A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Materials for the Cremation Urns

Letting go of the loved ones is one of the hardest decisions of life. This is probably the reason why many people are choosing to preserve the cremains of their loved ones in the cremation urns. These are specially made urns that are specially used for keeping the cremated remains of humans. But here comes criteria of choice. Not all urns are of the same sizes and the materials for manufacturing these urns are also different. Prices of these boxes also vary accordingly. Thus, it is often a tough decision for a person whether to choose a beautiful cherry wood urn or a carved out stone one.

If you shop around a bit for buying urns for cremains, you will see that there are a plethora of materials with which these urns for preserving the remains are made of. Given below is quick, but useful guide to help you choose cremation urns.

Choose material for urn based on purpose

Are you planning to scatter the ashes in the sea? You may have to carry the urn to a certain distance or may even have to travel by car or airplane with it. In such a situation you can use a lightweight cherry wood urn. Such an urn would look exceptionally beautiful and well-designed but will be lightweight for carrying. However, if you are looking for something strong and durable, you can choose brass cremation urns. Urns for keeping the ashes of the family members are generally designed and decorated. Thus, you can put such an urn on the mantle and add photographs of the deceased person and his/her belongings for decoration around it.

If you are planning to bury the ashes along with the urn in a particular place, you must choose urns that are biodegradable. A wooden urn would be a biodegradable option that you can choose. It will get decomposed easily. You can choose sand and stone urns also. However, wood, paper, and salt are some of the materials, which are easily biodegradable.

Some people choose urns based on the specific profession of the deceased person. For example, for sportspersons or enthusiasts, you can choose sports cremation urns. These are designed according to specific sports. You can choose these urns based on the interest of the person in particular kinds of sports. Sports cremation urns are also available in a variety of materials and therefore, should be chosen accordingly.

One of the most important things one should consider while choosing urns for cremains is the material. A cherry wood urn is biodegradable. However, brass cremation urns are strong and durable. Even while choosing sports cremation urns you should be careful about the material. If you have understood the ways you can choose the right urns for human ashes, you should share this post with others so that they know it too.

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