15 Most Popular Materials Used in Cremation Urns to Keep Human Ashes

A lot of things need to be given attention to while purchasing beautiful cremation urns. Designs, colors, themes, size, and materials are some of the things that almost everyone takes a note of. Commemorating the memories of a loved one is an unusual and emotional event that requires attention to detail. If you want to pass down the memories of your loved one in the form of blessings to the younger generation, then make sure you choose a durable urn.

Many beautiful burial urns are available that are both beautiful and sturdy. However, you can always explore new urns that are made using different materials. Each material is unique in its own way. Take a look at the top 15 materials that are most used in making cremation urns.

  1. Ceramic: Probably the most common material used while making urns, the ceramic is a delicate material that is known for its clean surface. This material is unique, alluring, and artistic at the same time.
  2. Aluminum: Urns made from aluminum are lightweight and corrosion resistant. If you like urns exuberating a shiny metallic finish, then the aluminum urn should be your ultimate choice.
  3. Glass: The glass urns are known for their special aesthetic appearance that can quickly catch people’s attention. Though delicate in nature, these urns can perfectly fit in any home décor flawlessly.
  4. Brass: Being a lightweight metal alloy, brass is undoubtedly one of the best urn materials to choose. It has a bright golden appearance, and the urns made of brass are often finished with bronze or pewter to impart the required durability.
  5. Wood: A natural and subtle looking material that is both durable and pleasing in appearance. The wooden urns have a warm feel, and they are the perfect vessel to preserve the remains of your loved one safely.
  6. Copper: This is a lightweight and malleable metal that is used mainly for accenting the urns. Most people who want to preserve the memories for ages prefer copper urns.
  7. Pewter: If you like bright glossy things, then you will love the pewter urns. The material is made of tin that makes it look shiny, alongside imparting the required durability.
  8. Stainless Steel: The urns made from stainless steel are inexpensive, scratch resistant, and beautiful. You can find many options concerning stainless steel urns. It can be purchased at a lesser price as one can always find these cremation urns for sale.
  9. White Gold: If budget is not a constraint, then the white gold urns are going to be the best deals for you. This material consists of both yellow gold and white gold metal, so it assures an alluring urn look.
  10. Biodegradable materials: Materials like recycled paper, rock salt, gelatin, and others are used to make biodegradable urns. Such urns are sturdy and environment-friendly, and they decompose naturally when they are buried in either land or sea.
  11. Medium Density Fiberboard: This material consists of wax, resin, and wood fibre. It is made in making inexpensive urns without compromising the quality and looks of the urn.
  12. Serpentine: It is a green colored material that adds to its uniqueness. The urns made using serpentine are silky to touch and have a royal look. You can try serpentine heart shaped urn necklace to carry the cremated remains in style.
  13. Sterling Silver: The sterling silver is mostly used to make exquisite cremation jewelry. It has 92.5% silver, while the remaining portion comprises of other metals. Being rust-resistant and alluring in nature, the material is comparably inexpensive.
  14. Titanium: Known for being the most durable metal in the world, Titanium is rust-resistant, non-magnetic, scratch-free, and pleasant in looks. You can check out the unique collection of titanium urns at Divinity Urns.
  15. Soapstone: The soapstone is a metamorphic rock that is composed of talc. Easy to carve, this material is non-porous and heat resistant.

A lot of different designs can be found about each different material. Starting from heart shaped cremation urns for adults to the personalized urns, everything can be found under one roof.

Divinity Urns is a premium online store that offers the best burial urns and jewelry. Check out their collection and get amazed by the endless options you get in one place.

Special Tribute to the Departed Soul with Wooden Cremation Box & Vaults


Are you choosing to cremate your departed family member? You can choose to preserve the cremains of the person in special urns for ashes. Later, in a traditional funeral ceremony, the box containing the ashes can be buried in a particular area in the cemetery or in the backyard of your ancestral home. You can even choose to keep the box containing the cremains in a columbarium. In case you are choosing to bury or scatter the cremains, it is advisable that you choose special biodegradable wooden cremation urns. These urns get decomposed easily and get back to nature without any nuisance caused to the environment. It is one of the most respectful and special way you can pay tribute to a departed soul.

Why choose vaults for urns for ashes?

Often a family finds it difficult to part with the cremains of a family member, especially if its an infant. However, they do not want to deny a traditional funeral and a burial to the soul. In such a case the infant urns could be put inside cremation vaults, which are designed to protect the urns and the ashes from external and environmental elements. Thus, the buried urns would neither get decomposed nor affected in any way by land mowers, heavy wheels, or any other equipment/gears that put pressure on the soil immediately above the urns. The cremation urns are intact and the ashes are preserved for ages even inside the soil.

Choose well designed urns and vaults

Whether you are choosing keepsake urns for ashes as decorative pieces or for burials, you should choose well decorated pieces. At an online store like Divinity Urns you can find urns that are intricately designed and crafted to perfection. Choosing such urns for ashes would mean paying special homage to the departed soul. These urns when kept on the mantle would become showpieces, which would also remind the family members and the guests of the person’s physical presence perpetually. It can bring the much needed peace in the minds of all for being able to keep a loved one closer forever.

Cremation box and vault for columbarium

If you are planning to place an urn in a columbarium where it would be kept for every family member, even the distant ones, to visit and pay their regards, choose vaults. If the urns for adults are kept inside vaults, these would keep the cremains intact forever and the urns could be visited by family members for generations. Many cemeteries and columbarium have the norms to keep urns inside the vaults before preservation. Learn about those before choosing the last rites of a person. It would only help you to preserve better.

Preserving pet ashes in urns

If you have recently bought dog memorial urns from Divinity Urns, you should have also placed an order for a cremation vault to contain that urn. It would only help you to preserve the cremains longer. Even if minute pores in the designs of the urns allow moisture and microbes inside, the vaults would save those from getting anywhere near the ashes inside the urns. Thus, you can rest assured that the cremains of your beloved pet is safe and secure inside.

So, if you are looking for intricately carved wooden cremation urns, choose an online store like Divinity Urns. You should be able to pick from a wide range of incredible options from the store.

Divinity Urns – Where Loved One Departed Soul Connects Through Our Online Store

Have you been looking for a solution to store the last remains of your loved ones? Then you need to come to a store like Divinity Urns. It’s a store where you can find hundreds of options on burial urns for ashes. These are boxes or vessels made from different types of materials and are used to preserve cremains forever. It is in a store like this that you get the best way to connect to a departed soul and find the best urns for keeping the cremains, the way the person would have wanted to rest finally.

What to choose and why?

When it comes to choosing urns for preserving cremains, you need to consider what reminds you of the person the most. It is also important to value the wish of the soul. So, think about what the person would have liked if he were given a chance to choose an urn for himself/herself. If the person loved fishing or pursued this hobby passionately, you can choose fishing urns for ashes for him/her. Similarly, if you had always enjoyed going on fishing expeditions with him/her, your choice of a fishing urn would delight the soul.

Choosing the right size and color is important

Here, at an online store like Divinity Urns you can get varieties of urns for cremains. But choosing randomly is not a wise decision. You should lay your hands only on the right size of an urn vessel and also on the right theme. For example, in case you are looking for an urn to preserve the cremains of an adult, and you end up choosing an infant urn, your purpose will not be solved as infant urns are smaller in sizes and are also designed differently. Likewise, choosing a color thoughtfully is also important. For instance, you can choose purple cremation urns for someone whose favorite color had been purple. Such urns also look elegant and royal and can be used as great keepsakes in your home.

Pet urns are also available online

Not just humans, someone could have a high level of attachment to his/her pets as well. So, it often becomes difficult for a pet lover to part with the last remains of a much loved pet. In such a situation he/she can opt for beautiful pet cremation jewelry from Divinity Urns. Necklace, pendants, or rings there are many variants of such cremation jewelry available with the reputed online store. These are basically small urns that are turned into jewelry, which can be worn by a pet lover always or on special occasions. Jewelry is a precious memorabilia that holds a small portion of the cremains and are made from precious metals and engraved stones. These are often shaped like the face of a pet or an angel. At a reputed online store there are different designs on the jewelry to pick from.

Divinity Urns, the premium online store for funeral products and services

If you are eager to connect to the departed soul in a much better manner, choose to keep the cremains in an urn that would become a memorabilia of the person for a long long time to come. In fact, an urn of a person could also become a family heirloom to be passed on to generations. It could be a better way to keep the memories of a family member alive and afresh in the minds of the relatives as well as next generations. A cremation urn from Divinity Urns, the premium online store for funeral products and services, could also become a great condolence gift!

Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Burial Urns: A Unique Way to Reduce Carbon Emission on the Earth

You must be hearing a lot these days about the trend of keeping the cremains of a person in uniquely designed cremation urns. But did you know that you can use these cremation vessels for burying the cremains just like in a traditional funeral? However, for burial and scattering, cremation vessels are made exclusively from eco-friendly, biodegradable material. A biodegradable urn is made from materials that decompose easily and get back to nature without causing any harm to the environment. So, if you are a nature lover, and do not like the idea of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials causing permanent harm to the environment, choose an eco-friendly urn for burying the last remains of your beloved family member.

Choose an urn for reducing carbon emissions

At an online store like Divinity Urns you can find cremation urns for adults that are made from paper, sand and other materials that can be easily decomposed in nature. You can use such urns to scatter the cremains into the water or on a piece of land. Once you pour out the cremains you can throw the urn or the container in the water or bury the ashes along with the container. It will, thus not causing any harm to environment and the soul of your beloved family member could also rest in peace.

Cremation urns could be used to grow trees

By choosing to use biodegradable funeral urns you do not contribute to carbon emissions, and also can help in reducing Carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Wondering how? Human urns could be used to grow trees. There are urns that contain seeds of plants and trees. Thus, when cremains are buried in such containers, these grow into trees! Yes, you can grow a memorial tree in your backyard or in a public place. The tree will remain in the area for years to come and constantly remind the family members of the departed soul. Moreover, you could even sit under the tree or spend some silent moments under it.

Save a depleting ecosystem in a unique manner

Adult urns containing seeds of trees are often buried in a national park or in a place where these would contribute to the ecosystem at large. There are barren areas inside a natural park or a sanctuary which was once a lush green forest. Burying cremation urns in such an area would mean contributing to bring the vegetation back. The departed person’s soul would be satisfied and happy at such a noble initiative and it would also bring the much-needed solace to your heart as well.

Save burial space and also reduce funeral cost

It has been noted recently that the cemeteries across the country as well as in many countries of the world are getting filled up. It is causing huge problems among people who are finding it difficult to get proper burial space. The cost of burial real estate is also getting high. As the cost of the burial space is also calculated within the funeral cost, the spending on a funeral is at an all time high.

Owing to all the reasons and the benefits discussed here, you must choose biodegradable funeral urns for the last rites of your loved ones. Choose a reputed store like Divinity Urns to pick a biodegradable urn of your choice!

7 Unique Things to Do With Your Loved Ones Ashes

Not only are people adopting new ways of living, but they are also choosing to pass away differently, preferring cremations over the more traditional burials. Once you or your loved one have decided upon being cremated, you will have to plan the next step as well- how you want the ashes to be treated.

If you are out of ideas, here are 7 unique things you can do with your loved ones’ cremated ashes. These ideas encapsulate everything, from scattering the ashes to turning them into unique cremation jewelry:

  1. Instead of keeping them locked up in adult urns, you can scatter them. You can scatter the ashes in a place where your loved one wished before he/she passed, or you can scatter them in their favorite place to be.
  2. You can opt for burial urns to bury the cremated ashes. This option works well for those who want to be cremated, but don’t want to give up on tradition completely. This also helps the ashes remain on the holy ground, instead of staying locked up in the house. Burial urns are available at Divinity Urns.
  3. You would be surprised to know that you can turn your loved one’s ashes into a tattoo as well. Some tattoo artists mix a portion of the ashes in their ink to create a tattoo that commemorates the one who has passed. If you are someone who loves tattoos, this would be a great option. However, do remember to consult both your doctor and your tattoo artist about the possibility of the process and the potential health risks that come with it.
  4. You can turn the ashes into cremation jewelry as well. Cremation jewelry is actually a very popular trend nowadays. The cremated remains are placed in a piece of jewelry of your choice so that you can keep your loved one close at all times. For example, you can take a look at cremation pendants for ashes to obtain a petite neckpiece for daily wear.
  5. You can obtain urns according to the personalities or favorite activities of your loved ones. For example, fishing urns for ashes would work well for the ones who found a lot of happiness in fishing. The different kinds of urns are not just convenient, but they will remind you of the loved one and their presence at all times you. You will find a variety of interesting urns at Divinity Urns.
  6. You can even store the ashes in a stuffed animal urn. Many websites create stuffed animals which have a compartment for urns built into them.
  7. If you don’t want to keep the ashes in an urn at home, you can turn them into the soil by adding other nutrients and then use it to plant a tree in your backyard. There are many companies who would do this for you.

Final goodbyes are made beautiful by Divinity Urns

Divinity Urns is a dedicated website which offers the most varied and innovative range of adult urns as per your wishes. You will find a variety of styles of urns to pick from. Visit Divinity Urns website and recommend the same to all your friends or acquaintances that might be looking for the same. Your final goodbyes will be the most beautiful with Divinity Urns.

How to choose and purchase the perfect urn for the loved one who is no more

The passing of a loved one is indeed painful. And although the thought of it is unpleasant, it is the inevitable conclusion of life. In today’s world, the bodies of the one who passed away are often cremated, and returned to you in the urn of your choice. Essentially, an urn is a container, also known as memorial boxes for ashes. Urns are usually available in many styles and designs, and the price range also keeps varying. Online retailers like Divinity Urns are an example of the many online retailers selling cremation urns. These websites are a hub of unique cremation urns online. You can also purchase urn necklace for men and other cremation jewelry from these websites.

You can still keep them with you

However, if you have never purchased urns or urn jewelry for ashes of loved one, then the prospect might seem a bit overwhelming. Usually, the funeral homes provide plenty of guidance on what kind of urn you should purchase. Nevertheless, we have created a composite list of all the different types of urns you should look out for.

  • The Keepsake Urn
    Keepsake funeral urns store only a little amount of the ashes, instead of the whole amount. These are one of the most popular burial cremation urns for adults. You can purchase keepsake urns if the ashes are to be shared amongst a number of people.
  • Scattering urns
    These urns hold the ashes which will be scattered on land or sea. They are usually biodegradable urns for sea burial, which can be dropped into the heart of the sea and will decompose naturally. These small urns for cremation ashes will make sure that your loved one’s last remains are preserved well before they become one with nature.
  • Cremation urns for pets
    Losing a beloved pet is a heartbreaking incident, but at least we can find some solace in finding them personalized urns for ashes. You can bid farewell to your favourite furry companions in urns designed for them. There are many small pet cremation urns for you to choose from. If you have lost your lovable dog, you can store their remains in beautiful wooden dog urns for ashes. Similarly, if your cat has passed away recently, you can store her memory in small cat urns.

Choose from a variety of personalized options

Online urn sellers like Divinity Urns have a number of options when it comes to the material of urns. You can opt for handmade wood cremation urns to protect the ashes from changes in weather and humidity.

There is a way in which you can keep your loved one close to your heart at all times- by buying sterling silver cremation jewelry for ashes. The purpose of this jewelry is to store a small amount of the ashes so that you can keep it on your person. Cremation jewelry lockets are the most popular type of urn necklaces available in the market. You can store the ashes in glass cremation pendants. What better last gift can you give your lost one than a glass urn necklace to keep them safe and sound with you?

Find the urns you need and more at Divinity Urns

At Divinity urns, you can find everything from custom pet cremation jewelry to beautifully designed urns. Choose a cremation bracelet for ashes for the dear pet that is no more, or preserve the memory of your loved one in a custom heart shaped urn necklace. Visit the website to learn more, and do encourage your friends to do the same.

Put your loved one to rest in an urn as beautiful as they were

Cremating the body after our mortal life comes to an end, has become a common practice nowadays; it leaves us with the ashes of our loved ones, which need to be stored in cremation urns. There are a variety of different urns available in the market, the prices of which vary according to their style and design. We must add that online retailers like Divinity Urns provide modern urns for ashes at pretty affordable rates.

What should you look for?

Whether you want a small keepsake urn or a large ornate one, you first need to decide upon the material of the urn. Most people prefer the biodegradable urns that decompose once they are placed in land or sea. You can also choose tea light urns that come in a variety of materials such as brass, glass, and ceramic. If your loved one was a martyr in battle, you can pay your final respects to them by preserving their remains in special army urns.

There is an option for your favourite pet too

Urns for cremated remains are not meant for humans only. You can also preserve your loved pet in pet memorial urns designed especially for them. Losing a pet is a heartbreaking affair, but knowing that they will remain near your hearts forever can be somewhat soothing. If you have cremated your pet dog recently, the dog cremation urns for ashes would be the perfect choice for preserving their remains. Affordable pet cremation urns for cats are also not off the list. If you wish them to be close to your heart at all times, then you can purchase personalized pet memorial jewelry for ashes and wear them on your person to keep a fond memory close to your heart.

Induce the ashes into the jewelry you wear

Adult urns are difficult to carry around, which is why it is a good idea to add some of the ashes to beautiful pieces of jewelry. Memorial jewelry for ashes has been around for a long time and has gained impetus in recent times. The best part is that the jewelry can be of a beautiful design as well so that you can wear it regularly without hesitation. Most of these statement pieces are made from precious metals like the gold urn necklaces for the ashes of loved ones.

Specialized urns for special people

Biodegradable urns for human ashes are only one of the many special types of urns you can choose from. If you have a special message associated with the person you have lost, then you can purchase engraved urns for ashes that will bear your message for an eternity. The loss of a partner or a spouse can be commemorated in heart cremation urns to symbolize the eternal love that you share. You can find all this and more on Divinity Urns

Divinity Urns helps you say a beautiful goodbye

At Divinity Urns, you will find more than just intricately designed urns- you will also find gold urn jewelry. You can wear these little pieces of jewelry to state your love and appreciation for the one who has just passed. An urn jewelry bracelet that can be worn on a regular basis will help you look good while carrying your loved one around with you all day. If you are not a big fan of gold jewelry, you can opt for a sterling silver urn necklace instead. Take a look at Divinity Urns for more ideas and urns, and urge your friends and family to visit them too.

Thinking out-of-the-box and exploring aestheticism in a cremation urn

If you wish to pay tribute to your dearly departed loved ones, then buying cremation urns for adults is going to be the best way to do so.

Don’t wait until that dreadful hour arrives, when you ultimately give in and buy whatever you find. Why not make sure that you bid them the final goodbye in the most treasured way?

Choose and pick from the best cremation urns or cremation necklaces for ashes to keep your loved ones close to you.

You will find the widest range of the innovative burial urns for human remains from Divinity Urns to keep the memories of your loved ones alive in your heart.

What are the choices available?

Gone are the days when you had to pick a cremation urn or jewelry from a handful of options. Creativity has skyrocketed in every field today, so you can expect to access some of the most inventive designs of cremation urns. For example, the memorial keepsake jewelry looks like your usual accessory and the only difference is it retains the ashes of your family member.

Remembering your loved one by wearing glass cremation jewelry pendant with their initials engraved with a dash of creativity is also another wonderful option if you think about it in a different way.

Other choices of jewelry urns

For the lost soul who was very close to your heart, buy a solid gold cremation jewelry for ashes so that you can always keep wearing it. As you might know gold, the radiant metal is resistant to prolonged corrosion and gold pieces of jewelry will always remain in vogue. So opting for something like a 14k gold cremation bracelet will make sure the bracelet gleams for many years.

For the epitome of innocence

If you or a friend has suffered the terrible loss of their child, then you can think of buying a baby angel urn for infants. We all agree that infants are the manifestation of angels in the real world. When buying an urn to preserve the ashes of a toddler you can choose something miniature like small cremation urns with pieces of creativity which you find the most suitable. If you think that cremation urn for a baby is not what you are looking for then how about getting a baby cremation jewelry?

For the lover of all things aesthetic

For the departed soul who in your eyes is evergreen, something like wooden funeral urns for burial with high-end look-and-feel can be the apt choice. Solid wooden cremation urns for adults bring out a certain charm and classy appeal which sets them apart from other burial urns.

Same goes for the sterling marble cremation urns for adults. A marble urn like all other marble artifacts tends to own a certain artistic facet and remains prestigious for the longest period of time.

Divinity Urns – the best place for your choice of artistic cremation urns

If you have an eye for artistic details, then go for beautifully personalized cremation urns. Add some artwork of your own choice which you think might compliment the charm of your loved one. For human ashes that would be buried or kept as a keepsake memoir, buying burial urns for two is also a great option.

You can find the best assortment of cremation burial vaults, urns and jewellery, made with the utmost creativity, only at Divinity Urns. Visit the website for the widest and most affordable options for cremation necessities that suit your specific needs.

Cremation Urns to Beautify The Final Journey Of Your Loved One

Cremation urns may be the only kind of stuff you don’t want to buy before. Our final journey comes unscheduled as the vicious destructor taking away the ones close to your heart. You can’t hold on to a person lifelong and have to eventually watch them leave the world!

But you can carry them in your heart with the help of a cremation urn. If your loved one was an avid believer in fantasies then scrolling through various options of angel cremation urns in Divinity Urns and deciding upon one would be the best way to propagate their journey towards salvation.

Various types of urns to preserve the last remnants

If you want something simple and sober to hold the ashes then you should opt for cremation boxes for ashes. They are glitz-free and are just produced to preserve the memories of someone. However, if you are a fan of wood cremation urns because of their versatility and longevity then there are various options for you based on distinct genres of wood. Keep in mind that oak wood is one of the preferred choices of wooden urns when it comes to cremation urns for humans.

If the person disliked spending extravagantly while alive, then choosing marble cremation urns for adults might be the most affordable and durable option to remember the lost soul. Keep in mind that marble urns are not always white and you can also get colorful options like a purple marble urn to revive their bright persona. Funerary urns designed with marble is a wonderful choice and you can keep it anywhere at your place as they will compliment your interiors as well.

Urns for every age group

Clutching on to the remains is the only way to cherish the happy times which helps to move on. Nowadays there are age-specific burial urns designed by various organizations, which you can choose from as per your wishes.

You can also pick from the different metal cremation urns as their elegance sets them apart.

Choose one among various unique baby boy cremation urns to always remember that child who didn’t live long enough to see the world. Or if you are picking one for your veteran relative make sure to go for cremation vaults.

As we receive our life from Mother Nature, in our final journey we return everything to Nature again. So if you are an environment lover then why not go for cremation essentials like biodegradable cremation urns?

Different kinds of cremation accessories from Divinity Urns

Not a fan of cremation urns for humans? Worry not, for you still have a beautiful pick to preserve someone’s ashes! Ash pendants cremation jewelry is a popular choice! Wherever you go you can carry it around and hold close to your heart. Visit Divinity Urns to check various options like an urn locket necklace for ashes.

If you are a jewelry lover then there is no better way to hold on to someone’s memory than sporting a gold heart urn necklace for ashes with their name engraved on it.

At Divinity Urns, you can get discount cremation urns for burial. Simply visit their website and share with all those who are looking for ways to hold on to loving memories of the departed souls.

Buying cremation essentials – urns, jewelry and many more


One of the best ways to bid the final farewell is the most graceful manner is by adorning them with unique cremation jewelry to honor the love you have for him/her.

These pieces of jewelry like cremation jewelry bracelet and pendants are the most innovative means of keeping those departed loved ones closest to you. If bracelets are not your favorite and you want to wear something which will keep them closer to your heart, then you can go for engraved necklace urns for human ashes where the initials of your beloved can also be inscribed.

Things to look for in a cremation jewelry piece

Cremation jewelry is mostly about cherishing the memories and happy times spent with your most beloved.

When picking white gold cremation jewelry, make sure to look for the design and see if it matches what you are looking for. If you are scrolling through jewelry options to preserve someone’s remnants with whom you shared your blood bond like your mom, then it wise to choose something like a silver urn pendant necklace for mom which is sterling and beautiful, just like her.

Keep your beloved pet forever with you

Dealing with the loss of a loyal companion isn’t easy enough let alone if he or she was your best friend.

People are seen to conduct a memorial ceremony for their pets and also opt for wooden pet cremation urns for ashes to preserve the mortal remains. Here, choosing the right size of pet cremation urn is important and you can get urns of every size available easily. There is also an option which enables you to order for personalized pet urns for dog ashes to suit your specific needs appropriately.

Also, you can find a countless number of choices for pet urns for cats from which you can choose the best one for your beloved furry friend who is now no more.

Innovative urns and burial boxes

Are you looking for the perfect piece of burial urn to remember someone who had an appealing personality?

If yes then you can’t go wrong with the angel keepsake urns for ashes. When buying a keepsake urn it is recommended to consult with your family members regarding the size and the material of the urn. If keepsakes are not what you require then you can also select something different like mini cremation urns.

Besides, if you want to cremate a person without burying him placing in a casket then cremation boxes for burial come handy. You can bury the ashes by placing it in the urns for burial on top of the burial vault.

Some of the specialties of Divinity Urns

For the widest collection and design ideas of burial urns in the most beautiful shapes, you need to choose one based on your requirements. Divinity Urns stores only the top quality burial urns which are quite affordable and come in various designs too. Their urns for burial in ground are manufactured implementing resilient elements which will remain intact for centuries to come.

Upon visiting the Divinity Urns website you will find cremation urns of the most relatable designs, for someone you have lost. Starting from heart-shaped cremation urns for adults by skilled artisans, to football cremation urns for ashes in remembrance of the true sports fanatic, you can get everything to bestow your love on the departed souls.