Urns that are Dedicated to our Deceased loved ones

A loved one can be remembered by dedicating a beautiful cremation urn for their ashes. The family members can pay tribute to their lost love by protecting the earthly remains of the departed. Therefore, to facilitate this, there comes a variety of cremation boxes for human ashes available in the online stores. Urns for human remains come in different types with different size, shape, material, and color. Different material urns include stone urns, urns made of rock, metal, ceramic, etc. Mini cremation urns allow you to keep the cremation of infants. Whereas, medium cremation urns will enable you to hold the cremains of teenagers. Several people choose scattering urns, which stores the ashes before they are scattered as a part of the ceremony. The vessels are made from biodegradable materials, such as wooden cremation urns which can be recycled after use. Few scattering urns are made to scatter the ashes into the wind. Divinity Urns provide the right cremation urn that can help to ease the pain of losing your near and dear ones.

What are cremation jewelry for?

Loss of your close companion leads you to great sorrow, but their memory never fades away. It always stays close to your hearts. In their remembrance, Divinity Urns have provision for a wide range of jewelry for ashes such as pendants, cremation bracelets for ashes, urn necklace and many more. Ash pendants cremation jewelry is most common in use. Urn necklace for ashes has a void space inside to hold a small amount of ashes of loved ones. From brass to gold, cremation jewelry necklace can be carved out of any metal. For the everlasting use, stainless steel cremation jewelry is also available here.

Why are biodegradable urns high in demand?

Biodegradable urns are most commonly used these days to prevent environmental hazards. These urns are made up of biologically organic and recycled materials, which can break down naturally. Unlike metal cremation urns, wood urns can be biologically decomposed. A biodegradable urn can be a good choice for both scattering and keepsake purpose.

How can Pet urns help us honor our companion?

Pet urns are made to hold ashes and personal items of a deceased pet. Pet lovers consider their pet as a family member and their loss cause great grief to them. Divinity Urns has cat urns, bird urns, and puppy urns to keep their ashes safe. Large dog urns for ashes are also available here. Don’t want to part away from your pet’s memory? Here are some Pet memorial jewelry ashes, which helps you to keep your loved ones close. Heart urn necklace, bracelet, and ring keep your pet’s memory safe. There are extensive range collection of pet memorials, providing a unique way of sharing a memento with friends and other family members. Various eco-friendly urns for pets are also available at the online store.

These urns can be personalized with a meaningful message as well.

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Memorialize your Lost Love with the Right Urn

Human urns differ in size from small cremation urns to large urns depending on whether the requirement is for an infant or an adult, respectively. Extra large cremation urns are suitable for holding a large volume of ashes. Funeral urns for ashes have been designed in different materials such as metal, ceramic and stone. A brass urn is a beautiful choice if you wish to personalize the urn. Divinity Urns has availability of engraved urns also. Engraving helps create a memorial for your near and dear ones in person and uniquely, which are done by the skilled engravers.

Different methods of burial for urns

If you are planning to bury rather than displaying a wooden urn, you may want to consider enclosing it in a cremation urn for burial. Some people choose burial vault because the cemetery requires it, while others prefer one to protect the wood from the elements. When wooden cremation box is buried unprotected, in the earth, exposure to moisture will weaken the wood. Biodegradable sea burial can be performed on navy vessels for a deceased navy member. Biodegradable urns have become famous for those who care about the environment. Biodegradable cremation boxes include a separate interior box that can be biologically decomposed. A poem can be added to the band too that fits around the box.

Cremation jewelry for near and dear ones

Jewelry for ashes gives people the unique opportunity to dedicate a part of their regular life in memory of their near and dear ones. Several people are emotionally attached to their families and friends. This bond is unbreakable even after suffering a physical loss. Divinity Urns help you in expressing your devotion to your loved ones. Cremation pendants for ashes of varied shapes let you keep ashes of your companion, to keep it close to your heart. Beautiful cross urn necklace can also be found here.

Keepsake memorial urns for pet lovers

Looking for pet cremation urns? Cremation urn, with pet cremation jewelry, is readily available at the online store, Divinity Urns. Cat urns, bird urns, and small dog urns for puppies are also provided here. It is hard to part away from someone who matters the most in life. Pets in your life deserve a unique way to be remembered. Choose the best quality material for pet loss jewelry generously to hold a remembrance in their honor. Hummingbird shaped, modern shapes, hobbies based and other styles to remember your pet are crafted and filled with your choice of personal tribute. Put carefully inside the small urn, 14k gold cremation jewelry can be easily worn in the memory of a special relationship. Custom dog urns are also provided at this online store with meaningful text engraved.

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Embrace The Feelings For Your Lost Loved Ones Through Cremation Jewelry

The loss of someone special in your life challenges you emotionally. Through jewelry for ashes of loved one, you can devote a part of your day-to-day life in the memory of your loved ones. The cremation jewelry helps you in embracing the feelings for your loved ones. This cremation jewelry for ashes includes memorial urn necklaces and bracelets which are the most wanted ones nowadays due to its unique designs. Cremation necklaces can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials such as urn necklaces made from stainless steel and valuable sterling silver. Not just memorial jewelry for ashes of human, but pet memorial jewelries are also high in demand on the online stores.

Unique urns to heal your grieving heart

Divinity Urns offer a wide range of urns which are made by the craftsmen, and the wooden urn made up of Oakwood is one-of-a-kind showcasing the wood’s inherent beauty. The wooden urn for human ashes is the most preferred urn for ashes because of its variable sizes. Our unique urns for ashes are beautiful and offers variety to a great extent. Hence, our urn boxes for ashes, angel urn, heart keepsake urn, religious urns, small urns for cremation ashes are made to meet the requirements of your grieving heart.

Memorialize the good moments of your pet with suitable urns

Pets may or may not be our whole life, but they indeed make our lives complete, and the loss of a pet can be a devastating experience for a pet owner. Choosing a suitable urn for your pet can be one of the daunting tasks to perform. Therefore, Divinity Urns has sort to provide pet urns of all types that can be available in an online store. Find a right pet urn for your pet. Choose small urns for cremation ashes for your little birds or choose large dog urns for large-sized dogs such as wooden dog urn which is more preferable among the dog owners. If your dog was small in size, you can also choose a small dog urn for ashes to suit perfectly. To remember and honor the memories of your pet, you can always choose among the vast collection of pet remembrance jewelry through an online store.

Choose adorable themes for baby urns online

Infant cremation urns have a smaller capacity for ashes and to choose a proper urn for your baby can be challenging, but online stores make your search effortlessly possible for you. Several unique cremation urns are being produced by the artists that include adorable themes for baby urns such as angels, hearts, footprints, and teardrops. A marble urn for infant cremation urn can be personalized with an engraved picture of your child which can give you a sense of peace when you see it.

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Preserve The Memories Of Your Dear Ones with Urn Jewelries

Looking for urn jewelry to cherish the memories of your dear ones? Well, there are hundreds of urn jewelry that you can get on an online store at a reasonable price. Buy flawless urn jewelry, unique keepsake jewelry, designer cremation jewelry and glass cremation pendants from Divinity Urns. A wide range of glass cremation pendants that are produced by the finest artists is available in the color of your choice. Our cremation jewelry for ashes is unique and special. One can also find pet jewelry so that they can encase pet ashes into jewelry.

Cremation jewelry: A jewelry that speaks for your feelings

Want to hold onto the memories of your soul mate forever?  Take a look at the beautiful collection of locket necklaces for ashes online. This exquisite collection of cremation necklaces include heart urn necklace and sterling silver urn necklace which are the most popular cremation jewelry. The cremation jewelry can be personalized by adding an engraved text as a phrase or a particular date. Apart from this, you can find an excellent collection of cremation jewelry bracelets. Cremation bracelets are one of the most favored keepsakes. These are stylish and light in weight.  

Personalized urns for your companion

Are you seeking help in selecting a pet urn? You can find pet cremation urns and cremation boxes for ashes of different materials and appropriate sizes at the online store. Wooden urn box is a biodegradable urn for ashes so you can always choose a wooden urn box which is one of the favorites among the pet lovers.  You can place the cremains inside these boxes before putting it in the soil since it gets easily decomposed by nature and is eco-friendly for the environment as well.  Even the pet cremation urns can be personalized like a human urn with an engraved nameplate on the urns such as a personalized dog urn.

Choose an urn to honor your special one’s interests

The craftsmen today are producing a plethora of cremation urns which includes funeral urns, keepsake urns for ashes, heart urn, purple urn, infant urns, religious urns and many more that can also contain a symbol to the interests of the lost love.  To select a right adult urn, a large cremation urn will be the perfect option to choose from. These large urns are suitable for holding the ashes of an adult. You can select a purple urn which symbolizes how close you were to your loved one or a fishing urn to honor a person who had fishing as a hobby.

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What is the Significance of a Cremation jewelry?

The loss of someone you loved is one of the greatest sorrows that can occur in one’s lifetime. Cremation jewelry helps you to honor the loss of your beloved by preserving your loved one’s ashes. These cremation jewelry are made of using a different kind of materials such as cremation pendants in sterling silver, urn necklace in gold, and baby urn necklace as well. Each jewelry is unique in its way and helps reveal thousands of emotions.

What is to be remembered while buying Urns for human ashes?

Have you been looking for an urn to treasure the remains of your deceased loved ones? You must take a look through the unique collection of cremation urns for human ashes for adults. An online store offers a wide range of cremation urns for burial too for an adult as well as for a newborn. Keepsake cremation urns for human ashes are small-sized cremation urns. These are usually used to share the ashes of the loved ones amongst the family and friends. Likewise, tea light urns also hold a small amount of ashes and are used to commemorate by preserving the cremains of the loved ones you have lost.

Why is a Pet urn important?

The demise of a pet often means the loss of a cherished family member, and this can bring about great dejection. Humans love their pets and keep them close to their heart. However, life isn’t immortal. Loss of a beloved pet is significant, and you would always want to treasure the memories of your beloved pet. Divinity Urns provides you with pet urns through which you can treasure the remains of your pet in the form of urns as such as pet urns for cats and pet urns for dog ashes available in all sizes. Each cremation urn can hold the entire ashes of most pet. There are several beautifully designed unique pet jewelry, paw print jewelry, dog bone jewelry and sterling silver cremation jewelry also.

Choose from the best range of Cremation urns online

You must know that buying urns online is much cheaper than the ones you get at funeral homes. Divinity Urns offers urns with the best affordable price. This online store allows you to choose the exact size and design which you want for funeral urns for human ashes. Some of the beautifully portrayed urns are marble urn, purple urns made of metal, classic lotus urn, dove hand painted cremation urn and heart urn to name a few. The elegant heart urn is one of those that symbolizes love and honor of the deceased person. The online store also offers biodegradable urns and cremation urn vaults, so if you are planning on ground burial for the urn, then one can honor the demise by burying it into the soil. Biodegradable urn tree is designed such that it converts cremains into a tree afterlife.

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What are the different available sizes of cremation urns online?


Full-size cremation urns for human ashes are the right choice when you want to put the entire volume of ashes into a single urn. Urns for ashes for adults have comparatively more volume than the infant urns since adult cremains consume more space. Cremation urns for adult, infant, and pets come in many different sorts of materials. We have availability of wooden box for ashes, with few other materials including rock, stone, metal, and ceramic. Scattering cremation urns are designed exclusively to make the process of scattering ashes comfortable and respectful. There are many biodegradable urns for water which are designed to float for a few minutes and sink to the ocean floor gracefully to decompose biologically. Keepsake cremation urns are generally preferred over scattering urns because scattered ashes cannot be preserved. Keeping a portion of the ashes is even more important to the family. It is comforting to know that part of the earthly remains can be kept closed.

Memorial urns for the loved ones

Divinity Urns provides memorial urns to honor the memory of your beloved. Personalized urn necklace include urn necklace for dad, mom, baby, siblings, friends, and others with a heartfelt message for the loved ones to keep them close to your heart. Besides necklace, we have many more jewelries of different metals. Out of this, gold cremation jewelry tops the common list with a few other metals such as silver, brass, and copper. The bond between a mother, father and their children runs deep. This bond is unbreakable, even after death. Our memorial jewelry and dad cremation jewelry for the loss of parents is a perfect way to celebrate their memories.

How are navy urns different from the other cremation urns?

Thinking of those who serve our country, no one can be better than the selfless soldiers. Navy urn is a very touching memorial to the part of every soldier’s life. Their medals and awards can also be kept secured in the cremation urns. These glorious vessels do not only preserve the memory of our departed heroes in the present time, but they also become the treasured heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. Cremation vault is easily customizable. It is designed to fit within variously sized niches or columbarium. Families of the deceased soldier would, of course, want only the most suitable products to remember their dear ones. Divinity Urns indeed does that job well.

Perfect cremation urns for your lovely pet

Most people are emotionally close to their pets, so their loss leads them to great grief. Pet ashes jewelry is a unique way to remember your departed companion, keeping them close forever. The eternal love for your pet can be expressed with a beautiful dog cremation urn and small pet urn for ashes for cats. While selecting your angel cremation urns, make sure that the vessel is large enough to hold all of the ashes that you wish to store inside.

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How Can You Turn Angel Urns For Human Ashes Into Tree Of Life?

If you are looking for ways to immortalize the memories of your departed loved ones, you now can turn their cremains into a tree. Yes! A tree of life can be grown on the angel urns for human ashes you have collected the cremains in. Not just humans, but pets too can have a tree in their name in your backyard or porch. There are stores like Divinity Urns where you can find such urns with seeds of different plants and trees. You can pick the vessels containing the seeds of your most favorite plant for your loved ones. And, this is the most unique way you can immortalize a loved one. Read on to know more…

Do not buy plain memorial urns

If you had been planning to purchase plain, purpose-less marble cremation urns, there’s not much you can do with those except keeping them as showpieces in your home or keeping the cremains safe inside the wardrobe or in any other private place. But think how beautiful it would be if you give a special meaning to the last remains of your family members. You will not only be able to commemorate your loved ones forever by planting and growing a memorial tree from a biodegradable wooden urn box containing the cremains as well as the seed, but you will be contributing towards the environment as well. Thus, it is considered to be one of the most desirable ways of commemorating the closed relatives. You can also put a bench below the tree where you and your relatives can sit and spend some time in memory of the deceased person.

How does it all work?

There are many people who buy themed urns like sports urns which connotes any specific sports the departed person was interested in. Likewise, there are military urns and fishing urns. However, these urns are only kept as decorative items on shelves and mantels. However, if you are growing a tree out of the cremains, it stays forever; and if you’ve chosen a fruit tree or a flower tree, it can be enjoyed by family members of all ages equally. All you have to do is to choose special burial urns for human ashes which contain the seeds of a plant. You can find details like the name of the plants that you can expect to grow from the urns. Thus, you can easily choose to plant and grow a tree of your choice or of the liking of the departed family members.

Before purchasing keepsake urns for ashes

The most important thing is to choose a reliable store to purchase such keepsake memorial urns. Not many stores have a substantial stock of such urns to choose from. Only at reputed store like Divinity Urns you can find urns for growing a memorial tree. You should in fact compare the prices of the memorial tree urns from at least two or three different stores. However, it also means that you should choose to purchase urns from a store that is reliable and has a list of good reviews from previous customers. If you have the cremains of your loved ones in a purple marble urn and want to grow a tree from the ashes, remember you’d need a biodegradable vessel to plant a seed in the soil.

So, look for a large urn that is biodegradable and can be placed in the soil to decompose naturally in a place where you’d like to grow a tree. Let others know about a store like Divinity Urns by sharing this post so that others might know of such options available.

Cremation Urns for Adults and Memorizing Loved Ones – A Brief Discussion

If your loved ones have chosen to be cremated after death, you must honor their choices and make pre-needed arrangements. Arrangements like buying suitable cremation urns for adults and choosing a particular way to dispose of the cremains are some of the things to consider before the actual cremation process takes place. Most of the people choose to have a formal funeral service before the cremation. It could be a personalized event that includes the relatives and closed ones of the departed person. If you have been invited to attend the funeral service of a family member or a closed one, you can choose to bring memorial cremation urns to show your love towards him/her.

The funeral service often depends on who died

You could always plan a traditional or a contemporary funeral service before the cremation process. Depending on whether it’s an adult or a child who departed, the funeral and cremation services are planned. Often the death of an infant or a child is the most devastating event and for a family and the infant urns for ashes are turned into jewelry pieces like pendants and rings. These jewelry pieces are worn always and especially at some event and occasion in the family. This gives the feeling that the departed children and infants are always remembered and included in all occasions.

Themed human urns are the best for memorizing someone

There are themed urns like a marine corps urn or a sports urn. Such an urn for ashes is for commemorating any person who was in a specific profession or had a certain hobby. Such themed urns are quite popular these days. You can check a good collection of such cremation boxes at online stores like Divinity Urns. While choosing such urns, you can ask the consent of the other family members so that they can also participate in choosing an urn for the deceased person. It would create nice memories for the family as well. If you have decided to choose a navy urn, others can help you choose the right color and quote to be engraved on it.

Commemorating in a unique way

Are you planning to commemorate your special one in a unique way? What about growing a memorial tree in your backyard or in the porch? Yes, in a store like Divinity Urns you can find special wooden urns for human ashes which are for growing memorial trees. These urns have seeds of plants inside them. When buried these seeds grow into saplings and then into trees. Thus, you can have a shady tree in your property which will remind you of the deceased person. As the wooden urns are biodegradable, the vessel gets naturally depleted with time and the tree does not face any challenge to grow from it.

Urns as decorative pieces in homes

If you are choosing beautifully designed marble urns  for keeping the cremains of your loved ones, you can keep those as decorative pieces in your home. These urns can be kept in a corner shelf with photographs and other memorabilia of the person. It will not just be a reminder of the person for the family, but also for relatives and friends visiting the house. A beautiful purple heart urn can enhance the look of your mantle and make it a special corner in memory of a person.

So, are you looking for store from where you can purchase small cremation urns? Choose an online store like Divinity Urns. It’s a store that has an impressive stock of cremation vessels of all kinds. Let others know about the store and the urns by sharing this post with all.

Choosing Cremation Vaults and Reasons to Bury Cremains

If a loved member of your family has died recently and you are discussing whether to preserve or bury the cremains, you should choose burial. Why? There are reasons for the same and many people are choosing to bury the cremains these days. However, burying ashes does not mean parting with the last remains of a loved one. In fact, you’d be showing respect and commemorating the person forever by doing so. If you put the urns inside cremation vaults before placing in the soil, the vaults would keep the cremains intact and would preserve the cremains forever. Thus, you’d be preventing a complete disposal of the cremains and would honor family traditions of burial as well. If you are looking for other reasons for burial of the cremains of your departed relatives, read on…

Give your loved ones a permanent resting place

If you put the cremains in a wooden box for ashes and place it in a crematorium with a memorial stone over it, it becomes a permanent resting place of your beloved family member. You can let the person rest forever in a crematorium or a graveyard near you. You can pay visit to the place whenever you wish. Not just this, your relatives and friends of the departed person can also visit the grave and pay homage to the person. You must remember that each cemetery has its own rules and regulations regarding burial urns for cremated remains. You must learn those before going for a burial.

Maintain your family tradition of burial

The elders of your family might insist on a burial because it’s the family tradition. If it’s the cremains of your grandmother or grandfather, he/she would have liked to follow tradition. You can buy religious urns for ashes for them from a reputed online store like Divinity Urns. Urns with a holy cross or an angel would be perfect for holding the cremains of religious persons. Placing the urns in the area where all other departed members of your family have been buried will help others to pay a visit to everyone’s grave together. It would also give much mental peace. You can even choose patriotic urns for them as well.

Better accessibility to the graves

If you are putting the cremains of your family members in stone urns and placing that in a columbarium or a cemetery, it would be convenient for every family member to visit the place. Most of the cemeteries and columbarium have paved pathways which are easily accessible on wheelchairs and are easy to walk for a frail and aged person. Thus, everyone would appreciate the idea of keeping the cremains in a crematorium or a columbarium rather than in a home. If you are planning to fill the ashes in choiceable tealight keepsake urns and keep those in your home, you will have guests almost every day, who might come to visit the urns of their beloved relative. And, when you are on a vacation, it would be inconvenient for others to visit the urns. So, it is better to keep those personalized engraved urns for ashes in a columbarium or cemetery.

Heritage can be maintained for generations

The young members of the family can always pay a visit to the burial site of their ancestors and grandparents and know a great deal about their ancestry as well as of the other departed family members. If any particular member of the family had special interest in football, NFL urns containing his/her cremains would be best for everyone to remember his/her special interest and skills. You can find such themed urns in an online store like Divinity Urns. If there had been deaths of infants in the family, placing baby cremation urns in a columbarium would remind the family members and children of the family of those departed infants.

These are the reasons why you should choose burial of cremains over preservation. Let others know the reasons as well by sharing this post.

Buying Cremation Boxes For Ashes Made Easy!

Buying cremation boxes for ashes is an overwhelming experience for all. However, the thought that they can now keep the last remains of their loved ones forever with them, is a sort of consolation in itself. There are many people who are choosing to keep the memories of their departed relatives in the form of cremains forever with them. If you ever visit an online store like Divinity Urns for buying a wooden cremation box, you’d see that there are endless options for you to pick from. But with so many options before you, it might be perplexing to choose just one. You will wonder whether to choose a small urn or a large one. There will also be a long list of materials to choose from. So, here is a short guide to help you choose better…

Buying for an individual or a couple

Yes, there are small memorial urns for ashes that can hold the cremains of just an individual and then, there are couple urns. The individual urns are for memorizing just a single person or for burying his/her ashes. However, the couple urns are for memorizing a departed couple together. For instance, if your grandfather’s cremains have been preserved in a solid brass urn, after the demise of your grandmother you can put both their cremains in a couple urn of your choice.

Keepsake urns or boxes with a purpose

Are you planning to bury the cremains of your loved ones or scatter the cremains in the water? If you are choosing keepsakes, which you can keep in your house as showpieces or as memorabilia of the departed family members, pick beautiful ones. Some people also prefer themed urns like military cremation urns for commemorating the loved ones who were in the army. Then there are urns that are especially designed to commemorate sports persons. Likewise, if you are choosing to scatter the cremains in a particular piece of land or planning for a water burial, you should choose specially designed urns for that particular purpose. For commemorating a veteran or a patriot, you can choose an American flag urn. This would remind the family members of the departed person’s contribution towards the country or to any particular sports or hobby activities.

Urns for infants of the family

It is true that the cremains of an infant are hard to let go, especially for the parents. To keep the ashes forever with them, they can choose mini cremation urns from the store. Such urns are often enough to hold the entire cremains of a baby or an infant and are found in different patterns and designs on them. Some of the infant urns are in the form of angel urns, while others are customized with the photographs of the departed baby or the infant. There are varied designs available with infant cremation urns and you can choose one as per your choice.

Urn as jewelry pieces

A brass urn or small urns made of precious metals and semi-precious stones are often made into jewelry pieces. Pendants, rings, and earnings are quite commonly made of the cremation urns. These jewelry pieces could be worn by the parents on special occasions or as everyday jewelry. You can choose a heart urn necklace from a reputed online store like Divinity Urns. Such jewelry pieces are the most convenient ways to travel with the cremains of your loved ones. Moreover, small amounts of cremains could be shared with all the family members as well.
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