Choosing the Right Size of Urns for Cremation Ashes

People who find it hard to part with the deceased loved ones have the choices of preserving the cremated remains. They can buy the specially designed urns for cremation ashes to put the cremains and keep that in their home. There are also people who prefer to use cremation jewelry. One of the most important things to decide on while buying cremation urns is the size. There are different sizes of these urns available in the market. But, you need to choose one according to the specific purpose. If you are planning to make keepsake jewelry with the ashes you can choose small urns. And, if you are planning to decorate the mantle with a designer cremation urn, you can choose large-sized wooden urns for human ashes of a size, which you prefer. Likewise, there are different considerations while choosing the right size of the urns for ashes. Read on to know more…

Considerations while choosing an urn

It is always important to choose the size of the urn according to the purpose. Thus, before choosing urns for cremation ashes you must consider whether these will contain all of the cremains or just a part of it. Remember, infant urns will be smaller than the adult ones. Similarly, the pet cremation urns will be of different sizes than that of the human urns. Decide wisely.

The material and the size of the urns also vary according to the purpose. So, before purchasing these urns, you must decide whether the cremains will be kept in a mausoleum, in a columbarium, or will be used to create jewelry. The urns that are usually for decorative purpose in homes will have different sizes and designs too.

The size or height and weight of the deceased person will also determine the size of the urn. Infant urns will be smaller than the urns for keeping the ashes of adults. Urns for pets will be of different sizes according to the size of the animal you are keeping as a pet. However, if you are not choosing to preserve all the ashes, you can choose urns according to the purpose.

Purpose also determines the urns you’d purchase. If you are planning to cremate the ashes of your loved ones, you must choose wooden urns for human ashes. Wood is biodegradable and will not cause any environmental hazards. For scattering the ashes of the deceased loved one you can even use urns made of paper or stone. However, if you are planning to preserve the ashes, you can use the alloy or the metal ones.

So, now that you know the considerations for choosing the right size of urns for cremation ashes, purchase. Remember, pet cremation urns and infant urns will be smaller than adult cremation urns. If you are planning to bury the cremains, choose wooden urns for human ashes. For long-term preservation use metal or alloy ones.

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