Before Purchasing Adult Cremation Urns, You Must Read This!

Are you planning to scatter the cremains of a loved one as per his/her last wish? You must have made all preparations – bought sports cremation urns, fixed a date, and informed all the relatives…but wait! Have you gathered enough knowledge about the rules and regulations of the state?  There could be certain things that you may or may not be able to do. Read on to know more about ash scattering regulations of the state and how it can affect your funeral plans…

Plan in advance

When it comes to choosing adult cremation urns, you should consider the rituals you’d follow. If you are planning to bury the ashes you should choose biodegradable urns. A wood urn would decompose easily and thus, it is a good choice for such a plan. It is also important to choose the right size of an urn if you want to carry all the ashes to be scattered into the ocean or a lake. Whether cremains is buried/scattered in your own property or in a public place, there are strict regulations to be followed. Given below is a brief discussion on the regulations of the state based on the area of scattering/burying the ashes.

Own property

If it’s your private property, there are no laws or regulations prohibiting the scattering or burying of ashes. However, if you are staying in a rented property, it is important that you ask for the owner’s agreement and details of the scattering or burying in writing.

National parks and natural reserves

If the deceased person was a nature lover and always wanted his/her ashes to be buried or scattered in a national park, you should do that. But ask for permission from the National Park Service grants permission before doing so. There are certain specifics and requirements that you need to know. The scattering should generally be done away from the public access areas like parking lots inside the national park, or roads and trails. It should also be done at least 100 yards from any source of water. The National Park System in the US does not allow placement of any kind of marker or tombstone to commemorate the area.

Public areas and lakes within the city

In the US, every state and city has its own regulations regarding disposing of the cremains in the public parks and lakes. Remember, scattering ashes is regulated under the Clean Water Act. You should contact the appropriate authority and get the required permits before disposing the ashes in the public parks and water bodies.

Water burials

The United States Environmental Protection Agency or EPA states that the cremains may be dispersed into the ocean. However, the scattering should be done at least three nautical miles from the shore. Another important thing to remember is to report the scattering at least 30 days prior to the date planned for the event. Reporting should be done in writing to the authorities.

Other options you have!

You may purchase jewelry urns for ashes or can even choose to scatter the ashes in the scattering gardens that many cemeteries have. If you do this, you will also be allowed to commemorate the area with a tombstone or suchlike other signs.

Scattering of ashes and letting go of the cremains of loved ones is surely an unforgettable event in someone’s life. However, you should be responsible enough to receive necessary permits. Moreover, the use of a wood cremation urn is strictly recommended. In the beginning, it could all seem to be difficult to follow regulations and guidelines, but it’s worth fulfilling your loved one’s last wish.

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