloved relative. These jewelry pieces are seldom worn but are kept safely in drawers or vaults. These are generally made from precious metals and thus, are often preserved carefully.

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