3 Top Tips to Travel with an Urn for Ashes

It is a painful and heartbreaking situation to lose a loved one. Losing someone suddenly while on a tour or in a different place away from home is a very pathetic affair one has to cope with. To add to the woe, having to fly or travel across the country or between boundaries is a completely different level of challenge one has to accept. What should you do if you ever have to travel with an urn for ashes? You must learn the rules and regulations of the TSA or Transportation Security Administration for flying with cremains. Yes, there are lots of people doing the same and with careful considerations of the regulations; you could make your travel hassle-free!

Given below is a list of top 3 tips to help you travel with the urns for cremains and avoid unpleasant surprises:

Make sure that the urn passes through the X-ray machine

Wooden burial urns, even though solid and opaque, can pass through the X-ray machine at the airport. The idea is, to let the TSA CT scanner or the X-ray machine see the contents of the urn that you are carrying. Some people tend to carry dense, thick materials for urns, which show up as solid shapes and do not let the security personnel check the contents. TSA highly recommends the use of materials like wood or plastic for flying with the cremains. You can purchase urns of biodegradable materials like wood while traveling and later can transfer the ashes to an urn you like.

It is better to keep the cremains in your carry-on bag

There are no strict rules by TSA that state whether you should carry the cremains in your carry-on bag or in your checked luggage. Once your entire luggage passes through the scanner at the airport, you can carry it with you or keep it inside the checked luggage. However, there are some airlines that do not allow the urns to be taken in the checked luggage. So, to be on the safer side, carry it. Moreover, there is a risk of losing your checked luggage at the airport. Baggage could also get damaged due to accidents or mishandling. All these will put the urn at risk. So, make sure that your carry-on bag is big enough to hold the urn.

Is your urn “flight ready”?

Military urns made from biodegradable materials are mostly “flight ready”. It also means that the urn for cremains that you are purchasing meets the TSA standards and will easily pass through the scanners at the airport. If you have always wanted to purchase brass urns for ashes, you must make it a point to hold your wish and buy something temporary. For traveling with the ashes, choose a scannable urn and later transfer the contents to an urn of your choice. While this would reduce your hassles at the airports and train terminals, it would also help in keeping the ashes safe during travel.

Sometimes people want to travel with the urns for ashes of their loved ones to vacation destinations. In such a case too, they should remember these top tips and avoid problems with TSA at the airports. Remember, these guidelines are for your own safety and for the safety of the urns for ashes. Follow these to be able to enjoy your travel without any hassles.

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