How Can You Prevent A Cremation Urn From Leaking?

Are you planning to cremate your dead relative and preserve his/her ashes for a long time in a cremation urn? But what if the urn you choose contain leakage? This will not only cause the ash to come out, but will also allow moisture and other damaging elements to enter. This will further cause the ash to get damaged within a small period of time and also cause the urn to fall apart. To prevent such a mishap from happening, you must leakage-proof the urn. But, how? Cremation urns for human ashes are made up of a wide variety of materials – wood, ceramic, stone, metal. Each of the urns should be preserved in a unique manner. Here is a short guide to help you prevent a cremation urn from leaking…

Choosing the right urn

One of the most important things that you need to remember is that the human urns for cremation are not constructed following strict rules and regulations as coffins. As these containers for keeping cremains are not regulated, having leakages and damages in them is not very unnatural. But you must make a choice of an urn that is without any damage. If still a leakage is found later, it should be dealt with immediately to prevent further damages. For making cremation jewelry for ashes you must check for leakage as they will contain a small portion of the ashes and so even a minute crack or hole might cause spillage of the ashes.

Choosing proper size

When purchasing human urns, you must remember to choose one according to the size of the deceased person. Remember, some people have more height and weight than others. So, buying two urns of similar sizes for two different persons is not a good idea. Moreover, the lids of the cremation urns for human ashes need to seal tightly. When it comes to creating cremation jewelry for ashes you need to put just a small amount of ash into each piece of jewelry. Choose the size of the pendant or earring according to the amount of ash you’d like to put inside it. The right sized urn will not crack or get damaged due to overstuffing of ashes in it. Moreover, a tightly fitted lid will prevent accidental spillage of the ashes.

Be careful while choosing wood

Urns made of wood are often used to bury the ashes into the soil. Generally, you may find worm holes or cracks in them. So, you need to check carefully while choosing an urn. For long-term preservation of wooden urns, you can apply a coat of polyurethane or lacquer. This would prevent leakage and increase the longevity of the urns.

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