Things That You Can Do With Cremation Ashes in Funeral Urns

Has an aged member of your family chosen to be cremated after death? You can commemorate him/her by keeping his/her ashes in the funeral urns or creating cremation jewelry pendants. These days cremation has become a popular end-of-life arrangement that many people are choosing. Thus, you will get many options when it comes to choosing urns for cremains. But before buying one for your deceased loved one, you must know the things you can do with the ashes in the cremation urns.

Law on disposing of cremains

When it comes to disposing of the remains of any deceased relative, you must check what the law of the place states. Local, federal, as well as state laws, come into play while choosing to dispose of the cremains in the sea in a biodegradable wood urn. You need to research the laws before you decide to scatter or bury the ashes. It will definitely depend on the location as well as what you plan for the final funeral ceremony. The cremains should be taken at least three nautical miles from the land if decided to scatter the ashes in the sea. You need to notify the EPA and scatter within the next 30 days. You need to provide information including the name of the deceased person, distance from the shore of the place you are choosing, depth of water and the latitude and longitude of the place. You may also need to provide the name of the person responsible for the burial arrangements.

If you are planning to scatter or bury the ashes in a wood urn within your own property, you can definitely do so without any hesitation. However, if you are planning to bury the funeral urns on someone else’s property, you need to get owner’s permission in writing. For scattering or burying the funeral ashes in a national park or public place, you must get permission from the respective agency that maintains or owns the land.

What else can you do?

You can turn small urns into cremation jewelry pendants. In the recent years, urn jewelry has become quite popular. They are mainly kept as keepsakes and are often worn on special dates. There are different types of urn jewelry that can be created from small-sized urns – necklaces, pendants, and earrings. Cremation jewelry can be created for all the close relatives of the deceased person with a certain portion of the ashes.

These days you can choose to grow trees on the ashes of your loved ones. There are biodegradable urns on which you can plant trees and seeds. Then, these urns are buried underneath the soil for trees to grow from those.

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