Memorial Urns and Changing Death Rituals

The funeral traditions are changing. As people are becoming more environmentally conscious, there are many of them choosing to get cremated rather than buried whole body. In fact, attitudes and lifestyle of the people have also changed with people trying to make funerals less expensive and economical than before. Another good reason is that the cemeteries are getting full with less and less space available each day. Thus, there are many people who are cremating their family members and preferring to preserve the cremains in memorial urns forever with them.

How people are personalizing cremation?

These days, people are personalizing funerals like they do to weddings and anniversaries. This is the recent trend that is evolving at a fast growth. There are limitless options and flexibilities, which in fact is allowing the people to re-create traditions. Brands like Divinity Urns are offering hundreds of choices in funeral urns which can be used for preserving the cremains. These urns are often personalized with images, signatures, or quotes.

Instead of spending money in purchasing burial plots, which are getting exorbitantly pricey each day, the cremains are preserved in beautiful personalized burial urns. Some people also preserve the urns in columbarium or mausoleums and also scatter the cremains in places which have special meaning in their lives. There are different other options as well:

  •    Keeping the cremains as memorabilia
  •    Scattering the cremains into the sea
  •    Convert the cremains into beautiful jewelry pieces
  •    Grow a memorial tree by putting the urn containing a seed into the soil
  •    Biodegradable wooden urns for adults are used for burying the cremains in a private land

Religious norms have changed to allow cremation

Recent changes in the religious concepts have also led to a growth in the number of people choosing cremation as their own last rites. They are also choosing this ritual for funeral of their loved ones.  Cremation has happened since the prehistoric times. However, the Catholic Church in Christianity and different beliefs in other religions forbade the practice. However, with changing times, the Church as well as other religious bodies have modified their concepts on cremation an instead of full body cremation, they are allowing the cremains to be preserved in themed urns like sports urns and treat those with the same dignity as the full body of a deceased person.

Other options at hand

One of the most devastating events of the life of parents is the death of infants. It is often difficult for the parents to part with the cremains of their babies. Thus, most of the time the infant urns are turned into jewelry pieces or as keepsake home décor. Generally, the urns for babies are smaller in size than adults and thus, these are convenient to carry too.

Some people also make earrings, pendants, or rings by taking a small portion of the cremains. Thus, they are able to keep their loved ones closer to their hearts always. The memorial trees, as discussed, could be a place for the entire family to gather in remembrance of the deceased relative. It could be in the yard of the family house or in a favorite place of the departed person.

It is definitely fascinating to watch how funeral trends changed. Brands like Divinity Urns are offering plethora of different types of urns for cremains that can be used for preserving the last remains of the departed loved ones. Do share this blog so that people are aware of the changing trends and they too can keep the last remains of their loved ones with them forever.

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