Let Love Live Beyond Lifetime – Buy Companion Funeral Urns for your Grandparents

Losing both the grandparents together is painful. Don’t let their blessings and love go away. Keep their cremains in companion urns. These funeral urns connote eternal love.

There are instances where couples, especially elderly ones say goodbye to this material world together or seconds/minutes apart. Has something like this happened in your family as well? Have your grandparents died holding hand-in-hand? Aah, how lucky are they!

Settling on a particular disposition method and burial Urns for two might seem challenging to you. However, there is always a solution to a problem. In this case, the solution is companion urns.

What are companion urns?

Companion urns are a category of Urns For Ashes For Adults that are designed to hold the cremains of two people, generally a couple, together. These containers can hold ashes twice the quantity of a typical urn. Therefore, sometimes they are also referred as double urns.

Are these urns easily available?

Yes, you can find cremation urns with most of the reputable sellers. Divinity Urns is one such online store that is known to be the largest inventory of cremation products. Just like other cremation urns, these are also available in a wide range of varieties to choose from. When a bond is eternal, it lasts beyond existence of the material body. Companion urns are designed with this thought in mind.

How are they different from standard urns?

Well, companion cremation urns are almost like standard urns, in terms of design, material and make. The only difference that exists between these variants is their size; the former is larger than the latter. The reason – it is for keeping the ashes for two people.

Are companion urns compartmentalized?

Yes, companion urns are divided into 2 discrete compartments so that each person’s cremains can be kept in a separate section. Different companion urns have different arrangements. For example – some of these urns come in the form of boxes with different compartments inside, but the opening is the same. Whereas, some are designed like ‘two vases with installed in the same base, but with separate top-openings’. Other variants are also there. So, you can choose one according to your preference.

Do companion urns come in different sizes?

Of course, they do. They are two different cremation urns, after all. Calculating the size of a double urn, that too in advance might seem to be a daunting task for you. However, it is very simple. Just use the total body weights (before cremation) of both the persons and convert it into cubic inches. Keep the ratio 1:1.

These are some of the most important things that you need to know about cremation urns for getting one for your darling grandparents. Not everybody gets this opportunity. Keep your grandparents love alive in a companion urn.

Divinity Urns offers the largest collection of cremation urns along with companion urns online. Whether you want funeral urns, keepsake urns, or cremation jewelry, you can get everything on this store. Offering quality urns at reasonable prices since years, this store has huge base happy clients too.

7 Ideas To Keep The Memories Of Your Departed Pets Preserved In Cremation Keepsake

Unlike any other family member, even pets are special and deserve a memorable commemoration. Keepsake pet cremation urns are sturdy cremation vessels that safely and respectfully preserve a little portion of the remains of your beloved pet. Different keepsake urns are designed to meet the various requirements of different families.

1. Preserve memories in a nature-friendly way

Several urns are made using biodegradable materials to save nature from any probable consequences. If your pet was a nature lover and he loved roaming in the parks or relaxing in your backyard, then you should store his remains in small biodegradable urns.

2. Engrave special memories

Millions of special memories must be attached with your pet. How about getting some of them engraved in the cremation urns? Doing so will take the entire cremation process to an emotional and personal level. You can get dog urns engraved, cat urns engraved or any other urn for pets engraved to cherish the memories in a unique way.

3. Keep them close to your heart

One of the best ideas to respectfully preserve and honor the memories of your pet is by keeping them close to your heart. The pet keepsake jewelry is similar to the standard fancy jewelry, but the good part is that no one will know that you are carrying cremated remains in them unless explicitly told.

4. Get a unique resting place for your beloved pet

When you purchase pet urns for cats, dogs, birds or any other pet animal, you are actually getting a final resting place for the departed soul. Make sure you choose an urn that is unique and personalized. For example, you can get a beautiful paw urn for preserving the remains of your furry friend.

5. Come up with creative ideas

Nowadays you can also get the cremated remains converted into a jewelry piece. Many professionals use the ashes of your loved one to transform them into a beautiful piece of jewelry. It may be a pendant or any other jewelry piece. It is one of the unique ways to keep the memories alive till eternity.

6. Paint the keepsake cremation vessel

If your pet loved a particular color, then you can purchase a simple traditional urn and then paint it accordingly. It will make the urn more special. You can get sturdy and elegant urns from Divinity Urns, and then do the needful.

7. Store the remains in religious cremation jewelry

You can store a little portion of the cremated remains of your pet in a cross cremation jewelry. A cross is known to be a holy symbol and is respected by many religions. Instead of the standard pet ashes jewelry, you can prefer the ones having a religious inclination. It will give you the feeling that your pet is in safe hands, and is being taken care of by the Almighty.

The ways mentioned above to preserve and cherish the memories of your loved pet in a keepsake cremation urn are worth considering. You can get the desired keepsake cremation urn from Divinity Urns, as it offers the broadest range of options online. Apart from pet cremation urns, the store also offers urn for human ashes. Get the perfect urn and make the commemoration special.

Divinity Urns: A Large Inventory of All Kinds of Urns to Help You Choose The Right Products For Cremation

When it comes to finding the best cremation urns, no family wants to settle with fewer options. Everyone wants to get an urn that is both sturdy and beautiful. How about getting the chance to visit an online store that offers the most extensive range of options concerning both the urns and cremation jewelry? Not only will it save time, but it will also ensure that no family has to restrict its choices to just a few cremation products. Divinity Urns is one such online store that is known to be the largest inventory of cremation products.

There is not a single urn that you cannot find in this store. From themed urns to personalized ones – everything is available at one platform only. Apart from urns, beautiful and unique cremation jewelry is also available in this store. Here is what you can expect to get here.

Urns made of different materials

The burial urns for ashes can be made of many different materials. Marble, wood, pewter, glass, alloy, metal, ceramic, and biodegradable materials are some of the raw products that are used to make beautiful and sturdy urns. Each material has its own advantages, so people can choose according to their requirements.

Cremation products for everyone

The theme of urns for adults, infants, and pets are usually different. Moreover, the designs of the human urn for ashes and pets are unique and distinct. Divinity Urns houses the broadest range of options concerning the cremation products. Apart from urns, you can also find a broad range of cremation jewelry that can help you pay an honorable and respectful tribute to your loved one.

Urns having different themes, colors, and sizes

No family would want to restrict its choices to just a few urns or cremation jewelry pieces. The themes, colors, and dimensions of the cremation products make them distinct and beautiful. Make sure you decide where you want to keep the urn and how much remains you wish to preserve in them. All this will help you in selecting the perfect urn that has the right theme, color, and size.

Personalized cremation products

Adding a personal touch to the traditional cremation products makes commemoration memorable and unique. For example, pet jewelry for ashes having your pet’s picture on it will make it special and different from the standard pet cremation jewelry. You should also purchase the cremation products and jewelry from a place that offers an extensive range of options. This will save your time and will also get you the best deal.

Divinity Urns offers the largest collection of cremation urns and jewelry online. Whether you want tea light keepsake urns or a cross urn necklace, you can get everything on this store. Offering quality products since years, this store has a huge base of satisfied and happy clients too. When purchasing cremation products from this store, you can rest assured of getting quality urns at reasonable prices.

7 ideas of choosing cremation urn or keepsake special and unique to remember your babies


The most painful thing that could happen to a parent is the loss of their child. It is not easy to deal with a loss of this magnitude, but finding suitable infant urns for ashes can act as the first step towards healing. A respectful and meaningful urn for your child’s ashes will definitely be a comfort during your difficult times.

Here are 7 ideas which you can use to choose an infant cremation urn:

1. Choose an urn that is the right size

Infant urns are usually smaller than regular sized urns, but even in that category, there are certain variations. Make sure that you choose an urn that is the right size for your baby’s ashes. It is important for the size to be absolutely perfect so that it can accommodate the entire amount of ashes.

2. Add in some items that were your child’s favorite

Every child has a favorite toy or keepsake, and it would be a nice gesture to include the item in their urn. This is a comforting gesture, as it will assure you that the child is still holding on to their favorite object and playing with it no matter where they are now.

3. Choose urns in the shape of different soft toys

Teddy bears, blocks and hearts are some of the common themes for unique baby urns. Of these, the soft teddy bear urn is the most common of the infant’s urns. It has a zippered opening in the back and a bag inside where the ashes can be placed. The family understands that their child is resting in a hug, which can be the source of some comfort for them.

4. Get personalized urn engravings

You can have a personalized message for your beloved child inscribed on their urn. The message can be any message that you want to give your baby and hope they carry it on in the afterlife. For example, heart-shaped cremation urns with a heartfelt message engraved on the top would be a good choice for an infant urn. Divinity Urns has a vast collection of these beautiful urns.

5. Purchase an urn with a photo of your child on top

Many urn manufacturers will be able to place a picture of your child on the top of the urn. This again is a beautiful gesture, and the urn will have more value because it will hold an image of the person it holds inside.

6. Carry your child around with you with cremation jewelry

Cremation jewelry uses a little portion of the ashes and adds them in jewelry. This way, you can keep your child close to your heart at all times. Websites like Divinity Urns indulge in baby cremation jewelry, and you will find a wide variety of choices here.

7. Choose cremation keepsakes if you plan to scatter the ashes

Sometimes, you might want to scatter the ashes of your child in their favorite place in the world, so that they do not have to stay constricted to the urn. If that is the case, you can use keepsakes for ashes to store a small part of the ashes before scattering the rest.

Divinity Urns – The Best Way to Seek Solace with Infant Urns

At Divinity Urns, you will find quality infant urns for ashes that will be a little comforting to your inner turmoil. They have a vast collection of urns, keepsakes, and cremation jewelry for you to see through and select. Take a look at what they have to offer today and share with your friends and family too.

5 Simple Steps To Choose The Correct Size Cremation Urn

Selecting a cremation urn is a personal choice, and there are a lot of considerations that are taken into account while purchasing the final resting place of a loved one. The urn size is one of the many things that need attention while making the final purchasing decision. It is because getting a too big or too small urn for preserving the remains can bring about some problems of its own. To purchase the perfectly sized urn for safely storing the cremated remains for years to come, take note of the following points.

1. Determine how much you wish to preserve

When a family chooses to incinerate a person, they get the option to treat the remains in many ways. While some wish to preserve the entire cremated remains safely and respectfully in their home, others want to keep a small portion of the remains only. If you’re going to preserve the whole remains of your loved one in your home, then you can purchase any standard sized adult urns. The families that want to preserve only a little portion of the remains can choose beautiful cremation jewelry or keepsake urns for the said purpose.

2. Follow the industry standards

If you are confused concerning the right sized urn, then follow the standard rule on size followed by the cremation industry. According to the standard rule, one cubic inch of the cremation vessel equals one pound of the body weight. So if the person weighed around 180 pounds, you should purchase an urn that has a volume of 180 cu inches or more. The large cremation urns can be purchased too in this case, as they usually have a holding capacity of more than 200 cu inches, which is enough to accommodate the entire remains of the adult.

3. Choose the final place to keep the urn

Some families wish to keep the remains close to them and hence place the urn safely in their home. Alternatively, some families choose to keep the urn in a columbarium or bury the urn in a burial ground. If you want to preserve the remains of a couple together in your house, then you can choose burial urns for two of your choice. But when selecting the option to keep the urn in a columbarium, you will have to follow the rules concerning the acceptable size of the urn.

4. Take the relatives sentiments into consideration

In many cases, it was found that the relatives expressed their wish to preserve a little portion of the remains with them too. For all such cases, cremation jewelry or little keepsake urns are purchased. A tiny portion of ashes is stored in each small-sized urn, and then each cremation vessel is given to the close relatives in the loving memory of their loved one. Such keepsake urn and jewelry can be purchased from Divinity Urns.

5. Choosing the right sized urn for a pet

Apart from adult and infant urns, there are pet urns too. The same standard rule concerning the size applies to the pet urns that are applied to the other cremation vessels. Depending on the overall weight of your pet, you can purchase either large or small pet urns for ashes.

A right-sized cremation urn is required to pay a respectful tribute to the loved one. Divinity Urns is a reliable online seller of the different types of cremation urns that you can check out for buying the perfectly sized urn. Make sure you follow the points shared above to make the right purchase.

Butterfly Urns: A Unique Theme For A Memorial Cremation Urn To Honor Your Loved One

The cremation urns for adults, infants, and pets are safe and sturdy vessels that are used to preserve the remains of your loved ones. All the cremation urns are available in many themes, colors, sizes, and patterns. The butterfly-themed urn is one of the many themes that are used to pay a unique tribute to the departed soul. If you want a special urn that will make the commemoration memorable, then the butterfly urn should be your ultimate choice. Here are some reasons why the butterfly-themed urn stands out in the crowd.

Spiritual connection

A butterfly urn symbolizes the transition of life in a beautiful way. It depicts the transition from human life to the afterlife. Most cultures associate a butterfly with resurrection. Just like the angel urns for infants depict the angels protecting the soul in the afterlife, the butterfly-themed urn depicts the humans leaving the body and entering into the spiritual world in the form of pure souls. If you wanted to pay a meaningful tribute to the loved one, then the butterfly urn deserves your attention.

Available in different sizes and colors

Size and the urn color are two crucial points that every family considers before purchasing a cremation vessel. Everyone wants to get the best cremation vessel, as it is going to be the final resting place of the departed soul. The butterfly-themed urn is available in different sizes and colors, to ensure that no one has to restrict their choices to a few options. From large to butterfly keepsake memorial urns – everything is available at Divinity Urn’s online store. You can also choose the color that you like the most.

Memorable and meaningful tribute

The butterfly symbolizes hope and transformation, and also spreads positive vibes around its surroundings. It can take the commemoration process to a personal level when personalized. Unlike other religious cremation urns, even the butterfly-themed urn can be customized. A picture or a small personal message can be engraved on the urn to make it special.

Pass down the memories to the next generation

The butterfly-themed urn is made using different top-notch materials that impart durability and strength to the cremation vessel. These urns can be used to preserve the memories of your loved one for ages safely, and the same can be passed down to the younger generation. This, in a way or the other, helps in establishing an unbreakable spiritual bond between both the next generation and the departed soul.

Though each available cremation urn is unique, the butterfly-themed one has always managed to get maximum people’s attention. Divinity Urns is known to offer the best cremation urns for adults, infants, and pets online. It has an extensive range of urns to offer. The football cremation urns are another themed urn that the store provides. To get the top-notch butterfly and other themed cremation vessels to pay a unique and honorable tribute, check out the extensive collection today.

13 New & featured cremation urns, box, jewelry to cherish the memory of your loved ones by Divinity Urns

Life seems to come to a standstill with the passing away of a precious one. But we never want to be away from our loved ones and decide to hold onto a few leaves, even after the tree is no more! We choose to store a part of our loved ones, to remember them and feel them dearly forever because letting go is very difficult.

Deciding on a memoir is a tiresome job. And above all, it must be able to uphold the honor and glory of your near one. Choosing one is definitely not as simple as it sounds; but here are some really innovative items to help you cherish the loving memories.

1. Engraved urns

Beautiful and attractive engraved urns for ashes with names and specific dates on them make them even more memorable.

2. Hand Painted urns:

These amazingly designed adult urns with a glossy coat and shining body are perfect for storing ashes at home.

3. Companion Urns:

These brass cremation urns are multipurpose, and they can store ashes for two people who had been inseparable in life, and even beyond life.

4. Cremation jewelry:

These are shiny pieces of custom-made jewelry, that can hold a little number of ashes, a piece of hair or such things closer to your heart all the time. The Sterling silver cremation jewelry is excellent for this purpose.

5. Biodegradable urn:

Urns made of wood and other biodegradable material are ideal for burying.

6. Keepsake urns:

These are little boxes and urns in various shapes to hold little amounts of ashes. Keepsake urns for human ashes are possessed and shared among the family members.

7. Pet cremation boxes or urns:

These are little boxes in attractive shapes and colors to store the memoirs of your beloved pet. Store the ashes of your fluffy friend in affordable pet urns for cats.

8. Modern creative urns

Modern urns for ashes are very handy and possess a sleek design and attractive outlook for storing ashes in your modern home.

9. Military urns:

Military urns with flags embossed on them and a glossy outlook are the perfect way of giving honor to the martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the country.

10. Sculpture Cremation urns:

These urns have an elegant piece of art on top of the boxes meant for storing ashes. Hence they are also kept at homes and stored at a columbarium.

11. Tea-light urns:

These are unique and new age urns, with a place for holding candles in the middle. With a glamorous outlook and a mystic aura, these urns keep the light of your beloved’s soul alive.

12. Pet cremation jewelry: 

An engraved paw shaped pendant on your necklace or wrist is the perfect way of remembering your little companion all the time. These are also designed to hold little amounts of ashes.

13. Sports urns:

These urns are perfect for honoring the sportsmen and respecting their passion even after they are no more.

The widest range of memoirs from Divinity Urns

Divinity Urns is one such place where you can choose from the most inventive designs of cremation urns, cremation boxes for pets, and custom-made jewelry that you can keep close to your heart always. All of these have been designed keeping your emotions and feelings in mind. Make sure you visit Divinity Urns before making any choices regarding engraved urns for ashes.

5 Ways To Preserve Pet Memories With Honor And Cherish

Pets are not only adorable, but they are an integral part of the family too. If you own a pet and have spent much time with him, then you are quite lucky! The pets have an unusual gift of making others happy and feel valued. How about doing something similar for your beloved pet? Respectfully commemorating his memories is the best method to pay tribute to your loved one. If you had a pet dog, then you can get the perfect dog urns for ashes for safely preserving his cremated remains.

Apart from respectfully storing his remains, there are other ways too that can be followed to honor and cherish his memories. Here is a list of 5 different ways that can be used to pay a unique tribute to your pet.

1. Keep the memories close to your heart

You can buy exquisite pet cremation jewelry that is a replica of any standard modern jewelry. The lightweight and stylish cremation jewelry allows you to keep a little portion of the cremated remains close to your heart. You can carry the cremains of your pet wherever you want.

2. Make a collage and keep it near the cremation box

A lot of people buy personalized pet cremation boxes to pay a unique tribute to their loved pet. This is something that many people do, so how about doing something in addition to it? Apart from getting a personalized cremation box, you can make a beautiful collage and place it next to the cremation box. This will not only make the place appealing, but it will also show how much you loved your pet. You can get the best cremation urns, boxes, and jewelry by visiting Divinity Urn’s online store.

3. Plant a tree in their memory

The best way to honor and cherish the memories of your loved pet is by commemorating a part of them to where they belong. You can keep a little portion of their remains in beautiful small cremation urns, and a little portion can be poured in the area where you are going to plant a new tree in their memory. Spread the ashes around the sapling and watch the tree grow over time. After a few years, when the plant finally grows, you will be proud of your decision to do so.

4. Donate something to the shelter homes for pets

Though safely and respectfully storing the cremated remains in exquisitely engraved urn appears to be a good option, but there are other things to do as well. If you donate your pet’s belongings to any shelter house for pets, then your beloved pet will probably love you more for this. It is a unique thing to do as it will not only soothe the soul of your pet, but it will make the other pets happy too.

5. Arrange memorial services

Apart from preserving the remains of your loved pet in sturdy and alluring urns, you can also arrange for memorial services. Starting from the opening music to the ending words, everything should be planned perfectly.

You can choose any of the above-shared ways to pay a memorable tribute to your pet. In case, you want to go the traditional way of preserving the ashes in beautiful urns only, then make sure to check out Divinity Urns. This online store offers the largest cremation vessels collection, including the dog urns for ashes and others. You are sure to love every piece they have in store for you.

Choose purple urns to find a beautiful memorial to remember your loved one

To be bid the final farewell of someone dear to your heart can be soul-crushing. In such a difficult and painful time it can be confusing to decide the proper way to bid them their final goodbyes. You will want to honor their last wishes and keep their memories close to your heart. Arranging a funeral service according to the wish of your loved ones can be one of the best ways to honor them.

Life seldom lets us prepare for the worst. But, letting your loved one rest peacefully for the last time is the best thing you can do to let them start their journey to the afterlife. If you are choosing a cremation over a burial as per their wishes, you can keep their remains safe by opting for a cremation urn. A beautiful purple urn from Divinity Urns can help you to hold on to the memory of your loved ones throughout your lifetime.

Beautiful colors for the beautiful people who will live on in your memories

A cremation urn need not be a white or a dull colored metal vessel. You can honor the memory of the dear ones by choosing a cremation urn in their favorite color to store their ashes. It can remind you of the presence of your loved ones and help you deal with the pain.

Purple Cremation urns for the beautiful souls, who loved purple dresses and shoes, can be a pleasing way to honor their memories. A sturdy brass or marble urn painted in the bright color can keep their memories secure for eternity.

Cremation urns have a locked lid and a deep bottom. So there is enough space, whether you wish to keep all their remains or a part of them. A purple marble urn can be durable and also look brilliant like the bright and happy person they were.

Cremation urns of different sizes for all age groups

The passing away of a dear one of any age can be excruciating. But there is no pain that matches the loss of a young life. Although there are no words enough to heal the pain, you can try to keep their memories secure in cremation urns available in different sizes.

As it is said, “The smallest coffins are the heaviest”, a small cremation urn is difficult to choose in such a trying time. So we have a purple butterfly urn to bid goodbye to the young soul so that they can find a better place in their afterlife.

To help you reminisce the love that you shared, you can choose a purple heart urn to store their ashes and place them in your home.

Divinity Urns helps you keep your loved one’s memories unharmed

At Divinity Urns, you can find a beautiful and affordable purple urn that exactly suits your preference. Divinity Urns has got the most innovative range of beautifully designed cremation urns that can be kept indoors as a memorial or even buried in a special place. You can also choose them to be carried safely to scatter the mortal remains elsewhere. Moreover, you can also find the most heart-touching collection of cremation jewelry too. So visit the website of Divinity Urns and bid a beautiful farewell to your dear one.

Cremation Jewelry Featuring Remains Of Loved Ones Keeps The Memories Close To Your Heart

Memories are the most cherished moments in life. It is always the remembrance that gives us the happiness and the strength to face the future and continue with our lives.

To quote the fictional Kevin Arnold from the famous Wonder Years – “Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”

It is true that the sad memories of people, who are no more, bring tears to the eyes. But the best way to turn these sorrows into strength and happiness is by cherishing those memories and keeping them close to us forever.

Cherishing the memories with beautiful cremation jewelry

Adorning Best Cremation jewelry as a mark of the loving remembrance can turn out to be the most soulful and joyful experience for everyone. It slowly converts the sad feeling into positive ones. Also known as remembrance jewels or memory jewels, you can use them to store personalized objects of the person who is no more, or maybe their last mortal remains.

Such memorial jewelry with the first name or the first letter of the person engraved on it is a wonderful idea. Customized jewelry can be found in the form of rings, necklaces, pendants, cremation jewelry bracelet, bangles, lockets, amulet and much more. You can either wear it close your heart if it is a pendant, or keep it displayed at the home or workplace too.

A very popular way to keep loving memories cherish forever, you will find the most heart touching range of cremation jewelry made out of gold, silver, brass, pewter, oak and other sterling metals.

Cremation urns for all for a befitting memoir

Cremation Urns are specially designed containers which can hold the mortal remains or ashes of the person who is no more. These can be found either in the form of a vessel or even a small box or just a capsule that can hold a finite quantity of the final remains.

Also known as burial urns, these can be crafted out of various kinds of elements like aluminium, copper or even wood, glass and gold. Customized urns are also found which come with specialized design ideas that are fit for adorning your indoor décor.

One of the best examples of an innovative cremation urn design is the Fishing urn. If that dearly loved person was especially fond of fishing or used to be a great fishing expert then this kind of urn is bound to be the most suitable memoir.

Sadness over a loss is not just restricted to human beings. Someone may have to bid the final farewell to their dearest pets and that separation is also rather hard to cope with. But with loveable Pet cremation jewelry, you can now preserve the ashes in the pendant or locket.

Visit Divinity Urns for the most innovative range of cremation jewelry and memoirs

Divinity Urns is one of the most popular websites when it comes to choosing cremation jewelry and urns. The designs and products are not only original but you can also find customized products according to your specific preferences and wishes. From 14K gold urn necklace to more than 200 different designs of cremation urns, you will get the widest range of options at Divinity Urns. Cherishing the memories of your loved ones is now made more beautiful by Divinity Urns.