Use Wood Cremation Urns to Capture Memories of Your Loved Ones

You must have heard the concept of preserving the cremains of your departed loved ones. If you have recently lost a family member and are planning to preserve the cremains of the person, wait! How do you want to remember the person? What are the memories that you would like to capture about your relative? What made him/her special? These are the questions that you must ask yourself before choosing urns for your beloved family member. Remember, wood cremation urns will offer a lot of flexibilities and there will be many possibilities. However, without proper planning, you may not be able to use the full potential of an urn for human ashes.

Urns according to hobbies

The best memories of a person are often with his/her hobbies. If you remember going with him/her for fishing on weekends, you can definitely invest in a fishing urn. In case the person was a sports lover and you watched every basketball match together, you could buy variedly themed sports urns. Then, there are personalized urns, which can be customized as per the choices and likings of the person. You can even add his/her favorite quote on the urn of your choice. So, it is a good thing to consider one’s hobbies while choosing cremation urns. Reputed online stores like Divinity Urns have inventories of hundreds of different types of theme based urns and personalized cremation vessels to choose from.

Buying urns for self!

Yes, there are many people who buy urns for themselves. They then tell their family members about their last wish to be cremated and the cremains to be preserved in that urn. If you are a football fan, you can choose from different types of NFL urns for yourself. If you are picky about your belongings, it’s a good decision to choose your own final resting place. You can also have your favorite quotes or images engraved into the urn you pick. This will also reduce the hassle of your close ones to choose urns after your death.

Urns for long term preservation

Cremains can stay for eternity if preserved well. However, often vessels made of wood, clay, ceramic, and suchlike materials are brittle and vulnerable to damages. This can lead to loss of cremains as well. To increase the longevity of the last remains of your loved ones with you, you can use metal cremation urns. These are strong and durable as compared to others and are intricately designed as well. Thus, you should be able to keep these urns forever with you as keepsake decorative items or just as memorabilia.

Choosing the right store is crucial

Purchasing burial urns for cremated remains can be a daunting experience if you could not find a proper store. There are a few reputed stores on the web like Divinity Urns that offer an impressive inventory of cremation urns at the most reasonable prices. You should be able to place an order for the urns online and receive the bought items directly in your doorstep.

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Tips To Choose Biodegradable Wooden Urns for Human Ashes

Most people around the world are choosing cremation as last rites. However, the cremains are not always treated like in olden days. These days, people preserve the cremains with them forever instead of disposing of. There are people who scatter the cremains into the sea or in any specific area on the land. Funerals are done as personalized rituals performed together with the close family members of the deceased person. If you have chosen to cremate your departed relative and bury or scatter the cremains, you should start looking for wooden urns for human ashes. These are biodegradable and won’t harm the environment.

Why should you be careful while choosing urns?

If you are looking for biodegradable burial urns, it is important that you carefully pick the right ones from a reputed online store. With the trend of cremation becoming popular, there are quite a few stores on the web that are selling cremation vessels. A reputed brand like Divinity Urns can offer a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing any particular types of urns. It’s true that different families have different choices when it comes to choosing urns’ sizes and materials. Most of the choices are based on the purpose and the plan for the funeral. For instance, if someone is planning to scatter the cremains, he/she would choose specially designed scattering urns.

Choose the material correctly

As there are many materials today with which such urns are made, choosing the specific product is often a daunting task. The brass cremation urns are not always for decoration and the wooden urns are not for burial every time. In a store like Divinity Urns, there are separate sections for all types of urns. So, you can check which ones are made for earth burial or water burial. Remember, even the wooden ones with intricate carvings and beautiful patterns are not for water burial. Thus, each urn is different and you should make sure to pick one carefully.

Themed urns are perfect choices

To commemorate any person of a specific profession, you should choose especially themed urns for cremains. For example to commemorate army personnel you may choose military urns for cremains. Moreover, there are fishing urns and sports urns that one can choose according to the hobbies and interests of the departed persons. Again there are different sections for different types of sports like rugby or football to choose from. Thus, it is surely going to take some time before you could get your hands on the perfect urns for cremation ashes.

Pet memorial urns are good choices too

If you mourn the death of your beloved pet dog, you can keep its cremains in specific dog cremation urns available in the market. Such urns are smaller in size as compared to human urns and will contain the entire ashes of your pet. These pet cremation urns are often themed as paws or faces of cats or dogs. You can keep these smaller urns as keepsakes or as jewelry pieces. Often worn as pendants, rings, or necklaces, these urns will always keep the memories of your beloved pet fresh in your heart.

Be careful and cautious while choosing cremation urns for ashes, whether for pets or humans. You can help others choose the right urns by sharing this post with them. Let them know that they can pick from the choicest urns for cremains of both humans and animals from Divinity Urns.

Be Fully Prepared For the Proper Cremation of Your Loved One

Cremation is increasingly becoming a more sought-after choice compared to the traditional burial method nowadays. The cremation is an age-old method that gained popularity in the western cultures over the past few years only and this is the reason why still many families are unaware of the important facts that should be known beforehand to properly prepare for a cremation of the loved one. Just buying beautiful and sturdy urns for human ashes won’t serve your purpose, if you fail to make necessary arrangements at the last moment. If you don’t know how to prepare oneself for a cremation, then read ahead.

You need to be mentally prepared

It is undoubtedly true that it becomes immensely difficult to make necessary arrangement for the last rights when one is experiencing tremendous grief and anxiety at the loss of a loved one. Under such a situation, you need to be prepared emotionally so that you carry out the necessary activities properly. You can also visit any church leader or a known pastor that can help you ease pain through their words of wisdom and make you more knowledgeable about the different cremation aspects. Whether you will be purchasing a brass urn or a ceramic urn is another matter. Before you go ahead with selecting the urn, it is important that you are well-aware about the entire process and are also emotionally stable to carry out the last rituals. This can actually help you recover and also allow you to be well prepared for the cremation ceremony and other important events.

Keep a check on all the relevant documents and laws

The process of cremation is not as simple as many consider it to be. It is an irrecoverable process and hence many strict guidelines have been set by different states and municipalities for cremation. You need to be aware of all the policies and laws that are made to safeguard you in case the crematorium mishandles the body of your loved one or makes a mistake. A lot of paperwork is also involved in the entire process and you need to complete all the formalities before the body is taken ahead for cremation. Before you purchase sturdy urns like wooden funeral urns for preserving the cremated remains handed over by the concerned authorities, make sure you have all the papers in place including the death certificate and other documents to have a hassle-free cremation. You can also get in touch with the funeral director if you proper clarity on the documentation part.

Reveal all the relevant information before cremation to the crematorium authority

As you know that for cremation, the deceased body is put into a machine where it is exposed to tremendous heat for reducing the body into ashes, you need to be specific and very clear about the physical condition of the body. If the loved one who left the world had a pacemaker or any other medical device in his body, then it needs to told beforehand. Non-disclosure of such medical facts can lead to accidents which might leave you accountable for all the damages caused. If the crematorium puts the body along with a medical device into the machine, then there remains high chance that the device can explode inside the machine causing much damage to the crematorium property. So, whatever you want or whatever be the necessary conditions, you need to be clear about it. If a couple has passed recently, then you can ask them to cremate both the bodies and preserve their remains in burial urns for two.

Being aware and pre-prepared always help you in such scenarios. If any of your close acquaintance has demised recently and you are arranging for the cremation, then make sure you follow all the above-shared points. You can get quality baby cremation urns and adult urns from Divinity Urns, a reliable and renowned provider of cremation vessel and jewelry at fair prices. If you found the content useful, then do share it with your loved ones.

Why Taking a Cremation Jewelry is Better Than a Cremation Urn?

Though deciding on the final disposition option is a completely personal choice and it varies from families to families, but of late many people have started to choose cremation jewelry over a cremation urn for obvious reasons. With the cremation industry growing at a rapid pace, you can easily get customized urns for ashes for preserving the cremated remains, but the cremation jewelry is proving to become the best disposal option. There are various reasons for choosing a cremation jewelry over an urn and the most common reasons for the same are shared below.

No risk of breakage

No matter how sturdy cremation urns for human ashes you purchase for memorializing your loved ones, if it falls on the ground from a height, it is sure to break into pieces leaving the entire remains getting scattered on the floor. Cremation jewelry, on the other hand, always stays close to you and there remains no such risk of falling or breakage. The cremation jewelry is equally sturdy as the urns, but the only thing that saves them from breaking into pieces is that they are not placed at a height on any corner of your house.

A unique way of cherishing the memories of your loved one

With the increasing trend of cremation, the trend of finding unique ways of memorializing loved ones is also on a rise. If you choose to bury the remains of your loved one in sturdy and beautiful urns for burial in ground then you will not have anything to keep as a memoir or the last remain of your loved one. Moreover, it has become a traditional method to follow now. But, people who want to commemorate the memories of the departed soul in a unique way prefer to preserve a small portion of the remains in cremation jewelry. These jewelry look like an exact replica of an original jewelry and until explicitly told, no one would be able to make out that you are carrying a small portion of cremated remains in them.

You can always keep the last remains close to you

If you purchase elegant custom wooden urns to preserve the cremated remains, then would you be able to carry it with you wherever you go? Certainly not! Even if you purchase keepsake urns, still you will not be able to carry it wherever you go. This one drawback is seamlessly taken care of by modern cremation jewelry. You can safely preserve a small portion of the cremated remains in any cremation jewelry and carry it wherever you go, without feeling burdened. The best part is, you don’t have to carry it in your hands or constantly keep a check on it to see if it’s in place or not. Cremation jewelry will make sure the last memories always stay close to you, no matter where you go.

Cremation jewelry goes perfectly with everyone

Be it a male or a female, you can easily get cremation jewelry for everyone. Today, cremation jewelry is available in different shapes, sizes, and material which make it easy for everyone to find the perfect jewelry to match their preferences. Just like you get customized urns like military cremation urns, you can also get customized cremation jewelry. This makes sure that both fashion and memories go in hand in hand.

If you want to commemorate the memories of your loved one in a different way, then you should definitely go ahead with cremation jewelry. Moreover, it also doesn’t take up any space on your home shelves or any other house area. You can get elegant and sturdy cremation jewelry from Divinity urns at a reasonable price that is sure to help you in the healing process. If you found the content useful, then do share it with your acquaintances.

How Different is Pet Cremation From Human Cremation?

Whether it is the loss of a human life or an animal life, both can generate an equal level of pain and anxiety. Many people are yet not clear on the concept of pet cremation and consider it to be different from the one done for humans. In reality, there is not much difference between the two and you will find the entire process to be more or less the same. The cremated remains of both the humans and the pets are kept in sturdy cremation urn and these urns can be used to preserve, bury, or scatter the last remains of your loved one.

Cremating the pet

The trend of cremating a pet has gained a great momentum over the past few years and it doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. Be it a cat, dog, horse, reptile, hamster, rabbit or any other pet, people are preferring to cremate their body as well, just like they do for the humans. You can either take your pet for cremation in usual crematories or in particular the pet crematorium. In both the places, the body of your pet will be exposed to a high temperature so that his entire body is reduced to ashes. The crematorium authority then hands over the remains of your pet in temporary containers that can later be transferred to sturdy and beautiful urns. Just like you get customized urns for human ashes easily in the market, you can also get customized urns for pets.

Preserve, bury or scatter the pet remains

Once you receive the cremated remains of your pet, you are left with 3 disposal options. You can keep it, scatter it on burial grounds or sea, or bury the same in burial grounds. The same steps and options available for human cremation are used in case of pets also. You can find separate burial grounds for the pet also and bury the remains safely with sturdy pet cremation urns for burial. If you want to keep a small portion of their remains as a memoir, then you can store a small portion of their ashes and preserve them in either keepsake urn or in cremation jewelry.

Recovering from the loss

Many people get attached to their pet so much that it becomes very difficult for them to recover from this irrecoverable loss. One of the best ways to reduce your grief is by finding the perfect urn to safely and respectfully preserve their remains. You should buy urns of the same size as of the size of infant cremation urns because the quantity of pet cremated remains is not much high. But if you are not sure and don’t want to take any chances, then it is better that you buy the standard sized urns only. Whether you have lost your pet or lost any one of your close acquaintance, the intensity of pain remains same in both the cases. Moreover, the healing process takes time and you need to control yourself.

If you clearly observe, then the entire pet cremation process starting from the beginning to the end is exactly the same as the human cremation one. Just like you purchase beautiful urns like wooden cremation urns for adults, you purchase the same for your pets also. So, if anyone asks you about the difference between a pet and a human cremation, then you will be answer precisely now. You can get quality cremation urns for both pets and animals from Divinity Urns at affordable prices. This store is known to offer top-notch quality products at reasonable prices, so you can rest assured of the urns purchase from this store. If you liked the content and found it to be useful, then do share it with your friends and family.

Why Choose a Green Burial Over the Traditional Burial?

Losing a loved one can indeed be painful but it doesn’t mean you will start being harsh on nature. The best way to pay a tribute to your loved one is by cremating their remains in an eco-friendly manner. This involves burial of the remains in cremation urns for human ashes made using sustainable materials. Green burial is the synonym of simplicity and is looked after by many as the best burial option. When asked to cemeteries about the peoples’ choice, they said that the demand for green burial has been rising at a rapid pace from a past few years and the trend is expected to continue in the future. If you still baffled by the choice between a green or the traditional burial, then read ahead and find out the best burial method.

Simple is beautiful

Eco-friendly burials don’t have any requirement for any embellishments like an expensive coffin or tons of flowers and various other things. You just need to safely transfer the cremated remains in beautiful biodegradable burial urns for human ashes and bury the same in a simple way. Over a period of time, the urn will break down naturally and the cremated remains will get back to the roots from where the life once started. It is the purest form of dealing with the remains of a loved one.

The environment is not at risk

When you decide to cremate the remains in expensive and fancy coffins made of heavy stone or other materials, the hazardous chemicals attached to it along with the paint on top pollutes the soil once the coffin starts to breakdown. Moreover, the chemicals applied to the body takes away the natural feel and also refrains the ashes in the truest form to get mixed with nature. If you really adorned the departed soul, then you should make sure the soul gets back directly from where it all started. Get beautiful biodegradable purple urn, transfer the cremated remains from the temporary urn to the biodegradable one, and then bury it simply.

A check on expenses is made

Green burial is not only considered to be the purest form of burial but is also known to be a cost-effective way of doing the same. If you purchase a traditional casket then the price asked for it can burn a hole in your pocket. Not every family has the luxury to afford expensive caskets for their loved one. This environment-friendly burial method keeps a check on your expenses and makes the burial free from any pretentious components. If you want to pay a respectful tribute, then you can get biodegradable heart shaped cremation urns for adults and bury the same safely and respectfully.

Preserving the nature

By choosing the green burial, you are deciding to save the nature from hazardous components that usually go into the soil through traditional caskets. One of the biggest problems with the traditional burial is that it requires a lot of space and once it settles down the concerned authority needs to keep a check of the above land to maintain the cemetery land properly. None of these issues are faced in case of a green burial. You can decide to bury some portion of the remains in biodegradable small memorial urns for ashes and preserve the remaining in another cremation vessel.

If you are considerate of nature or the departed soul loved nature, then you should undoubtedly choose the green burial over the traditional one. It not only protects the environment but it also keeps a check on your unnecessary cremation expenses. You can get supreme quality cremation vessels and jewelry from Divinity Urns at affordable prices. If you found the blog to be useful, then do like and share it with your near and dear ones.

Reasons to Honor the Memories of the Departed Soul

Everyone arranges for a funeral ceremony or a memorial ceremony after their loved one leaves this world, but do you know why these ceremonies are conducted? You cannot do anything without having a reason for doing so and similar is the case with funeral or memorial services. Many people abide by the ceremonies considering it to be a part of the rituals, but there is more to it. If you are unable to think of the reasons behind these ceremonies, then read ahead.

You get the opportunity to bid the last goodbye in a respectful manner

When people hear that their loved one is no more, they feel as if their world has turned upside down. They are not in a state to react properly and if they don’t arrange for a ceremony solely dedicated to bid the last goodbye in a memorable way, then people may lose out the chance to calmly recollect and cherish all the memories of the departed soul when a part of their remains is still close to them. Just safely preserving the remains in beautiful cremation urns is not sufficient, you need some time to regain your senses and mourn the last time seeing their remains. According to a study, mourning on the last rituals actually help people get rid of the grief to some extent. It can calm your senses down.

You learn to accept things

No one can see their loved one going away from them, but death is a universal truth and everyone will have to start living with it. When you completely agree with the fact that you’re loved one is no more and you start searching for elegant urns for ashes, it is that time when you start growing both emotionally and spiritually, as from that time onwards you understand that only the physical connection with your loved one has been lost and now it’s the beginning of your spiritual relationship with them. You start growing as an individual alongside learning to accept things.

Your bond with other family members and friends strengthens

You don’t arrange and perform all the rituals at a funeral or memorial ceremony alone. When you are experiencing an unbearable pain of an irrecoverable loss, your family and friends come forward to support you. Funeral ceremonies are not only about respectfully keeping the cremated remains in a wooden box for ashes or other cremation vessels so that people can come and pay their tribute, rather it is actually about coming forward and standing stronger together to collectively recover from the loss. These ceremonies help you to heal and also make you aware that there are other people who still care for you.

All the achievements and special memories achieved by the departed soul can be cherished for a lifetime

Life is beautiful and surely your loved one enjoyed it to the fullest. Losing someone you love can cause unexplainable pain but that doesn’t mean you won’t celebrate their accomplishments or cherish their special memories after they are physically gone. By honoring the memories of the departed soul with the help of personalized memorial cremation urns, you are making the soul happy. Honoring their memories is also a sign that you truly respected and valued them.

Whether the lost soul was an adult, an infant or a pet, you should definitely honor their memories in a respectful way. Now, that you also know the reasons for doing so, make efforts to do it a unique way that makes the lost soul happy. If you have lost your loved one and are searching for unique baby urns or any other cremation vessel, then you should visit Divinity Urns online store. They are a pioneer in offering quality cremation vessels at affordable prices. If you liked the blog, then do like and share it with your loved ones.

Preplanning and Cremation Urns and De-stressing Your Loved Ones

The uncertainty of life does not restrict us from going on. We come to this world, we grow, we play, we learn, we age and one day everything comes to a standstill. Although it is easy to talk about the cycle of life so casually, when we lose someone, nothing in the entire universe can calm our pain down. We human beings are created like that. Have you ever thought how painful it would be for your people when you’ll be no more? Would you ever like to torment them with more pain by making them buy a cremation urn for your final disposition? No, right? In this context, what you can do is pre-plan your own cremation and purchase one of the most suitable Cremation urns from a good dealer like Memorials4you, according to your choice.

Pre-planning does make sense

Pre-planning gives you enough time to choose how you would like to get cremated. By considering the wide range of options available to you, you can take an informed decision. Thereafter, you can explore and decide on the types of cremation products like urns for ashes and jewelry you need to buy in order to facilitate the process of cremation. With well-stocked dealers like Memorials4you, you have a world of options to choose from.

Questions to ask yourself

In case of burial, you can choose from various types of services you would like in regard to cremation. There are a number of people who misconceive a notion that if you choose cremation, you cannot plan a customary funeral. However, the reality is, most of the cremations take place after performing a traditional funeral ceremony. Well, you can also opt for direct cremation followed by a commemoration ceremony at a date you prefer. So, while preplanning, you should understand your needs in the first place and then decide on a certain option. Some of the most important questions you’d need to ask yourself are –

  • If or not you would like to arrange a funeral ceremony before performing cremation, if yes, then where would you want to organize the ceremony?
  • If or not you would like to get a commemoration service followed by cremation, if yes, then when and where would you want it to commence?
  • In case of burial or entombing, would you want to have any kind of memorial service?

Pre-planning depends on your choices

Depending on what would you like to have and what you don’t, pre-planning of your cremation would take its turn. Do remember to sit with your family members and decide, whether or not they want small urns to divide the cremated remains among themselves or scatter or bury it. It is important because there are different types of cremation urns available in the market that people choose on the basis of what they want to do with the cremains.

Cremains can be buried in a burial vault or interred in a niche in a columbarium or scattered or simply kept at home. So, understanding your own needs is pretty much important in this regard.

Then there are biodegradable urns

With pollution wrecking havoc all over the world, more and more people and cremation products dealers have become quite aware. When it comes safeguarding the Mother Nature from further damage, biodegradable cremation urns come into play.

No matter, which final disposition service you choose or which cremation product you prefer, make sure to select a reliable and customer-oriented store like Divinity Urns for making the purchase.  Divinity Urns is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cremation products that are known for its high-quality and wide assortment of products. Share this blog if you like the concept of pre-planning your own cremation in advance.

Pre-Planning and Purchasing an Urn for Human Ashes Mean Peace of Mind

The fear of losing someone can be traumatic. However, when that moment actually arrives, we get dumbstruck. That’s the practical joke that life throws at us at least once in our lifetime. If you have been there and are looking for the final disposition options available to you, then you are on the right page. As far as cremation is concerned, there are multiple options to get it done, which includes – burying in a local cemetery, scattering the remains in sea or land and keeping it with yourself in urns for human ashes so that the memories of your loved one remains in front of your eyes. You can also decorate it over a mantle at your home with photos and stuff used by the deceased.

What happens when you pre-plan your cremation?

In comparison to burial, the service cost of cremation is more likely to be less, especially if you are pre-planning your cremation. In fact, all of us should pre-plan. The reason – apart from being less expensive and the other advantages associated, pre-planning is directly associated with the peace of mind of the family members of a deceased.

When you pre-plan, you provide your loved ones with peace of mind. Let’s consider an example! You always want to get your ashes buried. When you buy an urn vault for burial in advance from a reliable dealer like Memorials4you, you save your family members from this hassle. Also, they will get to understand that your last wish is to be cremated and then get buried. However, if you are not very much convinced with the idea of cremation and need to understand when it is a feasible option for you, read on!

Is cremation the right choice for you?

Cremation is an ideal option for you if –

  • You are looking for a less-expensive option than a traditional funeral
  • You support the notion of a resting place above the ground
  • Your loved ones want to keep your cremated remains with themselves in keepsakes for ashes

What other that scattering, burial and keepsaking?

Well, if you are not satisfied by the ordinary want your family members to utilize your cremated remains in a much creative and thoughtful way, then plant a tree. Didn’t get it, right? You can ask your family to plant a biodegradable cremation urn tree in the backyard of your house. Biodegradable cremation urn tree means putting the cremated remains inside a biodegradable urn and burying it and then planting a tree on the top of it. With reliable dealers like Memorials4you, you have many eco-friendly options to choose from.

What if your loved ones need to fly with your ashes?

There are certain situations, when you loved ones might have to fly with your ashes to a different place. What if something like this actually happens? Check with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) when it comes to flying with the cremated remains. The TSA will neither stop you from flying with the ashes not open it to check the content. However, TSA allows only scannable cremation boxes for ashes. Therefore, it is highly advisable to do proper research and look for the materials of cremation urns that are considered alright by the authority. If you overlook it, your family members might land up in rough waters.

Hopefully, the above mentioned information will help you pre-plan and let your family have peace of mind when you’ll be resting in peace. When it comes to cremation products, Memorials for you is the best option to bank upon. Go to and explore. Also, share this blog to let others encourage the idea of preplanning.

Questions to Consider Before Purchasing the Final Resting Place of Your Loved One

Choosing a cremation urn is a totally personal and emotional task that requires time to be done perfectly. A number of families are considering cremating the memories of their loved one for different personal and religious reasons. But, is it necessary to arrange the cremation urn in a hurry to store the remains given by the crematorium? Certainly not! You should be aware that the crematoriums have their own urns that they use to transfer the ashes of the deceased before handing the remains to you. It means you can let the remains rest safely in those containers till the time you find the perfect resting place for the departed soul. You can browse through endless cremation vessels available online on Divinity Urns for finding the best cremation vessel for your loved one.

You are not just finding a vessel to store the cremated remains; rather you are finding a place where your loved one will rest in peace forever. So make sure to be specific with your choice of the urn. If you want to get the best cremation vessel for your loved one, then make sure to ask the following questions to self.

What is the purpose of purchasing an urn?

Your only concern is not to decide whether you will go for a traditional burial or for cremation. You will also have to decide the purpose of purchasing a cremation vessel i.e. whether you want to bury the remains with the help of urns for human ashes, scatter the remains or preserve the remains in your house. Owing to the increasing number of families opting for cremation, the cremation industry has come up with a myriad of cremation vessels for different purposes. If you want to bury the remains, then buy a sturdy urn along with an urn vault to safely bury the remains in the burial ground. Whereas, for keeping the remains safely stored in your house for ages you should consider buying a beautifully crafted personalized urn. There are scattering tubes also that can be used to safely scatter the ashes in nature. Decide on the purpose first and then go ahead for purchasing the cremation vessel. This will make sure you choose the right vessel for your loved one.

A simple urn or a customized urn; which one to choose?

This is again a personal choice. Some people don’t like plush urns while others specifically search for unique and attractive urns that will go perfectly with their home décor. The choice of choosing between a simple or a customized urn can also be based on the place where you decide to keep the urn. Designs of the urns play an important role in deciding the price of the product, so knowing what you want can actually save you a lot of money or get you the right product. If you don’t have enough time to visit various cremation vessel stores to find the perfect vessel, then just visit the online store of Divinity Urns and get amused by the large collection offered by the online store. Whatever be your desired urn type, you are sure to find it here.

Which size urn will be perfect for preserving the cremated remains?

The size of the urn holds immense importance as the right sized urn will ensure that the ashes are safely transferred and kept in the urn. If you lost your child recently, then you should look for small urns, as the quantity of ashes is not much. But, if you want to buy an urn for keeping the remains of an adult, then you should choose standard sized adult urns for this purpose. If you don’t only want to keep a small portion of the remains, then keepsake urns for ashes should be preferred. If you are not sure of what size to choose and also you don’t have any space constraint for keeping the urn in your house, then you should always buy a standard sized urn. This keeps you on the safe side and ensures not even a single part of the ashes are spilled from the vessel. You can check out the various sized available urns at Divinity Urns.

What options do I have?  

If you decide to go for the cremation method, then you will never fall short of options with respect to the cremation vessels and jewelry. The environment savers can get the biodegradable burial urns while the simplicity lovers can get sophisticated and elegant urns. You just have to be sure of the purpose for which you are purchasing an urn and options will never be a problem for you. Staring from tea light urns to fish urns, military urns to pewter urns, you will get amazed to see so many options. Just choose the one that goes perfectly with your checklist.

You can only get the perfect resting place for your loved one when you know what you are exactly looking for. So ask as many questions as you can and then only proceed with buying an urn. Divinity Urns is a reliable cremation vessel and jewelry provider known for offering quality products at fair prices. Once you are done with deciding on the type of vessel required, you can shop the desired vessel from their online store. If you liked the blog and found it to be useful, then do share it with your family and friends.