13 New & featured cremation urns, box, jewelry to cherish the memory of your loved ones by Divinity Urns

Life seems to come to a standstill with the passing away of a precious one. But we never want to be away from our loved ones and decide to hold onto a few leaves, even after the tree is no more! We choose to store a part of our loved ones, to remember them and feel them dearly forever because letting go is very difficult.

Deciding on a memoir is a tiresome job. And above all, it must be able to uphold the honor and glory of your near one. Choosing one is definitely not as simple as it sounds; but here are some really innovative items to help you cherish the loving memories.

1. Engraved urns

Beautiful and attractive engraved urns for ashes with names and specific dates on them make them even more memorable.

2. Hand Painted urns:

These amazingly designed adult urns with a glossy coat and shining body are perfect for storing ashes at home.

3. Companion Urns:

These brass cremation urns are multipurpose, and they can store ashes for two people who had been inseparable in life, and even beyond life.

4. Cremation jewelry:

These are shiny pieces of custom-made jewelry, that can hold a little number of ashes, a piece of hair or such things closer to your heart all the time. The Sterling silver cremation jewelry is excellent for this purpose.

5. Biodegradable urn:

Urns made of wood and other biodegradable material are ideal for burying.

6. Keepsake urns:

These are little boxes and urns in various shapes to hold little amounts of ashes. Keepsake urns for human ashes are possessed and shared among the family members.

7. Pet cremation boxes or urns:

These are little boxes in attractive shapes and colors to store the memoirs of your beloved pet. Store the ashes of your fluffy friend in affordable pet urns for cats.

8. Modern creative urns

Modern urns for ashes are very handy and possess a sleek design and attractive outlook for storing ashes in your modern home.

9. Military urns:

Military urns with flags embossed on them and a glossy outlook are the perfect way of giving honor to the martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the country.

10. Sculpture Cremation urns:

These urns have an elegant piece of art on top of the boxes meant for storing ashes. Hence they are also kept at homes and stored at a columbarium.

11. Tea-light urns:

These are unique and new age urns, with a place for holding candles in the middle. With a glamorous outlook and a mystic aura, these urns keep the light of your beloved’s soul alive.

12. Pet cremation jewelry: 

An engraved paw shaped pendant on your necklace or wrist is the perfect way of remembering your little companion all the time. These are also designed to hold little amounts of ashes.

13. Sports urns:

These urns are perfect for honoring the sportsmen and respecting their passion even after they are no more.

The widest range of memoirs from Divinity Urns

Divinity Urns is one such place where you can choose from the most inventive designs of cremation urns, cremation boxes for pets, and custom-made jewelry that you can keep close to your heart always. All of these have been designed keeping your emotions and feelings in mind. Make sure you visit Divinity Urns before making any choices regarding engraved urns for ashes.

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