How Much Is The Price For The Urns For Human Ashes?

The practice of keeping the cremains of the dead loved ones has become quite popular during the recent years. This has lead to a rapid proliferation of the business of cremation urns for human ashes. You too can choose to keep the last remains of your loved ones close to your heart. Wondering about the cost of each urn? Read on…

Price often depends on the choice

Most of the time people of the deceased choose cremation urns for human ashes based on their aesthetic appeal. Beautifully carved and designed pieces of urns are therefore high in demand and thus, costly. Cremation jewelry for women is also quite popular. Small cremation urns for humans are often converted into necklaces and pendants. They are mostly keepsakes that women prefer to wear only during special occasions like the birthday or the death anniversary of the deceased person. Cost of the cremation urns also depends on the size, the purpose of the urns, as well as the materials.

Choosing materials for urns

Cremation urns are made from varied materials. Each of the materials has its own unique characteristics and usages. For example, wooden urns are used for burying the cremains in the soil or for scattering the ashes in the sea.  These are biodegradable ones, which easily get decomposed and do not cause any environmental issues. The alloy urns are strong and can be used for long-term preservation of the ashes. These are often designed beautifully and used as showpieces in many homes or as memorials. Some of the biodegradable materials for creating cremation urns for humans are sand, paper, corn starch, and other plant-based substances. Cremation jewelry for women is often made with precious metals like sterling silver, gold, stainless steel, or titanium. Thus, an urn will be comparatively cheaper than buying a necklace.

Cost according to size

There are many different sizes of cremation urns available in the market. The capacity of these urns is often calculated in cubic inches, which determines the amount of cremains they can hold. Wondering which size to choose for keeping the remains of your dead relative? Calculate it according to this equation:

1lb body weight = 1 cubic inch

Based on this formula, a person of 200 pounds should need a container of 200 cubic inches or more in volume. Depending on the size of the container, the cost often varies. However, in certain cases, alloy urns of smaller size will be pricey as compared to large urns made of paper. You need to compare both the material as well as the size before choosing urns for human ashes.

Before purchasing cremation urns for human ashes, you must make it a point to consider the material as well as the size. This is important because sometimes buying alloy urns can be economical than buying wooden ones. Cremation jewelry for women is definitely expensive as compared to cremation urns for humans. But as keepsakes, jewelry is worth spending a few bucks more. Share this post so that everyone knows how much urns cost.

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